Paranormal Activity 3

Yep that’s what was at the top of my movie viewing list for this past weekend.  I’m always up for seeing a movie on opening weekend just so I don’t have others spoiling it for me, or swaying my desire to see it.

I love scary movies, but find that there is a lack there of real horror movies these days.  They mostly contain obsurb plots, un-realistic characters or occurances and that is somewhat of a disappointment.  I love a movie that I can actual invision happening, something realistic that can get some sort of emotional feeling stirred up in me.  It could be a sappy, heart jerker that makes me cry.  A comedy that makes me laugh until it hurts, and even better a horror movie that makes me look over my shoulder and wonder what ever unknown noise is.

Sooo with that being said… I started this series with the 1 Paranormal Activity and quickly discovered that particuliar movie was definitely NOT my cup of tea.  The filming style of running around, chaotic camera movements makes me so sick.  Motion sickness really sucks, especially when your NOT even moving.  I totally need a dose of Dramamine before viewing those types of movies.  Guess that’s good filming if I get that sort of reaction huh… definately not the desired emotion I enjoy.  Sooo after making it through the first PA, with hands over my face peeking out ever so often… I wasn’t sure if I could withstand PA 2.  I however took the challenge (Daredevil ME!! LMAO)  I was pleased to see that this film style was not the same as the 1st.  This one had still camera views throughout the film… RIGHT up my alley and I found that I could watch it just fine without peeking through my fingers.  I got spooked several times and loved that aspect of it.  Definitely pleased with the 2nd.  So when I heard there was a 3rd, I was in hopes of something similiar.

I didn’t read up on the film to much, was just going on the few previews that I had seen here and there, so I was not aware that it was a prequil to the other ones.   I was a little worried at first when I realized the film style was similiar to PA 1.  I was in hopes I would not be running to the bathroom to toss my popcorn… but I managed okay.   I didn’t find PA3 to be that scary.  There were some really good parts, spooky parts and jumpy sections.  Definitely sections that involve children are always spooky to me.  The last 15 min was probably the spookiest and had some awesome scenes – will tell you later what my fav scenes were – don’t want to spoil it for anyone that hasn’t seen it and might be reading this.   I was a little confused however at the end.  I am not sure where this falls in the series… It sorta seems to me that it’s inbetween 1 and 2.   PA1 is when there was no children, and no baby bump… PA 2 they had the baby, and PA3 started with a baby bump and then went on to history VHS tapes from the childhood years…  I am definitely going to have to go back and watch 1 and 2.

I don’t know that I loved it, except maybe the last 5 mins…. so I am glad we had a B1G1 ticket and it only cost us 7.50 🙂

Tootles – McQty



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