My Fur-babies – Introductions !!

My recent, Task post, has me thinking about my fur-kids.  I thought I would share a couple of pics with those of you passing thru.

My oldest Fur-baby is my pomeranian, Goober (Birth certificate says Apollo- but his nickname just stuck).  Goober is 13 years old and I think is losing his hearing.  It could be that he’s male and is just exercising his selective hearing. 😀   Goober is very smart, knows alot of tricks and has manners.  He ever says please for a treat.  If he is barking loud you can tell him to use his inside voice and he will bark in a more quiet tone, it’s very clear to see the differnece.  He know what go to bed, go bye bye, and even go to NANA’s means.  He has been with me the longest and I dread the day he is no longer with me. 

My 2nd Furr-kid is my 5 yr old toy chihuahua, Miss Priss (also goes my little bit, prissy, and a few other choice words when she’s in trouble).   She is my little miracle baby.  Priss mom died after giving birth to her.  Her mom was an old dog, I think they said like 12/13 yrs old and the owner thought she was fixed and found out she was pregnant.  After giving birth she died less than a week later.  The owner was an elderly woman who didn’t want to take care of a puppy that was “unplanned”  so she asked her neighbor to find a home for her (Priss).  I was lucky enough to find her and make her part of my home.   She is full of spunk and is stubborn and fiesty.  She has these 2 big brother dogs and she is the boss of the house for sure.  She’s my little foo foo girl, and I swear she has a better wardrobe than I do 😛

I mentioned my 3rd, newest baby, Jaxon in previous post.  He is my 19 mo old Bull Mastiff/Boxer mix.  He is 115 lbs so far 😛   He is hyper, energetic, loves to run and play.  He has grown up along side 2 smaller dogs, so he seems to think he can do and go wherever Miss Priss does.  It’s one thing for a 4 lb dog to jump in your lap and run across the back of the couch… but something totally different and dibilitaing for a 115 lb beast charge across the house and jump in your lap or attempt to scale the back of the couch.  All I can say is consider yourself warned at the door.  This dog has no SLOW feature.  He is an amazing dog and I love him dearly.  He is so beautiful and it’s hard to say not to his sweet, saggy jawed face.


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