What a week

I have been so neglecting my blog as of late.  I have gotten this craft bug as of late and been doing all sorts of crafts during the last week or so.  Work this past weekend was a pain in the ass.  I actually yelled at my boss on Saturday, but he deserved it.  If you haven’t read it before, on the weekends I have a part time job working for Costco doing food demonstrations.  I have done it for over a year now and I am getting burned out. I posted about a month ago about wanting to quit, actually trying to quit and being talked out of it by the boss.  Well now I have changed it up a bit where I am a breaker on Saturdays and I do a full demo on Sundays.  A breaker is someone that just comes in for a few hours to give other breakers their lunch and break times.  Well Saturday he stuck me with 5 people, which is quite a few.  I was scheduled for 4.5 hours.  Well each demo gets a 15 and 30 min break for their shift.  If a demo person doesn’t come back on time it pushes the rest of the breaks/lunches back.  I had one person that actually left the building and went home on her 30 min lunch, she was not back in 30 so I just shut her station down after waiting 5 extra minutes.  Then she did it again later for her 15… so I was pushed back some.  At my last break, I was serving some customers and the time had run over and my boss came out to where I was doing the demo and tapped his watch and snapped at me, what time is it, I told you to shut them down if they are late back, come on just shut this station down.  Well I was in the middle of cooking a pizza and was like what do I do with this pizza then, he said someone else can watch it, come on.  I was fuming at this point.  We get back to the office and I just laid into him.  I yelled and didn’t care that the door was open. I said you do not talk to me like that and you especially don’t do it in front of customers.  He said it’s not you, it’s me. He said he’s under pressure to keep the work hours under control.  I yelled those customers don’t know that. The way you just acted and talked to me, they think I did something wrong, that I am in trouble.  I just walked out.  I went to get my paper that ever signs when I do their breaks b/c he had rushed me so fast I forgot it.  I then took it back to him and told him to have the last girl initial it cause she hadn’t yet and I turned to leave.  He said come here, I said WHAT?  He then said SMILE, I said no, I’m mad at you.  He said he was sorry and apologized profusely. I said that he was wrong and unprofessional and should not speak like that in front of customers.  He kept saying sorry, and I just said whatever.  He said gimme a hug. I was like whatever and I walked out.  I didn’t even clock the extra minutes I was over… to me it wasn’t a big deal.  I guess I was yelling so loud that someone went to come into the office and stopped and said I will come back.  Well the word got around and yesterday when I went to work the boss was off and people were talking about what I did.  They were telling me that they were glad that I said something and that he shouldn’t talk to people that way and how rude he is and how he treats people is crap and no one ever stands up to him.  I told them I don’t need this job and I am doing him a favor by staying and I won’t let him or anyone else talk to me like that.  So, I felt good that my co-workers were glad I stood up to him… however, I don’t know if he just stuck it to me or what, but yesterday my demo for the day was Clorox 2… That’s what we call a “dry” demo.  It’s so boring.  People want samples of FOOD, they want to stuff their little fat faces and get as much free samples as possible so the food demos are the busiest.  My day was so boring yesterday.  I almost walked out.  I like the shift lead that works when the boss is gone and she wanted me to stay so I did it for her.  In the meantime I still sold about 40 bottles of Clorox which is a lot for a dry sample in one day.   SOOOO YEAH ME !!!

On to better news.  I started a new craft that I am wanting to make and it turned out so well that I thought I would take some orders for it.  I already have several orders and so now I’m excited to get to working on them when I get off today.  I made a crystal Christmas tree.  I have 2 sizes, the pic shown below is the 14 inch tree.  I painted it Tiffany blue and then added the white glass beads. The next one I do today is going to be somewhat different, so wish me luck that it turns out just as good or better.

It’s sitting on a paper plate because I painted it, I won’t display it on that. (JUST FYI)  Here are some pictures of some flowers I made this past week as well.











I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Happy Monday to you !!!



2 responses to “What a week

  1. Beautiful creations – and shots!
    And hey, don’t worry about the blog too much; I haven’t written on my “The Book of Terrible” site in weeks and it got 997 hits yesterday!

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