MIA part Deux – yeah I know, I’m going for a trilogy !! But I have some good reasons yet again for my MIA.

I last wrote about my problems I was having with the pains in my chest and breathing problems.  After 2 weeks of meds and taking it easy, things were just getting worse.  I developed a knot in my lower stomach area and my right heel started swelling up causing me alot of pain to walk on it.  I ended up back at the dr to assess the new problems occurring.  She wasn’t sure, but thought the knot could be a hernia… OH great, just what I need now.  She sent me to the ER to get a scan done on my belly and to have my heel checked out.  It was turning red up to my ankle.  Back in the er and they first took care of my foot saying that I had fluid on my heel and it had to be drained.  They then proceeded to stick the longest needed in man kind into my foot to try to numb it up some… ARE YOU KIDDING ME… what do I get to numb that needle.  OMG it hurt so bad, I can’t even express it.  They didn’t even wait for that to kick in before they cut my heel open.  Chris was watching as I screamed in pain… yeah the door was open and I felt bad for anyone in ear shot because I was screaming like I was trying out for a horror movie.  Chris said alot of fluid just rushed out as he sliced it open.  They then packed it with gauze and bandaged it up.  As if this isn’t enough, the knot in my stomach was not a hernia but an abscess that I was going to have surgery on first thing the next morning.  Yep, I was being admitted right away.  Had all kinds of new scans, ivs, pokes and prods.  I felt like a pin cushion.  Turns out there were severe nodules all over my lungs, the dr said the infection had gotten into my blood stream and went to my heart valve and because the heart beats so many times a minute it shot the infection throughout my body, causing the infection in my heel and my stomach.  Turns out I had a staph infection.  Are you kidding me.  This could of all been prevented if they paid closer attention the very first day I was sick??  Lord, grant me the patience to not take vengeance on the ER staff.  I had surgery the next morning, I was so frustrated.  I told my surgeon I didn’t understand why all of this was happening.  I told him I was taking my meds, i was eating healthy, I was testing my blood sugars and everything and it was for nothing because all of this happened.  He who was also diabetic said that he didn’t want me to stop doing the good things I was doing, but sometimes these things just happen.  He said to keep up the good work.  So I had the surgery the next day and it went very well.  I had to have packing changed out daily but that was no problem.  It didn’t hurt much at all.  I ended up staying in the hospital for a week before they finally let me leave… was the torture over?? NOPE.  The staph infection was MRSA, it’s where normal antibiotics won’t work so they have to be very aggressive.  I ended up getting a PICC line in my left arm.  For those of you that don’t know it’s an internal iv that is input in my left arm that has a tube that stretches across your chest to your heart.  It’s about 13 inches long and it feeds larger amounts of antibiotics into your system.  So then I was told I was going to have to have home health and do IV infusions 3 times a day for the next 6 weeks.  

My home health debacle –

**Nurse 1 comes out the afternoon I get released to go over how to do the infusions and paperwork, and all that jazz.  Nurse 1 was an idiot.  I did NOT like her at all.  She was so rude and unprofessional.  She was making herself way to comfortable in my house. I just found it very odd.  She couldn’t get reception on her cell, so she kept standing at the front door with the door wide open trying to make a call.  Then when that didn’t work she asked to use Chris’s phone and then made all her calls from his.  She just rubbed me the wrong way.  She kept asking me what was wrong, why I was so quiet, was I always this quiet.  I finally said I just got released from the hospital after 7 days and I don’t really feel up to dancing around the room.  She didn’t have the supplies she needed and she said the hospital should have sent me home with the stuff.  I told her that she was the home health nurse and the said she was to bring what she needed. OMG what an idiot.  I just wanted her to leave.

**I never had the same nurse.  They taught Chris and I how to do the infusions and so they only had to come if I called them or every Thurs to draw my blood to measure the levels of antibiotics in my kidneys.  The infusions sucked.  I had an iv pole and we had to hook up all the tubing and the bags and do this every 8 hours.  The infusions took about 1.5 hours.  This caused my sleep schedule to get completely out of whack.

Things seemed to be going well and I was feeling better.  I still felt very tired and drained and got winded doing the littlest things.  That worried me, but the dr insisted it was due to the infection in my lungs and once that cleared up I would be back to normal.

**Nurse from hell – yep I had her.  There was a nurse that came out one evening and she was an older woman, I would say 60’s probably.  If not, I would be surprised.  She was so unprofessional.  She was there to draw my blood and to change the PICC bandage.  Well in changing the PICC bandage everything must be completely sterile.  They must wear gloves, and masks during the process.  Well NFH (nurse from hell) decides she cannot peel the bandage off with her gloves on because they keep sticking, so she takes her gloves off.  She proceeds to touch the sterile items and my PICC line with her bare hands.  She doesn’t use the safety guard or the iodine to clean the area. She didn’t use her mask either.  I was so shocked of what I was witnessing, that I grabbed my cell and told Chris to video what was going on.   She couldn’t get the blood drawn from my PICC line so she had to use a needle in my other arm.  I was terrified.  She kept having to hold everything up to about 3 inches from her face to read it.  She even commented at one point that it might look like she couldn’t see, but her bifocals were not working so she had to look over the top of her glasses to see.  OMG, why not just take the glasses off??  Well she ended up sticking herself with the needle so then she had to go tend to her wounds and put a band-aid on herself.  She then (using a different needle)(THANK GOD) drew my blood. It was a mess.  She was a mess, and I was terrified.  I immediately called her supervisor when she left and told her what had happened, never to send her again and I have it all on video.  The supervisor wanted to come out to change the bandage again, correctly and to possibly see the video.  I showed her and could tell she was shocked, and frankly worried.  You could see it on her face.

Well after a few days I began running really high fevers, freezing and just thinking I was going to freeze to death, this is strange because I am never cold.  After 2 days of fevers and then on the 2nd dry heaving, Chris says he is taking me to the ER.  So we head there.  When we get there my heart rate is 149 and my blood pressure was through the roof.  I had a temp of 103.9   After being admitted yet again, having 5 IV’s hooked up to me at once, I end up in the PCU unit.  It’s the personal care unit, similar to ICU.  They have rooms with windows so they can watch and monitor you very closely.  Turns out I became septic and had an infection in my PICC line.  My temps got up to 104 something before they discovered the infection in my PICC line and removed it.  Once they removed it, the fevers stopped, thank goodness.  It was awful.  I ended up staying another 6 days in the hospital before I was able to leave to go home.

Such an ordeal.  I was out of work from Feb 14 until I was released to go back on April 17th.  I was sick of being cooped up in the house and was eager to get back to work.  Nervous though, wasn’t sure how I was going to handle getting my sleep schedule back on track, but I did.  I’m feeling much better and relieved to be breathing pain free.


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