Highs and Lows of Day 2

**Previously posted on 1/18/11 on old blog**

So on day 2 of my Weight Watchers diet, my blood sugars were amazing.   Recently the “Not giving-a-damn” attitude had my sugars in the 200′s usually higher 200′s and even a couple in the 300′s a little over a week ago when I had an infection.

Well the last 2 days have been awesome.  Yesterday I reported:

107 before breakfast
120 before lunch
125 before dinner

WOW, what a change.  Your meds actually work WHEN you take them… go figure :P

It makes me feel really good that I am trying and the results are showing already.  Now I am hoping that the weight watchers diet will prove to be successful as well.  Can’t wait for my first weigh in… OMG did I really just say I can’t wait to weigh in.  Step back, I might faint at those words coming outta my mouth !!

I was afraid I might have blown my points last night because Chris and I stopped and ate at one of my favorite restaunts, Pasados and had some dinner on the way home from his class.  I got some flameado and didn’t even eat it all and have some chips and salsa.   I DECLINED the free sopapilla (GO ME) and I even went out the entrance to AVOID the free ice cream that tempts you at the exit (GO ME AGAIN).  I love, love, love their sopapillas, but I think I LOVE even more the fact that I resisted them.   Well anyway, after calculating the yummy morsels I came to a total for the day at 49 which left me 2 remaining for the day (AROUND OF APPLAUSE)

Today I started the day off with a slightly higher sugar read of 148, but I will take it after that dinner last night.  148 is still a GREAT read for me, and my doctor will be so proud. 

Here’s to LOW, Normal sugars, High spirits and continued Success !!!


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