On the hunt

Well I’m not on the hunt but my sweety, Chris is.  He is in his final year of school and is looking for a new job.  He is pretty fed up with his current job/position.  He has been at this job for a little over a year and has had to put up with so much that he has reached his limit.  The management is a joke, the rules are never followed, always broken and noone breaking the rules is ever punished for those violations.  Chris is currently the asst manager of the highest grossing car was/lube center in the area.  People with lots of money and fancy, ridiculiously expensive cars go there. I do too, but only cause I get the employee discount 🙂 

When he first started there he realized that many of he workers there either didn’t speak English very well, or were felons, or drug users/abusers.  He could smell the stuff being done on property and after hours all the time.  He finally told the boss that if that was going to continue going on that he was going to have to leave.  People would smoke on their breaks, go down in the pit of the shop and smoke and drink after hours and he was fed up.  The boss then wrote up a new employees manual which everyone had to sign a no drug policy.  Chris was then known as the narc or tattle tell.  I told him I didn’t care what they said and he shouldn’t either, because he deserved good working conditions at his job. Chris then got selected for the asst manager position, which he wasn’t even asked if he wanted.  You would think you would be excited for a promotion, but it really wasn’t.  The previous asst mgr got paid reg and also commissions on top of it.  Well Chris got a slight raise but doesn’t get the commissions side of it.  Before becoming the asst mgr he was able to work more on the cars and get commissions on all his sales he made.  Well as the asst mgr, or the glorified baby-sitter, he is busy watching over the kids, keepng them in line, keeping them working an fixing their screw ups. So that has hurt his pay actually. He’s given all this extra work and duties but no benefit for them, no incentive. What a joke.  I think the final straw was a couple of weeks ago, Chris was out sick, he had visited the ER 3 times in 2 days and was told not to go back to work for a couple of days. His boss had called him and asked if he wanted him to mark those days as vacation so that he still got a paycheck. (He doesn’t get sick days or paid when he’s not at work.) Chris told his boss that he needed to talk to me first and then he would call him back.  His boss snapped at him and told him, “I need an answer now, I’m filling out timesheets now and I don’t have time to wait.”  Then Chris let him have it.  He told him that there is a 2 person family here and that he (Chris) does not make those types of decissions without talking to me first. He told him he didn’t appreciate him (bad boss) talking to him in that matter and he was not going to speak further with him that day.  The boss changed his tune and said he wasn’t trying to be rude, and Chris wasn’t having it.  He said he was done with the conversation and was hanging up.

I AM SO PROUD OF HIM !! I have trained him well.  He knows momma is the boss 🙂  I swear this man has turned me into a control freak. I love and hate it all in the same moment.

Anyway, Chris works really hard and is out in the sun and heat here in this DFW weather and it is just not a good situation.  So he is on the hunt.  He is looking for jobs in his field of study and was excited to find a ad for a paid internship in web design, right up his alley. He was so worried about what to wear and how to dress to impress. It was cute.  I took him shopping last night for a few new shirts.  His gut has gotten a little larger and the dress shirts he had he was not happy with.  I of course picked out the ones I liked. CONTROL FREAK

He was cute today, he was texting me and telling me that he interviewed and then was meeting the CEO and the web master and they liked him and he said he was glad he had the interview even if he didn’t get the job.  I told him it was good practice to have those types of interviews.  I am praying he gets it.  It would be a great way to get his foot in the door.  It’s close to home and will get him out of the Tx sun and into a job that makes him think, that challenges him and excites him.

I am so proud of how far he has come in the last year. I have to not just pat him on the back but give myself a little pat for sticking in there and giving him another chance to prove to me he could change his not so good ways.  He has come full-circle.

I haven’t job hunted in over 12 years.  I mean I sorta have a little bit for part time job here or there, but I have had the same day job for almost 13 years now.  This job sorta fell into my lap and I was lucky to get it when I did. I am thankful, but would freak out if I had to really job hunt again. Lord, thank you for all of my blessings.  I have a part time job now that I will have been at a year next month.  I can’t believe that. For a year now I have worked 7 days a week except for a couple days off here or there, or when I was in the hospital and at home after surgery.  I’m pretty proud of myself. Working 7 days a week is tough. There’s not alot of down time. Which in some cases is good, but at times you just need to kick your feet up and relax, take a vacation, clear the mind.

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble… so I will close in asking for those reading to cross your fingers for Chris, he definitely deserves this opportunity !!

Happy Hump Day.


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