Movie Reviews and more to do

Well I managed to catch up on a few movies I had been wanting to see.

TRANSIT The camping trip was meant to reunite the Sidwell family. When they are hunted and terrorized by violent bank robbers, their very survival will depend on working together. 

I’m not sure this movie got much attention, I didn’t really remember it, but I thought I would check it out and I was pleasantly entertained. There was great suspension, action, and a struggling family working on keeping it together.

LOCKOUT – A man wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage against the U.S. is offered his freedom if he can rescue the president’s daughter from an outer space prison taken over by violent inmates. 

This movie looked sorta interesting… however, I was a little disappointed in the whole story line.  This movie was set in the future, 2079 and some of the most violent criminals were sent to a prison in space where they were put into individual pods and “frozen”. My big confusion here is what was the reason for freezing these criminals? Where they going to become reformed during their long, restful sleep?  Born again Christians? Why not just kill them? or is that to inhumane?  Turns out this “freezing” process screwed them up in all kinds of ways. More aggressive, dementia, and who knows what else.  So, although there were some great one liners from the main character, Guy Pearce, this movie sorta BLEW IT !

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES  – Eight years on, a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham’s finest, and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy. 

I sometimes worry about sequels, trilogies, etc. because so often they do not live up to the first, or second even. It’s really frustrating to find out you spent your hard earned moolah to endure 2 hours of mind-numbing film.  With that being said… “The Dark Knight Rises” does not disappoint.  I love seeing characters from the previous films being played by the same actors and picking up where things left off.  I enjoyed the action, the new toys, seeing old characters and meeting new characters as well.  I enjoyed Anne Hathaway’s mischievous character for sure.  Christian Bale was great, which I had no doubts about.  I think I admire him even more after seeing him take time out of promoting his new movie and going to Aurora to visit and pay respects to those affected by the recent tragedy.  Kudos to you Mr. Bale and your wife for being “real” compassionate people.

SAVAGES  Entrepreneurs Ben, a peaceful and charitable marijuana producer, and friend Chon, a former Navy SEAL, run a lucrative, homegrown industry – raising some of the best weed ever developed. They also share a one-of-a-kind love with Ophelia. Life is idyllic in their Southern California town… until the Mexican Baja Cartel decides to move in and demands that the trio partners with them. When the merciless head of the BC, Elena and her enforcer, Lado, underestimate the unbreakable bond of the three friends, Ben and Chon – with the reluctant assistance of a dirty DEA agent – wage a seemingly unwinnable war against the cartel. And so begins a series of increasingly vicious ploys and maneuvers in a high stakes, savage battle of wills. Written by Universal

Honestly, I didn’t have much to go on with this movie, I had to waste some time while Chris was in school so I decided to go to a movie. I try not to pick movies that he is interested in so we can see those together.  This one I hadn’t seen much about it so I watched the trailer really quick on my phone, it was sorta a blur… didn’t really give me much to go on (guess that’s what it’s like after you smoke some of that green stuff) Anyway… it was showing so I went… It was pretty good actually.  I learned more about the ins and outs of the pot business, something I couldn’t care less about, but I’m sure it interests many…  The characters were great.  I love some of the great actors involved in this film like John Travolta, and  Salma Hayek.  Now the relationship between the 3 main characters really had my attention.  These 2 really hot guys who happened to be best friends shared their girl, “O”.  What a fantasy… to have the best parts of 2 totally different men to give you the combination of one hell of a man… hmmm (just a fantasy, but a damn nice one) And from the looks of it, there were some GREAT qualities to both of these hot guys.  Sorry, Chris, but you don’t read my blog anyway so it’s safe to say.  HEE HEE.  Anyway, some great action, some serious torture and kill scenes, made me squirm a bit.  Hard to imagine how hard core some people and locations are.  So overall, it was a good movie.

I think I have mentioned before… I love getting to see the previews before the movies.  With DVR, I rarely see commercials and that means I miss out on some of the movie trailers on TV too.  So anyway, there are some up-and-coming movies that I am anxious to see… some of which are:

The Bourne Legacy





The Expendables 2





The Odd Life of Timothy Green


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