Day 1 of my New Journey

**Previously posted on 1/17/12 in old blog**

Well I started my Weight Watchers diet yesterday 1/16/12.   I was a little nervous about meeting my requirements and not going over.  I was actually pretty successful yesterday.  I have 51 points a day and 49 bonus points per week to use as I wish.  I actually came in at a total of 50 for yesterday… YEAH ME. 

My blood sugars were good, except for the middle of the day when they dropped low (67).  I am not used to lows and so this was a huge drop for me.  I did not like the feeling.  I had the shakes really bad and was a bit frazzled.  I got a couple of pieces of candy from a co-worker and then checked my sugars again 30 mins later.  At this point they were at a normal range and I was feeling better.  The shakes had stopped.   I hate when my numbers are high, but definitely don’t want them going to low… a happy medium is all I want.

I’m excited to find some new healthy, diet friendly recipes and try them out.  Chris, the bf is being very supportive and trying to keep me positive and do better for himself as well.  I thank him for that.

Today is starting off well.  My sugars were 107 this morning before breakfast.  I had a yummy light yogurt and some peanut butter on my fav carmel rice cakes…. breafast for this champion.  

Feeling Determined and Positive today !!


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