Taco Pie

Sounded interesting when I came across this recipe online yesterday.   Tacos + Pie = YUMM !! I was really intent on going shopping for some healthy foods so I printed out a few recipes I found that were healthy, weight watcher friendly, and most importantly sounded like they might taste good.   I headed off to the store on my journey… it was definitely a journey looking for some of these items.  I don’t normally shop for these things, so I had no clue as to where to find them.  Some of the items I picked up were items I have never used or even tried like the following:

Butternut Squash
Fresh garlic
Ground Turkey
Ground Chicken

I also picked up yogurt, fruit cups, old fashioned oats, diced tomatoes, assortment of seasonings, assortment of cheeses, lean pork chops.

I was extremely proud that there was not a junk food item in the basket.  I do have to say though, it was pricier than the normal trip to the store.  Chris commented that we didn’t get as nearly as much as we normally do and that we were going to starve to death, it was to funny.  I told him we weren’t we were just going to have healthier meals and healthier snacks.

So I tried a new recipe I found on another blog, Successful2gether. This blog has a lot of great recipes and they are healthy and WW friendly.  She’s also great about posting pics… that’s important to me, I like seeing what it’s suppose to look like, it also gets my taste buds excited 🙂

I decided to make 2 versions, one with flour tortilla for Chris, and one with corn tortillas for me.  I also added a couple of extra seasons of my own, like onion flakes and cumino.  This was so easy and so delicious.  I didn’t know ground turkey could taste so good.  Chris even loved it.  I brought some leftovers for lunch today !!!


Now that I have one deliciously, healthy dinner cooked, I am more confidant that there are other healthy dishes to enjoy… Give this recipe a try, you tummy will thank you for it !



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