I need some practice…AMEN !

Before I get to the little story I want to share, I have to give you guys some background first…

Yesterday my sister’s husband was having surgery.  He has been battling Polycystic Kidney Disease for some time.  It runs in his family and his mother died at 57 due to the disease.  Anyway… my sister asked me about a week ago to come be with her while she waited at the hospital.  I had to do some flanagaling to get the time off because I had used up all but 4 hours of vac this year.  I was going to go ahead and take the 4 hours and then work some extra hours the rest of the week to make up the other 4.   My sister lives 3 hours away and they were to be at the hospital at 6 am.   Well Monday is one of the bf’s school days and he has to ride the train over to Ft Worth to go to class, but the train doesn’t run that late to get him home after class gets out at 10.  So I have to go and pick him up on Monday nights after class which is about 1 to 1.5 hrs away from my home, depending on traffic.  Not to bad on Monday nights if I can leave early enough to miss the construction near the airport.  They shut the major highway down at 8 and that takes more time to get through.   I had to work later to cover some make up time and so I finally made it over to the school about 930, picked up the bf and headed back this way.   I decided to take a quick nap before getting up to leave at 3 am.  I of course knowing I had something important to do and was on a time schedule, could not sleep for the life of me.  I had to kick the bf outta the bed so his movement and snoring wouldn’t disturb me either.  I got about an hour.

I was up and at it at 3 am… gassed up the car, got me some hot cocoa and packed my goodie bag.  Magazines, snacks, cheddar popcorn and my laptop and hit the road.  

FINALLY to the part I wanted to tell you guys about… (just call me chatty-Kathy)

I got to the hospital just before my sister and her hubby did.  I met them outside in the front and although my sister’s hubby is not that religious, I asked if we could say a little prayer.  So the 3 of us huddled up and I began…

I prayed for the doctors and the nurses to do their bests and I prayed for the bro-in-law and his nerves to be settled.  I prayed for there not to be much pain, for the surgery to go smoothly and also said a prayer for my mom and her bf across town in another hospital as her bf was having double knee replacements (what a day- I know).  Well after all my little thoughts I came to the close of my prayer where I closed thanking God for getting me there safely and making it possible for me to be there for my family and then “OK, BYE”

Yeah… I actually ended a well said prayer (my opinion-anyway) with “OK, BYE”.  My sister and her hubby looked at each other and my sister said… AMEN…  I then said “oh, yeah – AMEN” 

I then lost it and just cracked up.  I said, can you tell I’m outta practice?? We all just laughed.  This is really hilarious to me because I have grown up in the church my whole life being that my grandfather is a pastor.   I am still laughing about it.

I spoke with my mom after the Bro-in-law went into surgery and had to tell her about my prayer and unorthodox closing…. she laughed and laughed and told me I was going to have to tell my gpa about it. 

I being the jokester I am told my mom that I didn’t have to say Amen, that God and I were like this (fingers crossed – REALLY close) and we talked all the time.  She said jokingly ohh so you guys are tweet friends… I said you know it mom.  Laughing the whole time. (Just for the record, I do FB, but NEVER tweet)

I love the little things in life that we (I) can find pleasure in, or that I can laugh at and lighten an otherwise scary moment.  This was a good start to our day.  I just wish the rest of the day had gone better.

—Just to further the story.  My bro-in-law (BIL) has cysts that fill up his kidneys and then they will burst and make him bleed while peeing.  It causes his belly to puff up on his right side and it makes it hard for him to bend over or lay on his back cause of the pressure making it hard to move and breathe.  There were now cysts forming on the outside of his kidneys and the surgeon using a sonogram machine was sticking a needle in through his side to puncture the cysts on the outsides and drain them.  Unfortunately the large cyst that are causing all the problems are on the other side of the kidney and no way to get to them without going through the kidney (which the dr said he didn’t want to do cause they would have to cut him open)  There were only about 3-4 small quarter size cysts that the surgeon could get to.  He was very disappointed which only makes us and my BIL disappointed.  Well in recovery the BIL was having a hard time breathing and then was bleeding considerably.  They were afraid a cyst ruptured so they wanted to keep him overnight and monitor him.  They got him settled and eased the pain and the night was okay for him.   The surgeon is asking for him to come back in a mo to see what more they can do.  The specialist says that he is in-between 1 and 2 stage kidney failure.  They don’t want to remove the kidney now since it is still functioning.  So we wait.. you know that ugly waiting game that sucks for everyone involved.

Soooo if you are or are not on a 1 on 1 basis with God and wouldn’t mind taking a moment to throw out a few positive thoughts, prayers for my BIL, it would be greatly appreciated. 

I don’t even think it requires an AMEN, just an open and positive heart !!


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