Something New

Well I mentioned in my last post several things that I am in hopes for this year.  One of the main ones is improving my health.  Well I started a new blog,

This blog is a place to rant and rave, brag about good points, vent my frustrations, and whatever else I might encounter on this new journey.   I am determined and excited and nervous about this journey, but it is long over due.   Please feel free to check in on me and my progress to a happier, healthier ME.  I hope to no longer be the Diabetic in Denial.  I am currently the Determined Diabetic and ready to make this journey a successful one.

Dibetic in Denial is now Determined !!!


2 responses to “Something New

  1. So happy that you are taking this journey! Before I started with Weight Watchers, I was prediabetic and had some scary high blood pressure that was pretty much going untreated. I was a mess. However, that is the past. I am no longer in danger of being diabetic and my blood pressure is AMAZING! My doctors tell me how proud of me they are. My chiro is constantly remarking on my muscle tone. It has completely changed my life, and it will change yours too!

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