What have I learned?

I wanted to highlight a few of the things I learned last night at my first WW meeting.  There was an overload of suggestions, ideas, tricks and such so I am just gonna touch base on a few that really struck me.

One thing the coach talked about was not getting yourself to a HALT stage of eating. Not letting yourself get to HUNGRY, not being an AGGRESSIVE eater, not letting yourself get LONELY, and not letting yourself get too TIRED

This really made a ton of sense to me. I know I have done all of the above in the past.  I love food, and love the taste of food and can make an excuse to eat something.  So it’s definitely a lifestyle change. It’s definitely a mind, soul and body change.

I also learned that YOU CAN’T EAT IT IF YOU DON’T HAVE IT.  This applies to the good and the bad.  If you don’t keep the “bad“, unhealthy choices in your house, car, work, then you can’t eat them.  The coach said you can have that sweet fix or treat, but you should go OUT of your house to do so.  This also applies to the healthy food.  You can’t eat the healthy options if you don’t have them handy.  You can’t make healthier choices if you don’t plan ahead and have those healthy options available to you.  This made so much sense and I have already started on Spring cleaning, early.  I took candy I had at work and either told the boyfriend to eat it, hide it, or I took it to work.  Taking it to work was a better plan because I could hunt out candy in the house if it came down to it.  I did go and buy some healthier snacks and veggies this week and so those are front and center in the fridge.   I have also stockpiled several healthy alternative snacks at work for when I have the munchies, a craving or need a fix.  I am actually pretty proud of myself.  Come along way in just 3 days.

Let’s see, whatelse did I learn??  Had a few suggestions as to other recipes, snacks to try – I will post when I actually try them and how they were.

So what new tidbits, tricks, have you learned lately???


6 responses to “What have I learned?

    • Me too my friend ! Read your post about Burger King delivery servies now… thank goodness that’s not one of my fav spots to eat !!! People can’t even get the exercise points walking to the car to drive to the nearest drive through 😛 haha.

  1. I’ve been learning a ton about portion control. Here I thought it was OK to eat an entire chicken breast because well, it was chicken breast. Who knew a single chicken breast is usually 2-3 servings! I’ve also been finding it super fun to turn my usual recipes into WW friendly ones 🙂 Keep up the good work, I’m not going to the meetings, so it’s interesting to hear your thoughts on them!

    • I have only been to 1 mtg so far. I go again on Wed, so I will keep you posted. I think I like the additional suggestions everyone has, that seems to help me with ideas.

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