What a week

I have been so neglecting my blog as of late.  I have gotten this craft bug as of late and been doing all sorts of crafts during the last week or so.  Work this past weekend was a pain in the ass.  I actually yelled at my boss on Saturday, but he deserved it.  If you haven’t read it before, on the weekends I have a part time job working for Costco doing food demonstrations.  I have done it for over a year now and I am getting burned out. I posted about a month ago about wanting to quit, actually trying to quit and being talked out of it by the boss.  Well now I have changed it up a bit where I am a breaker on Saturdays and I do a full demo on Sundays.  A breaker is someone that just comes in for a few hours to give other breakers their lunch and break times.  Well Saturday he stuck me with 5 people, which is quite a few.  I was scheduled for 4.5 hours.  Well each demo gets a 15 and 30 min break for their shift.  If a demo person doesn’t come back on time it pushes the rest of the breaks/lunches back.  I had one person that actually left the building and went home on her 30 min lunch, she was not back in 30 so I just shut her station down after waiting 5 extra minutes.  Then she did it again later for her 15… so I was pushed back some.  At my last break, I was serving some customers and the time had run over and my boss came out to where I was doing the demo and tapped his watch and snapped at me, what time is it, I told you to shut them down if they are late back, come on just shut this station down.  Well I was in the middle of cooking a pizza and was like what do I do with this pizza then, he said someone else can watch it, come on.  I was fuming at this point.  We get back to the office and I just laid into him.  I yelled and didn’t care that the door was open. I said you do not talk to me like that and you especially don’t do it in front of customers.  He said it’s not you, it’s me. He said he’s under pressure to keep the work hours under control.  I yelled those customers don’t know that. The way you just acted and talked to me, they think I did something wrong, that I am in trouble.  I just walked out.  I went to get my paper that ever signs when I do their breaks b/c he had rushed me so fast I forgot it.  I then took it back to him and told him to have the last girl initial it cause she hadn’t yet and I turned to leave.  He said come here, I said WHAT?  He then said SMILE, I said no, I’m mad at you.  He said he was sorry and apologized profusely. I said that he was wrong and unprofessional and should not speak like that in front of customers.  He kept saying sorry, and I just said whatever.  He said gimme a hug. I was like whatever and I walked out.  I didn’t even clock the extra minutes I was over… to me it wasn’t a big deal.  I guess I was yelling so loud that someone went to come into the office and stopped and said I will come back.  Well the word got around and yesterday when I went to work the boss was off and people were talking about what I did.  They were telling me that they were glad that I said something and that he shouldn’t talk to people that way and how rude he is and how he treats people is crap and no one ever stands up to him.  I told them I don’t need this job and I am doing him a favor by staying and I won’t let him or anyone else talk to me like that.  So, I felt good that my co-workers were glad I stood up to him… however, I don’t know if he just stuck it to me or what, but yesterday my demo for the day was Clorox 2… That’s what we call a “dry” demo.  It’s so boring.  People want samples of FOOD, they want to stuff their little fat faces and get as much free samples as possible so the food demos are the busiest.  My day was so boring yesterday.  I almost walked out.  I like the shift lead that works when the boss is gone and she wanted me to stay so I did it for her.  In the meantime I still sold about 40 bottles of Clorox which is a lot for a dry sample in one day.   SOOOO YEAH ME !!!

On to better news.  I started a new craft that I am wanting to make and it turned out so well that I thought I would take some orders for it.  I already have several orders and so now I’m excited to get to working on them when I get off today.  I made a crystal Christmas tree.  I have 2 sizes, the pic shown below is the 14 inch tree.  I painted it Tiffany blue and then added the white glass beads. The next one I do today is going to be somewhat different, so wish me luck that it turns out just as good or better.

It’s sitting on a paper plate because I painted it, I won’t display it on that. (JUST FYI)  Here are some pictures of some flowers I made this past week as well.











I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Happy Monday to you !!!



