About Me

I am a 34 year old sometimes complex, other times simple woman.  I have a stir-crazy life that I have a love-hate relationship with.  I am attached to a wonderful man that makes me smile and pull my hair out equally.  I have 3 furr-kids and 1 vocal bird that I adore and spoil as much as possible. I desire knowledge, respect, and self improvement but lack the motivation at times to do any of the above.

I love movies, games, puzzles, sporting events, getting together with friends and family.  I am sarcastic and witty and love to banter. I am very family oriented.  I’m hard headed, stubborn and impossible at times.  I have an amazing boyfriend that accepts my stubborness and loves me inspite of it.  I am an animal lover and if it wasn’t for hoarding laws, I would have an open door to all animals I came across.  I’m an overachiever at times, but love being lazy as well.  I try not to do to much of the latter.  I like to paint, cook, go on road trips, and visit new places.  I’m a hard worker and have a very strong work ethic.  I have so many pet peeves it’s crazy.  I hate stupid drivers, hate those that have no work ethic and do as little as possible to collect a check. I hate nosey people that think they have a right to emerse themselves into your business.  I hate selfishness and inconsiderate people. I hate people that think they are intitled… to what, no clue.  I love to laugh and make others laugh. I am a prankster and love to suprise people. 

I am a good girl (never been to jail — KNOCKING ON WOOD), grew up in a small Tx town.  My grandfather was a captain on the police force and a preacher as well… YEP… double whammy !   I am a little rebellious at times by being vocal and speaking my mind.  I don’t sugar coat things often.  I am blunt and to the point.  I have multiple tattoos (8) and at one point had 10 piercings.  I am down to 8 now.   They are both so addicting.  I think I like the rush, or maybe just the rush of what people will say once I do something of that sort… it’s usually not expected of me, so there again I like to suprise people.

I think that gives you a little about me, if you want more details, I’m not bashful, or shy by any means, so go ahead and ask.  I just might suprise you.


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