The Good, the Bad, and the Rest

OMG !! There is so much to tell you.

So lets start with the Bad Stuff…

**I have been so busy lately I haven’t made the time to blog. So sorry for that.  But now’s my chance to catch up (mustard).
**I haven’t made a whole lot of time for much other than work.
**My good friend Sass-a-Frass lost her father-in-law and my heart goes out to her and her family. It’s never easy to lose a loved one and I know it’s been hard on her husband watching his father battle his illness.
**Just at my regular job, not counting my pt job, I worked 98.75 hrs over the last two weeks.
**I haven’t gotten all my shopping done for my swap partner. I have to get on the ball with this, gotta have it wrapped and mailed by Saturday.
**I didn’t go into work at my pt job and I didn’t call in or answer the phone when my boss called me or return his phone calls when he left a message.  This is not like me at all.  I just really don’t know what to say to him. I have mixed feelings about quitting and was kinda hopping he would just fire me, but then again I have never been fired from a job either.  He hasn’t fired me either.  He still calls and asks if I’m coming back or not.  I would have already fired my ass.

Now on to some Good stuff…

**I have been working on my mini-trees and have come up with some creative ideas and have only gotten better with each tree.
**I took off the weekend to spend some time with my sweetie, to sleep in and to get my hair done.
**I died my hair darker for the fall/winter season and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it !!!!
**I worked 98.75 hours in 2 weeks which means 18.75 hrs of overtime – OMG can’t wait until tomorrow for pay day !!!
**My sister, bro-in-law and mom came through town on Friday and I got to have lunch with them, it was great to visit, but it went by way to fast.
**My mom is spending the week with us and I took off Tues and Wed for a road trip with mom to Oklahoma.
**Today I have some down-time to catch-up (mustard) on my blogging and emails.
**The weather here in OK is gorgeous today. I took a couple of pictures of the beautiful scenery around us.  I love the trees and the fall colors all around.
**I am loving the time with my mom chatting and laughing and giving her a hard time.
**I got assigned my 12 Days of Christmas Swop partner and found out who my “Santa” was as well.  My “Santa” will be Cheryl and I will be “Santa” for Janet.
**I am super excited to shop for Janet and trying to come up with some creative gift ideas.  I want to find things that she may not be able to get in Austrailia or Zurich.
**I am SUPER ELATED OVER THE MOON EXCITED that when seeing my dr today I found out that I have lost another 3 lbs since 11/04. Yeah in 10 days I have lost 3 lbs… WHOOP WHOOP !!! I was so excited that when the nurse called me back and started to take my blood pressure I told her it might come up high and she asked why, I told her I was excited to see I had just lost another 3 lbs.  YEP it was up 175/85.  Well when the dr came in she said it was high and I told her what I had told the nurse. She said she would check again before I left.  Stay tuned for the REST of the story…
**I was pleased to find out that my A1C dropped from 8.3 down to 7.2 WHOOO HOOO !!! I need to now get it 2 point more lower and then I will be in the good 🙂
**I met with the director at the YMCA and I will be set up with my trainer this week and start my water aerobics classes… EXCITED !!! I hope this trainer doesn’t kill me.

Now the REST of the story…

**So for my Christmas swop we are just suppose to open one present a day and then blog about the process in some way.  I of course like to do things a little differnet and be original so I think I might take pictures of the item before I wrap it…. but up close, really close, like where you can’t make out what it is, but gives a clue maybe and then ask Janet to look at the pics before opening the items and see if she can guess any of the presents.  See if she can blog about her guesses and then she can open them daily and see if she gets any right.  I just think that might add some fun and mystery and excitement to it.
**My dr was really pleased with all the changes I have made with my diet and how I am trying to better things and move forward. She also took my bp again before I left and it was 110/74… she laughed and said I guess you really were excited 🙂  YEPPERS 🙂

Well that’s really all I have time for today, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  Happy Hump Day. Blessings to all.

That’s All Folks !!


Where’s the time go?

