TMI plus a little more

So I am fully aware that I have been neglecting my blog as of late and I spank my own hand for that.  I could probably use a good spanking anyway.

I last left off with info on my ex-hubby getting in contact with me and yadda yadda.  Well we have emailed back a forth a couple of times. Nothing big really. Just hellos, how are you doing kinda stuff.  He finally posted a new photo of himself on his facebook yesterday and although the grey has taken him over, he still looks pretty handsome. He definitely looks like the man I once fell in love with and married.  It was good to see his face even if online only.  Well, I haven’t been paying to much mind to his emails as of late and I don’t really see myself checking constantly to see if he’s written again or not.  So I am thinking the anticipation and excitement I was originally feeling was just new attention. It gave me a little bit of butterflies, but didn’t do much else for me.  So now that it’s faded, I have my mind straight.  I cut my hair last week and so last night I posted a new photo with my haircut.  Well what do you know this morning I rec’d a comment from the Ex-hub and all it said was WOW !!!!  Gotta admit it put a smile on my face to see that he still found me hot.  Not that I was worried about that or anything.  Still a good feeling.  Anyway on to other news…

I think I mentioned Chris and I getting a truck, it’s great to have 2 vehicles now and not have to be carpooling. I don’t mind the car pooling but sometimes it can be a major pain in the butt.  Now we don’t have to worry about that.  We bought the truck from my sister so we know where it’s been and what it’s been used for.  Chris had his mechanic look it over, we needed a couple of new wires, spark plugs and a license plate light… and that’s it.  It’s a gas guzzler, so I use it most often because my commute to work is less than 10 min for the most part, so that helps save on the gas.

This past weekend Chris and I got up early to go hit up some garage sales before I had to go to work. We had great luck and found some awesome pieces.  We bought to solid wood cabinets one that has a lock on it and I am so excited to do a Pinterest project on them.  I also picked up some material and some things for some other holiday crafts I am anxious to do.  So I’m excited to decide what exactly I want to do and get started on it.

Now to the TMI – I was talking with a friend who was waiting in the airport to catch a flight and he was telling me about the people watching and the conversations he overheard while sitting there.  There was one he told me about yesterday that I couldn’t help but share.  (I got the okay from him to share)  Here is the following conversation he over heard from a women sitting near him.

TV UPDATE :  I am so loving that Revenge, Sons of Anarchy, and Scandal are back on again. Can’t get enough of these shows.  I am also liking the new ones such as The Mob Doctor, Mindy Project, 666 Park Ave, Elementary, and Revolution.  I’m excited for the return of Walking Dead and American Horror Story.  Thank goodness for DVR, to help me keep up with some of my favorites.  What’s on your gotta see list?

When she first sat down by me she made a shopping list, the first 6 items.

Zip Lock Bags
KY 1 regular, 1 intense
Diet Coke

Then on the phone she was saying  that she had to pee so bad when she got to her hotel room. That she peed in the bathtub.  She was wear panty hose, and did have time to pull them down so she got in the bath tub, lifted up her skirt and just peed through her hose, then threw then away.  Lol

I will have more in a minute, she just took another call.

My response was as follows – –

OMG, that’s gross and how stupid is she to be repeating that out loud.  Hope she is not on your flight she might pee in the seat next to you.  You might suggest she hit up the restroom before boarding the plane.  That’s hilarious. 

I hope you guys got a laugh out of that too !!

Well here’s hoping you all have a Happy Hump Day !



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