A Trip to the Underworld (spoilers)



Yep, after dinner, Chris and I had to go see a movie we have both been excited to see. I always worry about series movies, so many times they get worse the longer they go with the story.  In this example there was no disappointment at all. 

Kate was amazing as her usual hot, ass-kicking, vampire-self.  She was as strong as ever and kicked just as much ass if not more.  I really enjoyed the special effects, the morphing that occurred with the Lycans.  There were certain parts where I was in aww at the detail in how things changed, or for instance a part where several security guards chasing Selene morphed into Lycans as they were in the chase and their clothes just ripped away, it was pretty awesome !

I liked the twist on the story and the new faces and characters.  I was hoping for a little more of Michael – he’s such a hottie, but the new face of David (Theo James) was nice to look at in Michael’s absence. 

It was action packed all the way through, and even had me clapping at one point… couldn’t help it, I got excited 🙂  Selene is one bad ass bitch, and I so wanna see more.  I think they left it open ended to where there could possibly be more in the future. 

2 thumbs up !! I would give more, but that’s all I got 🙂 


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