11-11-11 my movie review

I’m a little late watching this one… but don’t think that mattered since I could of done without it all together.

The bf told me to watch the trailer a few weeks back when he saw it, and the trailer looked kinda spooky, it left you wondering, but didn’t really tell to much about the movie or what to expect.  (If it did I wasn’t paying attention, which is definitly possible)

Well I was left wanting more, disappointed and bored, then regretful (that I wasted good time on that)

BF seemed to like it more than me, it made you think and he likes that sort of thing.  I know he is just recently learning more about religion, so I’m not sure where he stands on the subject yet, and what his thoughts are on the movie.  We were both really tired and headed to bed shortly after it was over.

I personally was raised in religion, all over the place.  My granny was catholic and I grew up until about mid-school going to the catholic church.  I don’t know that I ever really payed to much attention (SORRY)  When I was middle school we moved back to Texas and closer to my grandfather who is a pastor.  So I have gone to church all my life.  Even as a young adult I don’t know that I payed as much attention as I should have.  I know what I believe and I don’t think that includes alot of the things that happened in this movie.


I don’t think I believe in gateways to other realms.  I don’t think I believe in things like this movie showed like all the number coincidences, occurences to this man.  (Maybe I just don’t read that deep into things)  I believe a person can have demons inside themselves, but more along the lines of  things that they battle internally.  I know there are sins and bad things out there that tempt us and sway us from good, but again, I think that is something you battle inside yourself as to if you partake or participate in such acts or habits.  I feel like you can fall easily toward these sins and “demons” if you lack faith in something.  I don’t think it has to be one specific thing, I think it’s good to have faith in other things.  Faith in people, faith in yourself, faith in your god, etc. 

Anyway, I think I am rambling and to a point where I’m not sure if I am making sense… so I will zip it for now… bottom line is, I really didn’t care to much for this film, but to each their own and someone else may see something or experience something I didn’t.

~too see or not to see?  that’s your call, but don’t forget the popcorn !!


4 responses to “11-11-11 my movie review

    • Thanks my friend, however I don’t know if I am as critical as those PROS. I seem to like way to much and I am easily entertained 😛 haha. Have a great weekend !

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