What a road trip

I hope all you fellow bloggers out there had a wonderful, blessed and safe Thanksgiving.  I hope you all lived through it… I know I was thankful myself to live through the road trip I had.

I have on many occasions, every time I leave town actually, taken my fur-kids along.  They are my babies and they go with me almost everywhere and I definitely do not leave them at home or with other people when I leave town.  However it’s usually just me and the 3 fur-kids on the journey.   Well this Thanksgiving called for a different dynamic.  The boyfriend finally had 2 free days ( they were his school days-off work-but school was closed for the holiday) so we took advantage of it and wanted to head up NW of here to see my family.  Well the bf’s son was actually allowed to go with us (that’s a whole other story about his psycho mom and her clingy-ness and controlling manner) so we were excited we were all going to get to spend it together.  Well this past summer I brought my niece and her best friend down to stay a week with me and I introduced the 2 girls to the bf’s niece that is the same age… they hit it off as I expected, so any chance they can they try to get together.  I know it’s hard for them living 3 hours away, but I try to help when I can.  So both my niece and the bf’s niece were calling me and texting me and blowing up my facebook all day begging for me to bring them together again.  I had warned the bf’s niece that it was going to be a cramped ride with 4 people and 3 dogs, (one of which is the size of a small horse).  She said she didn’t care.  I think the child would have offered to ride on the hood or in the trunk if necessary.   Well here is where the journey began… We had to drive out to SW Ft Worth to pick up the bf’s niece and then instead of tracking backwards we used my ever so bossy, “lady in the phone” to help us find a new way to MOMs house.   A direction I have never taken before, some small, back highways that were lacking towns, cities, lights, cars, human life. 

I kept telling the kids (they are 14) that we were in “The Hills Have Eyes” country.  I said it so much that I almost started to freak myself out 😛

Well we set the 2 teens up in the backseat with Jaxon (the small horse).  Poor kids, they will never be right again 😛  I swear that Jaxon needs some doggie ADD meds.  He cannot stay still long enough to catch a flea.  He wanted to be up front in dad’s lap, he wanted to help me drive, he wanted to hang his head out the window and bark and bite at the wind as we drove down the highway.  Look, I never said I had a genius dog.  He’s a big lug head (pic to follow).  But he makes me laugh so hard.  I love him to pieces, even when he’s terrorizing the teens in the back seat.  Well Goober was in the floorboard between bf’s feet and Miss Priss was sorta all over the place, she can do that being the size of a 4lb rat.  I laughed so hard on this trip.  It’s only 3 hours to mom’s but this trip seemed like it lasted 10.  Between the teens singing along to their music, Jaxon jumping on everyone in the car, the awful smells that were coming from the backseat, (I did not know a teen girl could smell so bad…. she could out do any man for sure !) the trip was quite hilarious.  We get about 10 mins outside Mom’s and Jaxon decides to settle down… go figure.   The next 2 days were great getting to cook and spend time with my family.  I hadn’t been home in 4 months which is the longest I have ever been away in the last 12 years since moving away.   The food was awesome, the laughs were endless, and the sleep was scarce, but that’s what’s it all about.  So the visit went by super fast and the next thing I know we are packing for a return trip.  I should have invested in some doggie vallum for sure.  We finally came up with a brilliant idea to put bf in the back and his niece up in the front with me.  Jaxon was a lot more calm having bf in the back so he could lay all over him.   We finally made it to where we were going to meet up with bf’s sister to pick up the niece at the Wally World parking lot. 

I am so awful… please forgive me for what you are about to read…  BF got out of the car to go walk Jaxon.  I told him to let his son walk him (knowing that Jaxon would take said son for a walk instead but I was up for a good laugh) Well bf was walking over to the gas station to get some cigs… I told bf’s niece to find a ball or a toy to throw to Jaxon… well no luck, so said niece gets out of the car and starts to holler at Jaxon, she gets his attention and then runs in the opposite direction… YEP a kid after my own heart… Jaxon the playful lug head he is took off after her with bf’s son in tow.  This said son tried really hard to keep up, hanging onto that leash with all his mite, and he did pretty good for about 4 car lengths until Jaxon got the best of him.   Off goes Jaxon.  Niece comes running back to the car and I am in tears and nearly wetting myself from laughing so hard.  Then I see the bf stomping across the parking lot toward his son and Jaxon as he came around a car.  I was sure I was in trouble now…  He looked pissed.  He did not find it as amusing as I did, what a shame.  Niece got back in the car and we snickered as bf and his son gathered Jaxon and got back in the car.   BF was not happy and said that Jaxon could have run into the store or gotten hit by a car… this is true, but didn’t take away from my laughter.  I tried to ease the tension and say if it was someone else you know you would be laughing… but it didn’t help too much.

They both got over it, so it was all good.  I am still laughing about it as I write about it.  I am so twisted I swear.

Well that was my eventful trip, I gotta let you know that we all fit in my little 4 door Saturn… and if it’s ever suggested for me to do that again, I might tell said suggester to stick that idea up their Uranus !!

I anticipate a larger vehicle soon. (I paid off my car a few months back and I am enjoying not having to make that payment each month, so I am holding out as long as I can.)



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