Jaxon went to JAIL !!

I just had to tell you guys about the latest fiasco going out at Casa McQty.  OMG, I love my dogs as much as one can love their pets, but I swear 2 of the 3 are in danger of a trip to the taxidermist.   Miss Priss my 4 lb.  toy Chihuahua is in heat (thanks for the warning Priss) and she is driving Jaxon, my 110 lb Bull Mastiff insane, which in turn driving me insane.  Jaxon wants to be right up her… BUTT every second of the day and NIGHT !!  AND, if he is not up her butt then he is circling the bed, the couch, the coffee table, pacing the floor, whining and howling and barking me into insanity !!   Saturday night he was making circles around the bed, because he is not allowed up on the bed so he was whinning and whimpering and barking because Priss was under the covers and he could not get to her.  I finally gave up and just let him on the bed.  BIG MISTAKE.  Then he was digging at the blankets and pillows trying to get under the covers to her….. OH NO MISTER !!  So I booted him off the bed and outta the room and locked him out.  Well the next morning I woke up to one of my leather pillows that was trashed, I mean it looked like snow on the floor in the front living room.  BAD JAXON !!  He got stuck outside for the remainder of the day while we went to work.  So sunday night when we come home he is just going nuts all night so when time for bed we decide to put him in his JAIL (cage) which is in the back den.  We don’t use it hardly ever because I don’t like that he is caged up if the little ones aren’t.  I try to be a fair mommy.  I didn’t want him outside cause I feel like it’s too cold.  I know I spoil them… shame on me.  So anyway… in his JAIL.  This dog would not shut up.  I have never heard so much whinning, whimpering, howling, barking from one dog for so long.  He did it ALL NIGHT LONG.  My bedroom is on the opposite end of the house and even with the door shut that damn dog kept me up all night long.  When I got up to get ready for work, I went to let him go out and he had moved his cage nearly 3 feet from the wall where it was when he was put in there.   Last night wasn’t as bad… I don’t know what the bf said to him, but he didn’t cry all night like the previous night, but he started up early this morning, way before my alarm went off.

So just how long is a dog in heat for?  I don’t know if I can survive to many more sleepless nights.  If Jaxon would only realize that it physically impossible for him to “get busy” with Miss Priss.  He doesn’t seem to care, or stop trying.  It’s funny trying to watch him manuever himself low enough to get to her… no chance dude.   So in the meantime he is taking it out on my couch, my pillows and he even jumped up on the couch with me after work last night and I had my knee up on the couch and he proceeded to mount my knee… I just laughed.   The bf gets so mad at him.  I had to tell him last night, babe, he can’t help it.  He’s all horned up and he doesn’t know what to do.  Well this morning bf told me he had to take the pillow cases off my pillow because Jaxon had “made love” to it.   EWWWW glad bf found the remains of that venture and not me.  I might of tossed my cookies.

What’s even worse is I have caught Priss teasing him… little SLUT.  She walks around in front of him and sticks her butt up in the air at him and then runs under the couch cause she knows he can’t follow her under there.  He lays with just his nose under the couch just whinning at her… that little bitch !!!

Prayers for me, my slutty dog, and my horny dog. Oh and some prayers for my sweet, patient boyfriend who puts up with this madness from us all !! Love you hunny bunny !!

 Pic of Jaxon after he trashed my leather pillow (below)

I couldn't help it, Mom !!


5 responses to “Jaxon went to JAIL !!

  1. I feel your pain…Ledger (our Boxer Mastiff) is 3 years old now….he has always eaten everything & anything. But now he just begs for stuff all the time. You can’t get anything to snack on without him being up your butt or his big nose in the fridge everytime you open it. Now, you can be sitting on the couch & he just throws his big ass paw in you lap or on your arm & stares at you. He never used to do that. We did take in a stray cat a few months ago…maybe that has bothered him some even though the yget along great.

    • Jaxon is just the same way, he is at your feet in the kitchen while your cooking or getting something to eat. He is tall enough to put his head in the sink so you have to wash the dishes or put them in the dishwasher right away. He also sits in front of you while your eating and he doesn’t make noise, but he stares a whole through you and drools like crazy… It’s not fun when that drool string finally lets lose and lands right on your foot… can cause you to lose your appetite. But you just gotta love the big, lug head 😛

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