Task 1

So I read a fellow bloggers post and he is tossing out a weekly suggestion to those that might be lacking in ideas and be in need of a topic.  I often hit the bottom of my idea bucket, and so now I know where to head…http://themindslam.com/

So this weeks topic was to take a picture of something in my backyard and talk about it.  So here goes…

This is Jaxon, my newest baby — BIG BABY.  He is a Bull Mastiff/Boxer Mix and is 19 months and currently 115lbs.  He is my newest of 3 furr-kids and I just adore him.  This picture was taken when he was about 5 months old in my back yard here in Tx.  I had just recently gotten Jaxon.  I am an animal lover and would have my own zoo if it wasn’t for hoarding laws.   I had just recently moved into a house of my own, vs living in apts.  I have always had small dogs living in apts, but have always wanted big dogs as well.   I had big dogs when I was a kid and we lived out in the country and had a large area for them.   So my first task was to get me my big dog… and then I found Jaxon.  It was money well spent.   He has been a wonderful addition to my little family,  don’t know that my oldest dog, Goober would agree.  Goober is a 13 yr old Pomeranian and at one time was the alpha dog and doesn’t care for the highspirited, wild beast Jaxon can sometimes be… so Goober usually keeps his distance.  I have another furr-kid that is a 5 yr old toy chihuahua, and she is the leader of the pack.  The only girl, the one that is danty and spoiled and her name fits her personality perfectly – Miss Priss is my foo foo girl, and is as spoiled as the other 2.  More to come on my fur-children in the future.

~~A Smile Increases Your Face Value~~:D


2 responses to “Task 1

  1. Oh wow…you have to read my “Ledger” tab on my Mindslam blog…that’s my dog…he is half boxer & half bull mastiff. He is 3 years old now & 185 lbs.

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