Something Tasty

I was reading a fellow bloggers post today about her fav new craving and it was similar to my new favs too.

Today I had some yummy, HEALTHY morsels.
I am in love with the Food Should Taste Good brand of chips and crackers.  They are sooo delicious.  I am also not a huge hummus fan, but I found one that I actually crave from time to time.

The chips are all natural, gluten free, vegan, low sodium, kosher, cholesterol free, no MSG, no trans fat, good source of fiber, no artificial junk, lots of whole grains !!

The hummus is also gluten free, organic, cholesterol free, no trans fat, low sodium, great source of fiber and protein.

It’s so great when something healthy for you turns out to taste good too !!



Great for you

Yummy stuff inside

And it’s good for you !


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