Tickled Pink

I am so excited to have my Mommy here visiting this week.  I know we only live 3 hours away but with my full time job, my part time job, my work out routine, my bf with his work/school schedule, and my 3 fur kids, it’s hard to get away to see her.  Keeping in mind I haven’t visited in the last 4 months due to a huge falling out with my sister and not wanting to run into her while in town.  Anyway… I am so happy she is here.  I love the time I have with her, especially when it’s just us and I can be selfish and have her all to myself.   Sometimes I just like her visiting cause I know she can relax and not have to care for my gpa, her boyfriend and/or my sister and her 3 kids… She does so much for other people in her daily life, that it’s nice to see her take some time for herself.   I am only working half days this week so that I can spend the rest of the time with her.  By the time I get off and head home, she’s ready to go and then off we go.  Here have been some of our adventures so far…

Monday we headed over to Ft Worth and dropped my bf off at school.  While he was in school, mom and I headed over to see if we could catch a flick… nothing that we wanted to see showing at the time, so we ventured out to find some shops or something to do. 

~~I went and picked up my car title… long over due.  I paid it off about 5 months ago and am just now getting around to picking it up… they wouldn’t mail it to me and they were always closed by the time I could get off work and get over there.  So now I have it and that was a cool feeling. 

Well I am not familiar with the area, so after picking up my title, I took a wrong turn, here and then one there and then maybe a couple more here and over there too.  I had no clue as to where we were.  I think we might have driven around FT Worth twice 😛   Well I finally decided to stop for gas before we ended up stranded on the highway, murdered by a hitchhiker with an ice pick, (chainsaws are so over-done here in Tx) and ending up as a top story on the 10 o’clock news.  Okay, maybe not so dramatic 😀  

I digress,  well nearly famished at this point from all our travels, we make our way over to Red Lobster for some yummy morsels… shrimp parmesian, linguini, scampi, OH MY.  And a little lobster bisque – HEAVEN !!  

~~Coming from a small town we never had delicious food choices growing up, unless you consider the local chicken shack with the order ahead fried catfish or shrimp.  Definitely nothing fresh, and sushi would only be something you saw on tv.   Anyway… mom mentioned she never tried lobster, so that’s the reason for the bisque.  I love it and raved about it, and mom takes a bite and up turns her nose.  Her pallette is just not ready for all that yummy-ness. That’s okay though, more for me 🙂  

Dinner was awesome and I was well on my way to a delicious food coma, but would have to figure out where we were and get us back on track and headed in the direction of bf’s school.   I finally gave up on my internal GPS because it should really be recalled due to frequent inconsistencies.  I then called upon my monotone friend in my phone that gets me to where I need to be, in the most demanding way possible.  She can be so bitchy, especially when she tells me I’m off course and make an immediate U-turn, but 2 fist pumps to her for getting us where we needed to be.  After hanging out in the parking lot for a bit the student is released to us for the taking.

Tuesday, Mom and I head out to do some shopping, locally.  I take her to the first destination where she wants to look for some tops and possible a jacket for the upcoming – unpredictible, Tx winter season. 

~~My mom is disabled and has to use some assistance to get around. She has her cain and also a new walker for longer journeys – this thing is all high tech… it has a spot light, a basket, a side purse – bag, a fold up cup-holder, a seat, brakes and reflectors… I was so impressed with this, I was inclined to take it for a spin around the block.  I fought the urge however 😉  I do think it’s gonna be in the family for awhile and needs a name.

Well we browsed around checking out some of the fashions.  I finally set mom up in a dressing room and went on a search for some savy fashions for her.   She found out last week that she has a tear in her rotator cuff so her shoulder hurts her alot right now… so I lended a hand in her derobing.  I was whipping those shirts off and on her in a manor a horny teenager could appreciate 😀   I just laughed and told mom we had finally come full circle. 

We (I – lets give credit where it’s due) found some cute tops, a couple for mom and even 1 for me… then had to stop by the bling section and get some goodies to go.  Mom got 2 bracletts, I got a necklace and some earrings.  After totaling up the fashion finds, and using my coupon (I have a hard time buying things these days without a coupon or groupon)  Our whoping total for 3 tops, 2 bracletts, a necklace and earrings was $54 bucks.  WHOOP WHOOP !!  I love me a deal !  On to the next stop !!!

We make our way over to a whole in the wall shop hoping to find some fashion tressures there.  I just start grabbing items that I think my mom might like and we head on back to the room behind the curtain…  Mom takes a seat and I come at her full throttle, stripping her top off and setting her up with a new one.  I’m sure she hasn’t been stripped that much in years 🙂    We were successful yet again and found 2 tops for mom and you know I gotta get something outta it, found 3 tops (all on sale I might note) for me.  5 tops total a whoping $44 bucks… yep that’s right… CHA-CHING !!!