The one I let go…

Yep, he’s not the one that GOT AWAY, he’s the one I let go.  I walked away from one of the best boyfriends I have ever had.  When I moved to the DFW area in Jan of 2000 I knew, NO ONE.  I think I had only been to this area only 2 times before and that was passing through.  I had to learn my way around, find a place to live, make new friends and FAST !  I met HT that first fall that I was here and he sorta swept me off my feet.   He was so smart and driven and just an all around great guy.  He had money to spend, but was frugal.  He was a suit and tie kinda guy but always looked like a college student.  I used to give him a hard time about him being a “professional student” because he had so much education and was still going to school.  When I met him he had 2 Masters and 2 Bachelors and was still going to school.  Since then he has gotten his Doctrine.   He’s not one you want to play trivia games with for sure.  We had similar interests and got along well.  I was so green back then, I had just moved from a small town that I had grown up in for most of my life that didn’t even have a Wal-Mart, so moving to the “big city” was like Alice walking through the looking glass (and just as crazy).  HT was a very giving person, well traveled and experienced in all areas of life.  He opened my eyes to so many things.  He spoiled me rotten, literally.  I think I would definitely consider myself spoiled at times and now I am accustomed to getting what I want and having things my way that it makes it difficult for other people in my life at times.  I can be such a brat !  Anyway, I experienced a lot of first with HT.  He took me on my first trip to Vegas (of course he paid for everything).  My first “real” trip/vacation was when he took me to LA/Vegas/San Diego. Our vacation was lasted about 9 days I think.  He spoiled me on this trip, in LA he took me to Universal Studios, Mann’s Chinese Theatre, Wax Museum, Rodeo Drive.  We drove to Vegas after 2 days in LA and stayed at the Luxor, he took me to some amazing shows.  He took me to see Penn & Teller with backstage passes to meet the two after the show.  Then after 4 days in Vegas we went to San Diego to a private resort area where clothing was optional.  For the record, I was so against going there and was literally terrified.  The closer we got it started raining and so no naked folks were out running around, thank goodness.  I think my mom got a kick out of when I called her from inside our cabin telling her I was hiding out inside while HT was walking around with just his flip flops on… OMG (I laugh so hard thinking about it now) It was really amazing at night though to go down to the pool when no one was there and swim naked. I loved that.  I didn’t like the view at the tennis courts the next day watching the old women and men playing tennis minus their clothes. I swear I was the youngest person there.  We left and went to the San Diego Zoo which was amazing. I loved all the animals and such.  This was an amazing vacation.  He took me to have my first bite of sushi and I fell in love with it.  He taught me to try so many new things that I never would have otherwise and just really opened my eyes to all sorts of things.  Unfortunately after a year and half and living with him, I knew he was not the “forever” one. I just didn’t feel that fire in my belly or lower regions that I thought I should for a man I want to spend forever with.  Hate to say it, but this is my place to be honest as I want to be and one of my biggest turn offs was that he was uncircumcised and it sorta grossed me out.  It was like playing hide and seek with a turtle.  Here I am, now I’m gone, here I am again.  It was more funny to me than it was a turn on and I just had a hard time kissing that turtle. (SORRY MOM, just being honest)  I loved HT, very much and he was so good to me, but I couldn’t be his forever either.  We split and I moved out and got my own apt. I had nothing at that time as far as furniture and he actually furnished my apt.  He bought my living room furniture (sofa, love seat, coffee table, end tables, lamps) . He bought my bed (beautiful solid wood sleigh bed with pillow top mattress) . He bought me a full computer set up, desk and chair because I was wanting to go back to school and said I would need it.  Even after we broke up we stayed very close.  I went right back to dating which he told me a week later that it crushed him that I moved on so fast.  Well I had known the way I felt for awhile, so I was over the hurt sooner than he was.  He didn’t date anyone for some time. We still went out all the time to the movies, dinner and such so it was like we were still dating just not calling it that and not sleeping together.  Even after splitting up we still went on vacations together. He took me to Vegas 2 more times.  One trip to vegas we took was for 7 days because he was playing in a hockey tournament… 7 days is tooo long to be in Vegas.  I was exhausted and ready to come home for sure.  He was always so good about flowers for v-day, my birthday and always my favs.  He still used to do that even when he started dating another girl.  She didn’t like the idea of how much time we spent together and how he still bought me gifts while he was dating her.  Let me tell you about one of the most romantic things he EVER did, and this was after we had already split up and were NO longer a couple.  I’m pretty sure I was dating someone else at this time because he had comment on the flowers I had rec’d that were sitting on the counter when he came over to give me my present.  We sat down on the couch and he had a small gift bag and he gave me a card out of it and said that’s all he had for me but would get me something later. I was like, WHAT?? and then he pulled a little box out. I opened it and it was small diamond earrings from Kay Jewelers.  They were great but I looked around him as if he had more stuff. He says, gosh you barely looked at those. I felt bad and was all, no they are GREAT, I love em. I was just seeing what you were hiding, he said nothing and gave me the little bag and it had a little envelope in it the size of a business card.  It had my name on the outside and when I opened it, I pulled out a business card which was from Tiffany’s and he said flip it over and I did and it said there is something waiting for you at Tiffany’s.  I freaked the hell out. I was like OMG, lets go lets go.  The Tiffany’s store is sorta far away so we drove all the way down to the galleria to go there.  I felt so under dressed going in. He told me to go up to the counter and give them the card.  So I did and they brought me this beautiful necklace that had a heart pendant on it.  It was awesome, but he said if I didn’t like it and wanted something else I could look around.  I loved it, but wanted to still look.  I found another necklace that I liked more and so he switched them and paid the difference in price for the one I ended up getting.  It was pretty awesome.  He was always surprising me like that.  One time he came over to my apt and when I left the room he put a Tiffany’s box on my fireplace mantle between some candles and waited for me to find it.  I loved his creativity !! He was always doing stuff like this for me.  Even when I was dating my ex husband, HT had asked me what I wanted for my bday/christmas.  I would always answer whatever but you can’t go wrong with jewelry.  That year I got a ring from Tiffany’s.  It was an eternal band, nothing fancy, but it was beautiful and I think a symbol that we would always be connected in one way or another.

