My 2 cents on the recent tragedy in Aurora, Co.

I first want to say my heart breaks for all the innocent victims and their families. Prayers go out to those injured in anyway due to this horrific event.  I can’t imagine the way those people must be feeling. I am a movie buff and going to watch a new film on the big screen is one of my favorite things to do. Just to think how excited I get for the whole “movie-going” experience.  I love getting to the theater early enough to get some snack goodies, butter my popcorn, find a good seat just in time to catch all the previous of up-and-coming movies I am sure to want to see. Believe me, you can ask Chris, I’m pissy if I miss my previews.  Anyway… I can’t imagine the fear and utter horror of a stranger barging into my movie and opening fire on me and my fellow movie-goers.  I have been to packed movies where you have to step over people carefully to get to your seat. I can’t imagine the major chaos it must of been with a packed theater all at once running for the exits. It’s hard enough getting around in the dark when people are taking their time.

Someone said it right in one of the news articles, that stated the suspect planned this out well. I believe he maximized his efforts.  He chose a place which is not known for high security, a place with few exit routes, a night/event that was packed with people, an enclosed space where people are tightly packed in a somewhat confining space, he entered in one of the few exits, the location was dark and he made it even harder to maneuver with smoke bombs thrown around.

I can’t imagine how trapped those people must of felt. How panic stricken they were. How hard it was to move quickly without being shot themselves, having to step on or over fallen bodies/victims.

Again, my heart goes out to these people, their families and loved ones.

I do have a few bones to pick…

1. I want to know how this gunman was able to enter through one of the exit doors from the outside.  I thought those doors were suppose to be locked. Does that mean there was a possible accomplice?

2. Who in their right minds thinks it’s appropriate to take your 3 month old baby to a movie theater? A midnight movie?  A packed, first showing of a major film?  I personally do not feel that babies should be allowed into theaters unless it’s family night or a special theater that’s catering to families or small children.  No offense, but I do not pay nearly $10 a ticket, plus concessions to have my movie interrupted by noisy people, chatty-kathys, or crying babies.  The parents of this 3 month old that got injured should be ashamed of themselves.  I am very happy that the baby after being injured is doing fine now.

3. I hate that the actions of 1 idiot can ruin it for the rest of us. I have seen so many things today in the news as far as movies being cancelled in some locations, movie companies pulling movie trailers, and uproars about gun control.  It’s unfortunate that some people have issues, serious deep down issues, but I do not think that is the norm.  I do not think that things should change due to one idiots behavior. In someway that idiot won. They got more recognition, they caused a disruption not only in their victims lives, but in other’s lives across the country.  I don’t know if it’s the best idea to cancel movies, to not show the new “Batman” film. Why should this movie, it’s ratings and earning suffer due to this tragedy? I don’t think stronger gun control is the cure either.  This man obtained his weapons legally over the last couple of months.

I need to cut this short, I’m getting more frustrated the more I think and write about this.  Again, these are just my 2 cents, not worth much, but was post worthy I suppose.

Thanks as always for stopping by. I would like to know your thoughts on this or any other matters you might be willing to share.

Give hugs and kisses and say I love you often !!!


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