Where the heck did October go? 2012 is almost over.  Where does the time go?  This past weekend we made a quick trip back home to see my family and watch my youngest nephew play in his last soccer game of the season.  I miss the days when I got to go and watch the kids in their sporting events.  Working 2 jobs just does not allow me that luxury anymore.  I took Saturday off from the pt job and we headed out Friday night after work.  I made sure my sister didn’t say anything to Frankie cause I wanted him to be surprised.  I love how excited he gets when I come home to visit. He is such an awesome kid.  Well we made it to town just after 9pm and I told my sister we needed to grab some dinner b/c we didn’t stop to eat on the way, so we decided to all meet up at Taco Casa. I love their nachos !! So we got there before my sister arrived and she and I were texting each other back and forth the whole way to the place.  The texts were sooo funny.  Here are some of the texts… (I can be a dork when I get excited and I was definitely excited) We cut it close because we had to go by my mom’s to drop off my dogs so they were not in the car while we ate.  My sister had picked my mom up some food and was in route to her house… So we dropped off the dogs and left asap.

SISTER: Getting moms food now and going to take it to her. 
ME: We have to drop the dogs off there. We are dropping them off now then leaving for TC.
ME: Leaving for TC now.
SISTER: I’m heading to moms
ME: We left there, don’t let Frankie go in cause he will see our dogs.  Be sure to park far enough back in the driveway that he can’t see into the house.
SISTER:I’ll meet you at TC in a minute. 
ME: Hurry I am hungry
SISTER: I’m trying. 
ME: Tell me when you do the drop off at mom’s.  This Chicken has flown the coop. 
ME: The blue bird is near it’s destination (my car is blue)
SISTER: I just did the drop off, now turning onto highway.
ME: The blue bird has landed and is waiting for you at the TC. 
ME: The blue bird will land on the other side of beaner joint so he doesn’t see us.
ME: We have landed.
ME: We are waiting on the silver bullet with the little Indian boy to arrive (my sister’s van is silver and we are native american)
SISTER: I’m in the red wagon. Just passed the truck stop. (she had my moms vehicle)
ME: OHHH blue bird is waiting on Red Robin.
SISTER: @ the Walmart stop sign.
ME: Red Robin has a broken wing, it’s moving slow.
SISTER: @ 4 way stop.
ME: I’m about to fry up that bird and eat it. 
SISTER: Pullin in.

So we waited for them to enter the building and then we went around and entered behind them. We stood there for a good minute before Frankie finally turned around and saw me and the look on his little face was priceless.  I love that face !!  He was so excited and I was so happy to surprise him.  First thing he said was you can go to my game tomorrow… I said that’s the reason I am here.

The next morning we were up bright and early, bundled up (it’s COLD in Tx) and headed to the field.  They won their game 4-1 and ended up coming in 2nd place.  His team also won the sportsmanship award and his coach got coach of the year.  I was so proud.

I have to tell you, I laughed so hard during his game, I literally had tears.  After half time, Frankie was running out onto the field in his green shirt and socks.  His dad who is usually really quiet and reserved and also embarrasses easily yelled out – GO GREEN GO !!!  I heard (GO GRINGO) I turned to him and said who the heck are you calling a GRINGO ??  He said what? I said, you said GO GREEN GO (GO GRINGO) and we all busted out laughing.  It was so funny.  Then I said the funny thing is, a mexican is calling another mexican a GRINGO.  I could not stop laughing.  Just as I had regained my composure and dried my eyes, another parent down the way yells GO GREEN GO (GO GRINGO) and I lost it all over again.  The little things that amuse me… sooo funny.  We then did some grilling and had a cake for my mom’s birthday since I won’t be able to be there on the 7th when her real day comes around.  She was surprised as well cause she had no idea.  The time went way to fast and we were back on the road to home to get ready for work on Sunday.

I hope you all had a great weekend and found something to make you smile.  My sister’s kids (my babies) definitely make me smile.

Happy Monday All !!


TMI plus a little more

So I am fully aware that I have been neglecting my blog as of late and I spank my own hand for that.  I could probably use a good spanking anyway.