Well time has gone by and he finally got over the crushed feeling I left him with and after dating a woman for the last 10 years and her harping to get married, she finally got her way.  The reason I say that, is I know his wife, through him. She used to hate me b/c she hated how much time and all the things he did with me. I showed her I was no harm that if I wanted him she would have never met him.  I think she got jealous at some of the things he did for me but he’s done so much for her too.  Anyway he used to have long conversations about her and their relationship and how he wasn’t sure she was a forever for him.  Well he got to the point where I don’t think he wants to be alone and that was a way to make sure he’s not.  Anyway, they got married in March after a brief engagement.  He’s been working over in Italy and Paris for the last several years as a professor and now he has taken a job in Quebec so he is moving there today.  He called me up and said he wanted to see me and take me to dinner before leaving today, so we met and had dinner, yummy sushi, last night and visited until they kicked us outta the restaurant.  It was good catching up.  He’s already wanting to know when I’m coming up to visit.  I was like… April, when the snow melts. HAHA

Anyway, I am so thankful to have met HT and to have had him in my life the past 12+ years.  I wish him the best in Quebec, but he told me he wasn’t selling his house here, the house we lived in together.  And that they would be back in 4 years.  He has everything so well planned out, I wish I was that organized.

Some people are meant to cross your path and others are meant to walk along that path with you.  I am thankful that HT walked down my path.


What’s happenin?

Been a busy week so far. Sunday, Chris and I drove back to my home town for a quick visit with my family and to pick up the truck we bought. When my sister found out I was coming, the first thing she asked was could I cook when I got there. Her daughter was begging for some Chicken & dumplins… so I told her to boil the chickens and I would fix it when I got there.  It turned out amazing as usual and most everyone went back for 2nds.

