Disgusted Demonstrator

Before I get into how disgusting my weekend at work was, gotta give you some background.

I have a job that I have been at for 12 years now that I work M-F.  This is a great job, pays the bills, has great medical, great benefits and is a great company to work for… hince me being here 12 years with no plans of leaving.   Well since Chris went back to school, he was working full time including the weekends and going to school 2-4 days a week.  With him working on the weekends, that left me at home, sleeping till noon or so, and being as lazy as possible.   I wanted to get out and do something so I wasn’t sitting at home being lazy.  I already do a little volunteer work with the local police department since completing the Citizen’s Police Academy and being accepted to the Alumni Association, however there’s not a whole lot to do on the weekends with that.  So why not find a part time job?? Extra spending money and if it’s working with the public, then I’m game.  I like working with people, USUALLY…

So, I got a job working as a food demonstrator at a local warehouse store.  It’s only 6 hours a day and it pays excellent for a part time job, plus you get bonuses if your product sells alot.   I really like this job, I love working with the people, love visiting with people, love talking, love the little kids…  I discovered this weekend the things I DON’T love so much.  This was the first weekend I have wanted to just stab half of the customers in the face for just being stupid, rude, or all around obnoxious.

The just of it is I sample foods for anyone in the store… you don’t have to buy and you can have as many samples as you would like… technically.

Some of these people I swear… you would think they never eat.  Here are just a few of the things, people that cross my demo station.

**The Regulars – the ones that you see every weekend and sometimes both Sat and Sunday.  Really, both days?  Did you forget something yesterday that you just have to have today??? NOPE, your coming for a free lunch.  You recognize these people because you see their faces over and over again.  (I like to politely comment about it being nice to see them again, when I saw them the day before)

**The Grazers – Those that sample then walk around the isle and return again for another.  Like they forgot what it tasted like 5 mins ago?  You can also recognize them when they are in the motorized carts and have no store items in their baskets but have 5 or 6 sample cups instead.

**The Cheapos – Those that have 7 kids and come around lunch time to feed their kids for free.  Can also be the Careless Parents (see below) – They are also the ones that will stand around your demo station for 10 mins while something cooks just to wait on a 1 oz bite… really, are you that hungry?

**The Double-takers –  Those that grab a couple of samples and claim it’s for their spouse and point in a direction where there is NOONE standing… SURE IT IS – Piggy!!

**The Forgetful –  Those that get a sample and then think after awhile you will forget them and so they make another pass around to grab another sample, they pretend they don’t know what it is and say things like “what are you sampling here” (I have actually said – in the nicest way- Oh, it’s the same thing that I had earlier- big smile) (I have often said, back for more? with a little laugh so they don’t get offended but they know I KNOW they are grazing)

**The Drive-bys – Those that don’t even pretend to care about your speal or what you have to say about the product, they just walk quickly by as they grab from your tray.  Sometimes they are so quick and careless that they may bump your table in their get-away, or hit your sneeze guard causing your tray to fly off – careless asses !!

**The Impatient – In my demonstration, I have 2 trays – My serving tray which is protected by a sneeze guard and my set-up tray, the tray I am currently putting together to present once the serving tray is empty.  Well I usually have demos that are really popular and the serving tray gets emptied really fast.  I have those Impatient people that don’t want to wait for me to finish setting up my tray and will reach around my barrier shield, or reach over it to grab off of the tray I am preparing.  I have even had people grab while I was in the middle of cutting things.  I always say things like just a  moment and I will have a new tray ready and they still try to grab from where I am working.  SOOO annoying.  I had several people try to grab this weekend and when I asked for them to wait a moment while I prepared the tray, they actually walked off… Guess you didn’t want that sample bad enough huh?

**The Careless Parents also known as The Lazy Parent – These are the ones that have those 7 kids and they don’t assist their child with getting a sample, they let the kid reach up and touch every sample on the tray.  They also will send their kid over to grab multiple samples to bring back to them, so that they don’t come across as a Grazer.

**The Mikey’s (I’ll eat anything-ers) – These are the ones that grab a sample and THEN ask you what it is.  (There is a sign on the front of my station that tells you exactly what it is I am sampling) I myself would never grab something that I was not sure what it was or if I was even interested in it.

These are the ones that come to mind the most.  There have been so many instances that just crack me up.  I remember once when a man and his small daughter, about 4, came by and he was asking her if she wanted a sample and she said no.  He said you don’t want to try it… and then she said, Dad, we already had some.  He bolted, and I cracked up laughing.  There was once I was demoing Blue Cheese and a man and his small son, who was 4 – I asked, came by to sample.  The little boy asked what the green stuff was, the dad said, Mold.  After a second the little boy said, Dad, are we allowed to eat mold?  It was the cutest thing, the dad was kinda speachless, and then said well, in this case you can.  It was so cute. 

I also am amuzed by some of the really stupid questions people have.  I had a chocolate truffle cake with truffle filling that I was demoing one day.  When I was telling people what it was and that there was 8 layers of truffle filling, a woman asked me if there was mushrooms in it.  It was really hard not to bust out laughing.  NOT those kinda truffles lady !! On the same truffle cake, a woman came by and after me saying it was a Choc truffle cake with truffle filling she said is that cheeze cake (when have you seen a 6 in. high cheesecake) No, this is a choc truffle cake I said.  She said well cheesecakes can be chocolate too,  ummmm okay??? Really, do you have a hearing problem to go with that brain problem too??? LMAO

I love the little kids, the babies and the friendly people that respond when you say hello or ask how their day is going.  I am very friendly with the customers.  I like to joke with them, talk to their kids, engage them the best I can and I enjoy the people that are kind in return.  Those that don’t acknowledge you when you say hello, or who are in such a hurry that they almost push others outta the way, just drive me nuts.

Well I hope you guys have enjoyed or at least laughed at some insight on my part time entertainment.  If your ever out sampling; be patient, enjoy your sample and be kind to your demonstrator !


3 responses to “Disgusted Demonstrator

  1. I LOVED this! I think you could expand on it! People who won’t say please and thank you!
    I confess….I buy most of what I sample. Easy mark….huh?

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