I last left off with info on my ex-hubby getting in contact with me and yadda yadda.  Well we have emailed back a forth a couple of times. Nothing big really. Just hellos, how are you doing kinda stuff.  He finally posted a new photo of himself on his facebook yesterday and although the grey has taken him over, he still looks pretty handsome. He definitely looks like the man I once fell in love with and married.  It was good to see his face even if online only.  Well, I haven’t been paying to much mind to his emails as of late and I don’t really see myself checking constantly to see if he’s written again or not.  So I am thinking the anticipation and excitement I was originally feeling was just new attention. It gave me a little bit of butterflies, but didn’t do much else for me.  So now that it’s faded, I have my mind straight.  I cut my hair last week and so last night I posted a new photo with my haircut.  Well what do you know this morning I rec’d a comment from the Ex-hub and all it said was WOW !!!!  Gotta admit it put a smile on my face to see that he still found me hot.  Not that I was worried about that or anything.  Still a good feeling.  Anyway on to other news…

I think I mentioned Chris and I getting a truck, it’s great to have 2 vehicles now and not have to be carpooling. I don’t mind the car pooling but sometimes it can be a major pain in the butt.  Now we don’t have to worry about that.  We bought the truck from my sister so we know where it’s been and what it’s been used for.  Chris had his mechanic look it over, we needed a couple of new wires, spark plugs and a license plate light… and that’s it.  It’s a gas guzzler, so I use it most often because my commute to work is less than 10 min for the most part, so that helps save on the gas.

This past weekend Chris and I got up early to go hit up some garage sales before I had to go to work. We had great luck and found some awesome pieces.  We bought to solid wood cabinets one that has a lock on it and I am so excited to do a Pinterest project on them.  I also picked up some material and some things for some other holiday crafts I am anxious to do.  So I’m excited to decide what exactly I want to do and get started on it.

Now to the TMI – I was talking with a friend who was waiting in the airport to catch a flight and he was telling me about the people watching and the conversations he overheard while sitting there.  There was one he told me about yesterday that I couldn’t help but share.  (I got the okay from him to share)  Here is the following conversation he over heard from a women sitting near him.

TV UPDATE :  I am so loving that Revenge, Sons of Anarchy, and Scandal are back on again. Can’t get enough of these shows.  I am also liking the new ones such as The Mob Doctor, Mindy Project, 666 Park Ave, Elementary, and Revolution.  I’m excited for the return of Walking Dead and American Horror Story.  Thank goodness for DVR, to help me keep up with some of my favorites.  What’s on your gotta see list?

When she first sat down by me she made a shopping list, the first 6 items.

Zip Lock Bags
KY 1 regular, 1 intense
Diet Coke

Then on the phone she was saying  that she had to pee so bad when she got to her hotel room. That she peed in the bathtub.  She was wear panty hose, and did have time to pull them down so she got in the bath tub, lifted up her skirt and just peed through her hose, then threw then away.  Lol

I will have more in a minute, she just took another call.

My response was as follows – –

OMG, that’s gross and how stupid is she to be repeating that out loud.  Hope she is not on your flight she might pee in the seat next to you.  You might suggest she hit up the restroom before boarding the plane.  That’s hilarious. 

I hope you guys got a laugh out of that too !!

Well here’s hoping you all have a Happy Hump Day !


50 shades of WHAT??

A fellow lover of 50 Shades of Gray send me the following link earlier today and it has me totally cracking up, STILL.  It’s amazes me what some people will do or what lengths they will go to, in order to make some money.  The sad thing is, I think this is one I would be interested in.

The latest book to hit the shelves – “Fifty Shades of Chicken”

All signs indicate that “Fifty Shades of Chicken,” a new cookbook parodying erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” cookbook, is the real deal.


I can’t get over hilarious this is, probably because of the description on the book’s website.

If Fifty Shades of Grey left you hungry and lusting for more (more, more!), then sink your teeth into this naughty tale of a young, free-range, and very fresh chicken who, like Anastasia Steele, finds herself at the mercy of a dominating man; in this case, a kinky and very ravenous chef.These fifty chicken recipes, each more seductive than the last, will make every dinner a turn-on.


According to a description on its Amazon page, the book features recipes with names like “Dripping Thighs,” “Sticky Chicken Fingers,” “Vanilla Chicken,” “Chicken with a Lardon,” “Bacon-Bound Wings,” “Spatchcock Chicken,” “Learning-to-Truss-You Chicken,” “Holy Hell Wings” and “Mustard-Spanked Chicken.”