One of my sister’s in-laws is having a baby and she asked me if I could make a diaper cake for her to take to the shower.  She knows I’m more of the crafty one, so I thought I would give it a shot.  It turned out quite cute.  I didn’t have long to work on it and was only working with what she had so I was a little limited, but it still was cute.  Here’s a photo of it.



Monday I took off so I could spend some time with the fam before Chris and I had to come back home.  I got to meet my oldest nephew for lunch, I can’t believe how much he has grown and matured.  He is a jr now and is just growing up to fast for my liking 🙂 But I am super proud of the young man he has become.  I then picked up my youngest nephew from school and got to hear about his day and how things are going in school and with his friends.  He’s 10 and has a heart the size of Tx.  He is so thoughtful and considerate of other people, just a great kid.  Later my niece called me to come and pick her up from the high school after practice.  She is the trainer for the volleyball and basketball teams.  She’s a soph and she’s growing up too fast also.  She and I did some talking over the time I was there and she told me about a boy she was crushing on who graduated last year… OH MY.  I saw some of the texts they were sending and he seems to be a sweet guy… so far.  He asked her on a date and to homecoming, but she said she was already planning to go with a girlfriend of hers.  She also told me she doesn’t like going out with guys and being alone with them, it makes her uncomfortable. (Good answer!!) She would rather friends or other people be around.  I told her she should just let him know she was going to be at the bonfire this week and he should make an appearance and say hello.  I just want her to be careful whatever she decides.  These are all the things I miss out on being away from home.  I miss my mom and gpa and sister and friends, but I miss my sister’s kiddos the most.   So overall it was a GREAT visit, but as always too short.

So Monday night after Chris and I got back home, I logged onto my Facebook account and saw the friend request icon lit up, when I clicked to find out who had friend requested me, it was my ex-husband.  I gasped.  Chris who was on the couch beside me said WHAT, I said oh my gosh, that’s so weird.  I told him my ex-husband friend requested me. He said okay – sooo?  I said that’s weird, I haven’t seen or spoken to him in about 5 years.  Chris wasn’t worried about it, but I thought it was so strange.  I had hooked his brother up with one of my friends back in the day and after we divorced she told me that my ex (Tommy) had gotten another DWI and was suppose to go to jail.  Well  I haven’t talked to Susan in a couple of years so I never knew what happened.  I ended up looking up the local county and his name and found out that he had been sentenced to prison.  So I didn’t accept him, I just sent a message and say hello stranger, how’s life treating you.  He later responded and said I wouldn’t believe it if he told me, so I of course inquired as if I didn’t know already and he said he had gotten another DWI and went to jail for 4 years.  He said he just got back on Monday and was living at his parents.  I have to admit it made me feel good that the day he got back he went looking me up.  I knew I was hard to forget 😛  HAHA

So we exchanged a few emails back and forth yesterday. A friend at work asked me if I still had feelings. I told her that I didn’t think so, but had to admit I would like him to know how much my life has improved and how well I am doing now and what he has missed out on.  I still have the dog we got together when we were married and so we talked about him some.  He mentioned the woman he was with before he went to jail, bailed on him after a year in and so they were done. He said she wanted to get back together and he said that he told her he couldn’t trust her to ever be in a relationship with her again.  Well I hadn’t mentioned anything about Chris at this point and he said he would like to give me a call on Sun night if that was okay.  Today I emailed him about Chris and my life with Chris, he hasn’t responded since I sent that email this morning.  So I’m not sure if he is wanting to be friends or what.  It’s kinda surreal.  I didn’t think I felt anything, but I have to admit, I have checked my email a dozen times or so since sending my last email to see if he has responded.  I feel anxious, I want to read his reply already.  I would never leave Chris for Tommy.  Chris is my now and my future and Tommy lost out on his opportunity years ago.  But yes, I loved Tommy dearly. I waited for him and was sure of everything when we married.  I just wasn’t prepared for him to turn into a different person after the I Do’s.  Not a horrible person, just a person I didn’t know.  Anyway…

Chris is out of school this week before the next qtr starts up next week and it just so happens a friend of mine had extra tickets to the Ranger’s game today at 1 pm.  Chris is a fan borderline obsessed fan.  He loves his sports.  So I got in contact with my friend who said she would meet Chris at 3rd base before the game.  So of course he has to send me a picture of the great seat he is in and tell me he wishes I was there.

