Sticking with it

Well I have managed to survive 3 days on Weight Watchers.  It really hasn’t been that bad so far.   I went to my first meeting last night after work and it was very motivating.  There were a lot of people there and tons of stories, examples, ideas… it was a very positive environment !!  There were alot of people and stories I could relate to as well as numerous bad habits I had in common with these people, guess that’s why we were all in the same room.

I was waiting for the point where you stand and protest “My name is Sam and I am an Addict to food”  but nope, we all knew why we were there – we don’t have to tell it, everyone can SEE it 😛

Yesterday was a good WW day and a great day of blood testing.
148 before breakfast, a little elevated, but I will take it after the last few years of averages in the 200’s.
130 before lunch
140 before dinner, but that’s because I had a late snack that elevated it some. (I didn’t wait 2 hours after I ate to test)

I had the usual breakfast: total 9 points
Banana Cream Pie Light Yogurt 
2 Carmel rice cakes with peanut butter

I had a super healthy lunch: total 8 points
Raw baby carrots
Cucumber slices
2 Tbsp of Veggie Dip
2 wedges of Laughing cow cheese
16 wheat thins

My dinner was on the fly because I was starving after my WW meetings (remember to have a snack at or before the mtg) and I have to go get Chris from school in Ft Worth, so I grabbed 2 bean burritos from Taco Bell.  18 points but I pealed away most of the tortilla, so probably a few less.

Had a snack of some puff cheetos, you get 29 for 4 points but didn’t eat nearly that many, so a few points saved there as well.   All in all, I ended the day with points to spare.

My healthy lunch

I sure wish I could end with time to spare.  Where does the time go??


2 responses to “Sticking with it

  1. Your lunch sounded so good! I’ve never really done anything like that for lunch. I’m going to try it!

    Also, as a WW veteran I want to tell you to make sure you eat all your points for the day. If you eat less than your points it will make you lose faster and not as healthy. Remember losing too fast can be bad.

    Also, then when you start losing weight and your points values begin to decrease it may be more difficult for you to see a change in your weight loss and discourage you because you’ve already been not eating all of your points for the day. Does this make sense???

    Haha 🙂 Keep up the great work. I love weight watchers.

    • Makes sense, thanks for checking in and giving me some good advice to go on. I think I am trying to be so cautious during the day that I end up with more points at night and then am not sure what to do with them. I gotta learn to plan better !!

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