So happy I could cry – and I did

Yeah, well let me tell you why I cried…

Last week on the 2nd I went for my appts up at the Indian Hospital in Oklahoma.  It was my first appointments at the Diabetic Wellness Center.  I got to meet the dietician, the educator, and my nurse.  They were all great, actually the whole staff there is awesome and welcoming and just very pleasant.  What’s in the water up there, everyone just seems so happy 🙂  Well in my first appointment with the Dietician, we went over the foods I do and don’t eat, the new changes I have made this year with trying new foods, eating greek yogurt, flaxseed and such.  She had some good things to say and some suggestions on things I could and need to do more of.   Then she gave me the best news ever.  She told me back in Jan when I was there my A1C was 10.7  (higher than I originally thought) and that today (May 2nd) it was 7.7.. YEAH, you read that right, 7.7  I couldn’t believe it.  I teared up and told her that I wasn’t expecting that after the serious illness I just had. Being sick makes your sugars go up, so to have it drop 3 whole points in that time was amazing to me.  I told her that it proved that I was making changes for the better and it was showing.  I couldn’t stop crying.  It really gave me hope to keep doing what I am doing and made me want to do even more.  It motivated me and I can always do with more motivation.  I couldn’t wait to leave and call Chris and to tell my mom and my papa and my sister and whoever else I could think of. 

So that’s the recent happenings.  I will try to stay well and not fall off the earth again.  I have so many blogs to catch up on, so I am looking forward to that for sure.



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