The book won’t be available until November 13, but the site is already taken pre-orders. The normal price is $19.99, but it’s available at a discount for $13.31.


Some of these chicken dishes sound quite tasty 🙂

See original post here.








What I learned at Girls Night Out

Just the idea of a Girls Night Out might get some of us in hot water 🙂  It’s been awhile, a long, to long of a while since I got together with these friends.  I couldn’t remember how long it had been since I actually had a cocktail till Sass-a-Frass reminded me about a couple this past summer at her pool side.  So I definitely felt a drink or two were due !  So SAF and another old school chum of ours (lets call her…Jo) met up at a restaurant near SAF’s house.  I had a little bit of time to chat it up with SAF before Jo arrived.  Some things you just can’t discuss in the presence of Jo.  Anyway, we ordered a few drinks, mine being a black raspberry margarita… DELISH !! The big one 🙂  Remember, I’m deserving.  The girls were having the big beers.  I just can’t do beer. Anyway, we dive right in to catching up.  I get to talk to SAF anytime via email and we are always keeping up with each other and what’s going on, but this was the time to let loose and tell some of our more “fun” stories.  We also got to find out what was new in Jo’s world.  She lives back in our hometown about 2.5 hours from where SAF and I live now.  It’s a small town and everybody seems to know everybody.  So I bet your wondering what it is I learned… a lot.  Here are some of the highlights…

  • Black Raspberry Margaritas are DELISH !!!
  • My friend Sass-A-Frass has an amazing spirit to go with her amazing personality.
  • Jo is not too concerned with her 14 yr old daughter now having sex with her 18 yr old boyfriend who she has only been with a month.
  • There is no birth control for your mouth.
  • Big buffalo heads are fun to take pictures with, even if you have to stand up on things to get close to them and have waiters move the lights out of the way to get a good picture.
  • Sass-A-Frass is secretly wants to be a singer for a mariachi band.  She practiced in the restaurant.
  • We seemed to be great entertainment for anyone within ear shot and SAF’s voice carries.
  • We are so loved that the wait staff begged for us to come back every Thursday  night.
  • We had so much fun we forgot to eat.  We drank our calories.
  • Girls talk about farts when guys aren’t around.
  • We have to plan a trip to New Mexico for new tattoos.
  • All girls have slutty tendencies.

All in all we had a great time. We laughed until I cried. We entertained everyone, have videos and pictures to look back on, and all made it home safely.

Happy Friday All ~ enjoy your weekend !!~

Trying something new

Well I gotta tell you about some new stuff going on…

First off, I wanted to share with you a recipe I found on Pinterest. Pinterest, is so addicting, there should be a 12 step program for it.



I have found a few ton of  awesome recipes and I am just starting to use them.  I came across a recipe for Bacon Cheeseburger Meatballs.   I am really trying to eat more healthy and try healthier alternatives, so what on earth was I thinking  when checking out this recipe?  Well, I have a few criteria when marking a recipe as a “to-do” recipe.

  1. Must sound somewhat appetizing.  (Not slaving in the kitchen for something my dogs would turn down, too)
  2. Must be simple, easy to make.  (I am not Julia Child or the next Iron Chef)
  3. Must not require a truck load of ingredients.  (I do not own a truck)
  4. Must not require off the wall ingredients.  I don’t mind buying something special to complete the recipe, but lets get real on some of these ingredients.  (I’m not traveling to another country to get an herb)

So this recipe after reviewing it, was definitely appetizing, simple, few ingredients and I had all of those ingredients or could get them easily at a nearby store.  Now, onto the healthy part… I know that’s the part your wondering too, what on earth is healthy about bacon?  Well, I decided to give it a shot and put a few twists on it to make it healthier.  (GO ME !!)  I substituted ground turkey for the beef and turkey bacon for the “good” bacon.  I also am not a fan of onions, but I do like the flavor they add, so I omitted the onion and used onion flakes instead.

Here is the link to the original recipe I found.  Great blog called Amy’s Cooking adventure.  She has some other yummy ideas too – check her out.

I love that Chris is willing to try healthier alternatives with me, he will eat almost anything anyway.  He’s not a fan of the “good” bacon, but he liked the turkey bacon, it was our first time to try it.  NOT BAD.

