Successful Surprise !!

I love when a surprise goes off successfully.  Don’t you just hate when you try to surprise someone and go through the planning and scheming and secrets for it to fail.  My sister is such a nosy person that she is very hard to surprise.  She is the ultimate inquisitor, every time I call her I end up getting stuck in a game of 20 questions… a game I didn’t sign up for.   Well Saturday was my sister’s birthday and I can’t always do much, but I like to do something.  I like doing things for other people, it makes me feel good.  So I decided to take off on Friday and head up to a town closer to where she lives and surprise her for lunch.  I know that on Fridays she travels to WF which is a larger town near where she lives to pick up her payroll checks for her and her employees.   Sooo, my planning began… I contacted my mom and told her to ask to ride with my sister, so she could keep me posted on where my sister was and to make sure she didn’t eat before I got to surprise her.  My sister’s oldest 2 kids are with their father this whole month so she was not planning on getting to see them.  I called her oldest who is 16 and able to drive and planned for him to take his sister and drive up to meet us in WF to have lunch too.   Well being that this town is about 2 hours from where I live, I got ready and headed out early.  I got to WF and went to get a card and wanted to pick up some balloons.  Who would have thought I would run into such a problem getting balloons.  Turns out there is a helium shortage… ummm ok.  So a lady at one store volunteered to call around for me, what a nice thing to do.  She found me a party store that had some so I headed there. 3 of my first choices in balloons were sold out… FIGURES !!!  So I settled on a few other choices which turned out really cute.  In the meantime I have been texted my mom to keep up where they were and what was going on.  My nephew left town a little late so I was telling my mom to stall and she is so clueless she asked me how to stall… I was fretting at this point, I just knew this was going to get screwed up… but I get the call from my nephew that they see the restaurant sign and are near the parking lot…whew !!

I then call my sister, make small talk asking what she is up to.  She says I’ve been sitting at this gas station for about 15 mins, she said mom wanted to get gas but now she says we can’t get gas here cause it’s to high.  I laughed inside knowing mom was just trying to stall.  Then she asked what I was up to, I said I was about to go to lunch.  She then said they were about to find a place to eat too.  I said well why don’t you have lunch with me?  My sister said how, I said I’m in town, come have lunch with me.  She freaked out and said I was lying.  Then she said What town? I said WF, come have lunch with me.  She couldn’t believe it.  Well I told her where I was at and told her to meet me there.  I then took her kids in and got a table.  She was surprised when she came in and they asked her if she was there with the party of 8 and she was confused and said no, just 1.  It was so cute to see her face when she saw her kids and figured out what I had done.  It was a good surprise and she really enjoyed it.  We laughed and carried on and ate some yummy lunch.  I then took her to do a little shopping and got her a new purse and belt and then we had to part.  I had to be back to town before 6… so it was a busy little Friday considering I was not at work.

I have to share with you the texts from my mom and I, they were too funny…

ME – Have you left?
MOM – Yes we are near Electra
ME – You might need to stall her some, Bai hasn’t left town yet. Let me know when you get to WF.
MOM – We will pick up the checks first
ME – Then have her go cash her check. Keep me posted when you get to town
MOM – We are at the bank
MOM – How
ME – Do you need to run any errands?  Tell her you need to go to the store to buy panties. Then browse and stall. 
MOM – Can’t do that, Joe(my sister’s hubby) is with us.
MOM – Have to go to SAM’s
ME – Are you going to go to SAM’s
MOM – She won’t run errands until after we eat
MOM – Where is Bai? 
ME – Almost here.  We need about 15 min
MOM – Well you need to call her and get her distracted
ME – Ok, how far away are you from the restaurant?
MOM – Are you going to call her, we are still at the bank?
ME – Bai is just getting to WF
MOM – Can we go to the restaurant soon?
ME – Tell her you need to pee, so go somewhere and pee.  Pee for like 10 mins. Pee like your life depended on it. 
MOM – I will have her stop for gas. 
ME – Ok, good.  You go pee there.  Damn, now I gotta pee.

Mom stalled her just long enough for me to make it happen and I am so glad it turned out so well.  The rest of the weekend was busy with the PT Job.  Demo was busy.  Saturday I did a demo on Chicken Salad and Brown Rice Crackers.  The crackers were awesome. Yesterday my demo was Haggen Daaz Ice Cream bars… OMG was it busy.  You would have thought they just invented ice cream, those people that come into Costco to graze, were loving the samples for sure !!



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