WOW, thank you Amy for sharing with the rest of us. I am so in awhh with this anchorwoman. She has amazing composure and speaks the truth. We as adults need to set a better example for our youth and for other adults that don’t know better.
Thanks for sharing !!!

Living Too Large

I saw this video on YouTube and was so proud of the way this woman maintained her poise and demeanor. She was condemned for her looks. She is obviously a good reporter. But one man didn’t find her attractive according to his rules and possibly the rest of society’s.

I think this woman is smart, beautiful, graceful and articulate. I don’t think you have to be a size two in order to be beautiful, although I don’t think that a size two is ugly. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Just because someone has an opinion about someone’s weight does not give them the right to be so judgmental or cruel. I do wonder if the man who wrote that email to her was brave enough to sign his full and real name to that email. If he didn’t, I think he is a coward. If you have the…

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