I made the meatballs in the oven for myself and Chris requested patties to put on a burger, so he got his wish too.  I left the meatballs in about 5 mins longer than the recipe called for because I like things a little more crispier… and they turned out well.

Mine turned out looking just like these.  Go figure.  I like when things turn out the way their suppose to.  So I recommend giving it a try, and enjoy this easy-to-do recipe.

On a side note – I gotta say that it actual pays off when I eat healthier and take my meds/insulin like I’m suppose to.  My blood sugars have come down and have maintained a steady number for the last week or so.   My dr wants me in the 80-140 range.

My 7 day average is 131
My 14 day average is 135

It was better before yesterday when I jumped up to a 200 because of a damn sugar cookie that took me hostage and made me eat it.  It was a delicious cookie, so all-in-all worth it.  Haven’t had any other sweets as of late, so I was deserving 🙂

I have a couple more recipes I am planning for, so I will keep you posted.

MOVING ON NOW –  I gotta get the word out on a fellow bloggers newly, released book.  If you like humor, if you like someone that tells it like it is, who isn’t afraid to call someone out on their moments of stupidity, then you should check out THE HOOK. He has a couple of great blogs that often have me laughing out loud and then trying to explain to those around me what was so funny.  Some people just don’t understand !!  His new book The Bellman Chronicles, is now available on Amazon.   I picked up my electronic copy, and you should grab you a copy too.  You will be glad you did.  Enjoy the adventure THE HOOK will take you on.

You can find THE HOOK at the following locations –

You’ve Been Hooked

The Book of Terrible

Don’t forget to grab, The Bellman Chronicles, on Amazon.  Tell THE HOOK, McQty sent you !!

Happy Hump Day everyone.


Big kids weekend

I say it was a big kids weekend because I got to have some fun with my sister and her husband without her kids around.  I love and adore her 3 kids, but it was a lot of fun hanging out this weekend without the kids.  It’s my boyfriend, Chris’s birthday this Wednesday and who really gets to celebrate their birthday on a weekday?  So my sister and her husband came to town Saturday to spend the weekend with us.  The guys ran a couple of errands while us girls went and got our hair done, I have been needing to get my highlights done for some time now… so I was glad I finally got that done. I also got a trim up to, shortened the back a little and it came out really cute.   We met up with the guys in time to grab some yummy morsels at the Texas Roadhouse, one of my fav places to eat.  Love their fried pickles… YUMM.  We then sent the guys home as we girls hit up a couple of stores for some new outfits.  I actually gave up on the trying on clothes because it was 104-105 and it was to damn hot to be trying on clothes in a closed in dressing room with no air circulating.  Have I mentioned before how irritated I get when I’m hot… VERY IRRITATED… so shopping ended quickly.  I’m not a big fan of shopping anyway.  I know it’s nuts for a woman to say that, but I’m a get in – get what you need/want – and get the heck out as soon as possible.  Not to say I don’t like to spend money… I just do it quickly 🙂

