My heart is heavy

I have a very dear friend that I went to school with in grade school and we reconnected a couple of years ago, thanks to Facebook. (Shout Out)

Let’s call my dear friend, Sass-a-frass.  I love this girl.  She is such an awesome woman.  She has the best sense of humor and she can make you pee from laughter just listening to her tell a story.  She’s so animated and so witty and she could easily be a comedian if she decided on a career change.  She’s a amazing wife and a mother and a type of woman that if she’s your friend, she’s your friend for life.  She’s sassy, and sexy, we already talked about how funny she is, she’s loyal, she’s caring, she’s strong and so much more.  She has the sweetest kiddos.  Her handsome young man that is wiser than his years.  He’s such a gentleman and just a pleasure to talk to.  She was a single mom with him for the most part and didn’t treat him like a baby and he is so bright because of it all.  She has a 1 yr old beautiful baby girl that will melt anyones heart.  She’s so foo foo and girlie, and I know she’s gonna grow up to be fiesty like her momma.  

Well I got some great news from Sass-a-Frass (SAF) last week, first we were nervous and she said she was late, her little one just turned one and SAF and her hubby were already busy with plans for finding a house and moving to a better location and all that goes along with that, so it wasn’t something that was timely.  I told her I would pray for the Period Fairy to visit her and soon…. well the next day I get a picture from SAF and it’s a pee stick with 2 blue lines… IT”S A BOY she says.  I was like WHAT? how do you know that.  She just had a feeling, she dreamed about a boy.  Well the excitement exploded.  SAF and her hubby tried for baby for 1o years with no luck and then the  little munchkin came along last year.  She is a delight and a blessing and this new baby (boy or girl) was going to be just as much a blessing.  Her husband was excited and so was I… I was already thinking of plans for a baby shower.  I did the last one for her so I have to out do that !! Plus I love shopping for babies and SAF is a cute preggo.  She a rail with a bump, she doesn’t know how to get fat.  One of the biggest excitements was she was gonna have some big boobs again being preggo.  You know it’s the little things that excite us at times.  So I was tickeled for SAF – for her soon to be big boobs and baby bump.

Yesterday I get a text from SAF and she lets me know that they found a house and they were going to be moving in at the end of the month. OH JOY, I was so excited for them.  I know how much more I love my house vs. the apt lifestyle.  She’s going to have rooms for each of the munchkins and a fenced in back yard and she was going to be closer to her sister too, I think that’s a good thing, but not 100% on that one 😛  Things just seemed to be falling into place and I was happy for her and her wonderful little family.

This morning I get a text that SAF has been in the ER all morning and she has lost the baby.  I was in a meeting and gasped when I read the text.  I did all I could to not tear up in front of all my co-workers and bosses.  It broke my heart for her, her hubby and baby’s big brother and sister.  If anyone deserves babies is this woman. SAF is such an awesome mom and any kid would be lucky to have her as their mom.  I’m at my desk and it’s pretty deserted right now in the office so I don’t mind the tears now.  My heart goes out to her.  I hope she finds peace with this and continues to have more babies in the future.  I need babies to spoil and it’s more fun to spoil others kids, so I’m leaving the child bearing up to her.

I love you Sass-A-Frass and I am thankful for your friendship and sharing your sweet family and life with me.  I will see you soon.  I am always a hop, skip and a jump away… and I can cut one of those out if you need me sooner.



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