What I learned at Girls Night Out

Just the idea of a Girls Night Out might get some of us in hot water 🙂  It’s been awhile, a long, to long of a while since I got together with these friends.  I couldn’t remember how long it had been since I actually had a cocktail till Sass-a-Frass reminded me about a couple this past summer at her pool side.  So I definitely felt a drink or two were due !  So SAF and another old school chum of ours (lets call her…Jo) met up at a restaurant near SAF’s house.  I had a little bit of time to chat it up with SAF before Jo arrived.  Some things you just can’t discuss in the presence of Jo.  Anyway, we ordered a few drinks, mine being a black raspberry margarita… DELISH !! The big one 🙂  Remember, I’m deserving.  The girls were having the big beers.  I just can’t do beer. Anyway, we dive right in to catching up.  I get to talk to SAF anytime via email and we are always keeping up with each other and what’s going on, but this was the time to let loose and tell some of our more “fun” stories.  We also got to find out what was new in Jo’s world.  She lives back in our hometown about 2.5 hours from where SAF and I live now.  It’s a small town and everybody seems to know everybody.  So I bet your wondering what it is I learned… a lot.  Here are some of the highlights…

  • Black Raspberry Margaritas are DELISH !!!
  • My friend Sass-A-Frass has an amazing spirit to go with her amazing personality.
  • Jo is not too concerned with her 14 yr old daughter now having sex with her 18 yr old boyfriend who she has only been with a month.
  • There is no birth control for your mouth.
  • Big buffalo heads are fun to take pictures with, even if you have to stand up on things to get close to them and have waiters move the lights out of the way to get a good picture.
  • Sass-A-Frass is secretly wants to be a singer for a mariachi band.  She practiced in the restaurant.
  • We seemed to be great entertainment for anyone within ear shot and SAF’s voice carries.
  • We are so loved that the wait staff begged for us to come back every Thursday  night.
  • We had so much fun we forgot to eat.  We drank our calories.
  • Girls talk about farts when guys aren’t around.
  • We have to plan a trip to New Mexico for new tattoos.
  • All girls have slutty tendencies.

All in all we had a great time. We laughed until I cried. We entertained everyone, have videos and pictures to look back on, and all made it home safely.

Happy Friday All ~ enjoy your weekend !!~


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