Grey has taken over

50 Shades of Grey has completely taken over.  It’s everywhere you turn. There are books, blogs, gossip, and now talk of casting for the movie.  I came across an article on CNN today that was very interesting.  Some of the hotels in Seattle, even those mentioned in the book, have come up with what they are calling the “50 Shades of Grey” sexy getaway packages.  The whips and chains aren’t included so you might want to stop by the adult toy store before checking in, but the packages are pretty creative.  This is not something I would consider partaking in due only to the fact it’s way outta my budget, but it sounds pretty nice nonetheless.


I was also reviewing the list of actors that are being considered to star in the future movie.  I think a few of the men wouldn’t be bad, but my vote definitely goes for Matt Bomer.  I had to look him up cause the name didn’t ring any bells, but recognized him from “Burn Notice” and most recently “Magic Mike”.  The following picture sold it for me. There is definitely something dark and mysterious about him and it doesn’t hurt that he’s fun to look at.


I finished the 1st of the trilogy a few weeks ago and I am eager to get started on the next.  I bought just the one vs the trilogy because I wasn’t sure if I would like it enough to continue to 2 and 3 and now I am kicking my own ass (funny site), for not getting all 3.

I do have to say that I am a little unsure about this movie however.  The book is HOT, it’s sexy and provocative and down right naughty, and that’s what makes it so infectious.  People hate to admit to loving that type of thing due to reasons of their own.  I myself have always loved adult literature and a majority of my books are just that. I myself have written several short stories of my own over the years (for my own reading pleasure). I love to read something that grabs my attention and can hold it… like handcuffs to an iron bedpost. I like things that stir up an emotion in me and this definitely stirred something up alright.  I worry however that the movie will change to much from the book and it will lose the effect. I wonder what type of rating there would have to be to make the movie relate more to the book. The chemistry of the actors is going to have to be on point as well for this to be a success.  The thought of this up-and-coming movie makes me think of another movie that really stirred things up for me, “Unfaithful” starring Diane Lane and Richard Gere.  OMG, I gotta tell you, when I saw this movie I was in shock. I kept looking around in the theater to see if other people were being affected by this movie like I was. I was so turned on, so hot and bothered and it was so strange to be sitting in a theater with so many strangers and be in that state of disarray. It was the chemistry between Diane Lane and her love affair… the way he would just “TAKE HER”.  The way he would just pull her here and there and how she tried to fight it but just couldn’t no matter how hard she tried she wanted it just as bad. DAMN, the thought of it gets me excited.  If you haven’t seen this movie, “Unfaithful”, then check it out!! You will be glad you did.


In other news…I had to waste some time earlier this week waiting for Chris to get outta class, so I decided to go and watch “Magic Mike“.  What better way to waste some time then to watch Channing Tatum take off his clothes… wow, how time flew. Quite the dancing skills he portrays… haha.


Well I need to figure out how to get through the rest of this work day now that I have been day dreaming for a bit… Hope you all have a wonderful day !!


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