Anyway, we made it home in time to change and head north to the Casino.  Chris has been begging to go to the Casino for awhile now.  I am not a big gambler, unless it’s a sure win for me, so I don’t fancy the casino much.  So he was all giddy when he found out we were going to the casino to celebrate for his birthday.   We had a good time at the casino, it was one my sister and her hubby hadn’t been to and I had only been once before on New Years Eve with Chris.  It was fun, we had a good time.  I went up and down (money-wise) but mostly down.  Chris is always luckier, or just better at it than I am… so he won back some of what I lost.  It was fun, so that’s what matters.  We made it back about 3 am… not to bad.   Chris had taken off on Sunday so it was nice to sleep in for a change, we NEVER do that between our combined 3 jobs and his full time school schedule and my volunteer work, we don’t know what sleeping in is like anymore.  So it was a treat not to have to wake up to an alarm.  So Sunday we didn’t do too much until later in the afternoon when we got ready for the Ranger’s game.  Rangers vs. White Sox 6 pm game… I did my best to prepare for the heat… but there really is no preparing for Tx summer heat… OMG  Chris had got a couple of small fans and one that sprayed a mist, some neck cooler things, I froze some water bottles and packed those and we headed to the game.    Our seats were good, but of course they were in the sun and very little breeze.  I can only describe it as cutlets basting in their own juices under a broiler.  OMG, I swear I have never sweated so much, if so I don’t remember when.  Men and boys nearby were taking off their shirts… not always a good thing to look at.  Others had fans, sandwich bags of ice sitting on their shoulders, towels soaked with water on their heads and around their necks… it was awful.   The game was fun, you got used to the melting after awhile and just dealt with it.  It became somewhat humorous after awhile.  People were just disgusting around us… we over heard one lady talking to her kids who wanted to go get some ice cream, she said she was not going anywhere cause it looked like she had peed her pants.  She finally snapped and said go get it yourself.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  We were all decked out in our Ranger attire, I had my Kinsler shirt on, my Ranger flip flops and even had my pedicure done in ranger colors, ranger logo and baseball stitching on my toes… so cute.  I also had my new Ranger’s cap on.  Well the cap worked great in keeping the sun outta my eyes… however a couple of hours into the game my sister said, “WHAT’S ON YOUR HAT” her face put me into a fright.  I took it off and my brand new WHITE cap had this burnt orange ring around the whole cap.  My highlights had sweated off onto my cap.  I was shocked… then my sister looked at me again and said there’s a ring around your hair where the dye is gone.  I became panicked.  I said WHAT, are you serious.  Tell me your lying… she was laughing and snorting so hard she could hardly confess that she was lying.  She then of course had to share the “joke” with her husband.  DAMN BITCH !!! Scared the hell outta me.  She got a good laugh outta that one.  I did to later when I confirmed she was lying.  It really is funny, but it wasn’t at that moment.  So now I am hoping to get my hat cleaned… who knows if that dye will come out now.  ANYWAY… the Ranger’s pulled out a win, only the 3rd game we have won against the White Sox this season… I know they were just waiting for me to be there to pull out a win 🙂  It was a fun time.  Always great to have time with my sister, even when she is giving me a hard time or driving me nuts.  So we went to dinner after the game and I tell you, we laughed until my side hurt.  My sister is a nut and she makes me laugh at the stupid things she says and does.  I don’t know how her husband puts up with her, but then again I don’t know how Chris puts up with me either. GOD LOVE THESE MEN !!  So after dinner as we head home, my sister asks me if I have any pads (sorry if your a man reading this, but it’s to funny not to share).  I said no and so she proceeds to get upset that I am not providing for my company in the way a host should.  This is hilarious to me.  She has already commented to me before how she could not believe that I would have Chris go to the store and buy women products for me… I said he’s a real man and comfortable enough to do those things for me.  Her husband just laughs…  So Chris then volunteers to drop us off at home and go pick some up.  I tell him what kind when he leaves.  Well he didn’t take his cell and when he gets home he said he couldn’t remember what to get so he got 2 kinds.  The thin ones and the thick ones.  I laughed and told him I hate the “boat” ones.  Then my sister comes out and asks if they are in the bathroom and he said there we in the living room in the sack.  I yell from the back room to make her wear a “boat” she deserves it !!!   I know it’s stupid but you gotta love a family that can laugh over the dumbest stuff.

Well my sister’s husband had an appt with the dr in Dallas this morning, the dr that performed hist liver surgery a few months back.  Joe, my sister’s hubby hasn’t been doing so good.  He has kidney disease and his dr back home told him a couple of weeks ago that he needs to plan for disability because his kidneys are failing.  Well my sister calls me about 20 mins after they got to the dr and says they are admitting him right away.  They are concerned over a few things and are afraid he might have a brain aneurysm. I could hear the worry in her voice.  I sent Chris back to their home (3 hours away) to pick up her kids and bring them here.  I love that Chris loves my family so much and will drop anything for them as he does me.  That means so much to me.  So now we wait.  My sister said this is not the way she wanted to end her weekend getaway and I agree.

So if your reading this, I thank you for sharing in my life and ask that if you believe or not, whatever it is or whomever it is you believe in, could you say a little prayer, or have some positive thoughts sent our way, we could use all we can get.

Peace, love, happiness and lots of laughs to all of you out there !!