Getting close to quitting time for my bf, we make our way over toward his work.  We still have a little time to spare so we head over to another hot spot.  Mom is getting tired so I set her up with the games on my cell and I trot off into the store, mom’s credit card in hand.   Well I browse around a bit, pick out a top and lay it on the counter.  I then set my eyes on a pair of grey boots.  I make my way over and decide to try it on.  Well you know that little flap of material on the back side of the zipper that you sometimes get caught in the zipper if you zip up or down to fast… Well I was zipping up to fast and got that part caught in the zipper.  Usually it’s not to hard of a task to free it on most items… not the same ease on a leather boot.  This sucker was stuck and would only go up or down about half an inch and that’s it.  Well it’s half-way up my calf so after trying a couple of times, there was no way to just pull the boot off.  I pulled and I tugged and I went up and I went down and I began to panic.  I didn’t have my cell to call my mom to come resue me.  I didn’t want to announce my embarassement to the 2 sales women on the floor… so I kept trying.  More tugging, pulling, pushing until my fingers were so sore from gripping the zipper. I began to break out into a sweat, the panic is really setting in.  It was NOT budging.  So I finally gathered the nerve (helped that there were no other customers to witness) and in an almost pittiful voice announce to the sales ladies that I HAVE A PROBLEM… I AM TRAPPED IN A BOOT.   So let the shinanigans begin… BOTH the ladies come over to assess the situation.  I know they just have to be dying inside.  I know I would.  The manager says well we can just pull it off… Do you really think I haven’t already tried that?? Guess so.  So she tugs at the foot… NO GO.  So then she tries at the zipper a bit, UP? no, DOWN? no.  Then she mentions getting tools.  Home Depot, Lowes immediatly flash into my head.  Hammers, drills, saws, the sweat is increasing.  Did it just go up 10 degrees in here?  The “tool” lady returns with a T-pin and thinks she is going to loosen the leather from the back side of the zipper… and begins by pointing the tip toward my leg… OMG she is gonna stab me.  No stabbing… she gives up on the T-pin.  She then takes off and returns with an arsenol, scissors, screwdriver, box-cutter ???  This is a boot people – not a weekend project !!   She grabs the box-cutter and begins to cut at the leather on the back side of the zipper, she is swipping kinda recklessly.  I tell her not to cut herself all the while thinking, you cut me – you die.   She cuts it enough that I can pull the zipper up about a inch to free the leather strip and then unzip all the way.  I actually shouted out FREEDOM !! with a big sigh afterwards.  I didn’t dare ask if I could buy the boots at a discount now, but I thought it !!!   I proceed to the check out and try to wrap up this fiasco as fast as possible… was that possible?? Didn’t seem so at this point.  I had a coupon but had to spend $75 to use it, so I found a couple of bling bling items and tossed those in to jack up the price… and then she mentions another 15% discount if I apply for the card… you know me, I love discounts, but I had mom’s wallet with me cause I was using her card to pay – so I had to run out to the car to grab my wallet.  I tell mom that I’m sorry it’s taking so long I got trapped in a boot and I need my wallet.  Her question to me, not worried about my perdicament, my tramatic experience, asks did they not take my card.  I said, I need my wallet to apply for the card, she says oh ok, and goes back to her game.   Thanks for the motherly concern MOM!!  I get back in, get my discounts, wrap things up and as I headed out thanked the two ladies for my new found freedom.   I run back out to the car cause I am late at this point for picking up the bf from work.  I get into the car and mention to my mom that I was worried that she was not more concerned about my recent entrapment… She looked at me with this funny look and said, You were serious??  Yes MOM !!  Then she proceeded to show her concern with rounds of laughter.  Lots and lots of laughter. Hold her belly laughter.  I think I even said I hope you pee yourself for laughing at me.  Mom, it’s not that funny.  But really it was 😛

We show up at my bf’s work just as my mom settles her laughter.  As BF gets in I apologize for being a little late and let him know that I was stuck in a boot.  He looks puzzled and before he can say anything I said yes, I’m serious.  I then had to recount the tramatic experience to him sounding even more pitiful in hopes for some glimpse of sympathy from my love… yet all I get from the back seat is, yes you guessed it… LAUGHTER, which only got amplified as my mom joined him.  OKAY… I’m the entertainment for the night  🙂  But I’m free and I got a great deal for 1 sweater, 1 sexy top, 2 bling bling rings for $51 bucks !!! DEAL – worth it or not… HECK YEAH !!

More adventures of MOM & ME to come !!!



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