I’m so jealous.  I’m stuck here at work, working hard as you can tell 🙂 haha No really I am… just taking a quick break to breathe.  Well I’m gonna close for now, gotta check my email again 🙂 haha

What’s a girl to do?



What I learned at Girls Night Out

Just the idea of a Girls Night Out might get some of us in hot water 🙂  It’s been awhile, a long, to long of a while since I got together with these friends.  I couldn’t remember how long it had been since I actually had a cocktail till Sass-a-Frass reminded me about a couple this past summer at her pool side.  So I definitely felt a drink or two were due !  So SAF and another old school chum of ours (lets call her…Jo) met up at a restaurant near SAF’s house.  I had a little bit of time to chat it up with SAF before Jo arrived.  Some things you just can’t discuss in the presence of Jo.  Anyway, we ordered a few drinks, mine being a black raspberry margarita… DELISH !! The big one 🙂  Remember, I’m deserving.  The girls were having the big beers.  I just can’t do beer. Anyway, we dive right in to catching up.  I get to talk to SAF anytime via email and we are always keeping up with each other and what’s going on, but this was the time to let loose and tell some of our more “fun” stories.  We also got to find out what was new in Jo’s world.  She lives back in our hometown about 2.5 hours from where SAF and I live now.  It’s a small town and everybody seems to know everybody.  So I bet your wondering what it is I learned… a lot.  Here are some of the highlights…

  • Black Raspberry Margaritas are DELISH !!!
  • My friend Sass-A-Frass has an amazing spirit to go with her amazing personality.
  • Jo is not too concerned with her 14 yr old daughter now having sex with her 18 yr old boyfriend who she has only been with a month.
  • There is no birth control for your mouth.
  • Big buffalo heads are fun to take pictures with, even if you have to stand up on things to get close to them and have waiters move the lights out of the way to get a good picture.
  • Sass-A-Frass is secretly wants to be a singer for a mariachi band.  She practiced in the restaurant.
  • We seemed to be great entertainment for anyone within ear shot and SAF’s voice carries.
  • We are so loved that the wait staff begged for us to come back every Thursday  night.
  • We had so much fun we forgot to eat.  We drank our calories.
  • Girls talk about farts when guys aren’t around.
  • We have to plan a trip to New Mexico for new tattoos.
  • All girls have slutty tendencies.

All in all we had a great time. We laughed until I cried. We entertained everyone, have videos and pictures to look back on, and all made it home safely.

Happy Friday All ~ enjoy your weekend !!~

Big kids weekend

I say it was a big kids weekend because I got to have some fun with my sister and her husband without her kids around.  I love and adore her 3 kids, but it was a lot of fun hanging out this weekend without the kids.  It’s my boyfriend, Chris’s birthday this Wednesday and who really gets to celebrate their birthday on a weekday?  So my sister and her husband came to town Saturday to spend the weekend with us.  The guys ran a couple of errands while us girls went and got our hair done, I have been needing to get my highlights done for some time now… so I was glad I finally got that done. I also got a trim up to, shortened the back a little and it came out really cute.   We met up with the guys in time to grab some yummy morsels at the Texas Roadhouse, one of my fav places to eat.  Love their fried pickles… YUMM.  We then sent the guys home as we girls hit up a couple of stores for some new outfits.  I actually gave up on the trying on clothes because it was 104-105 and it was to damn hot to be trying on clothes in a closed in dressing room with no air circulating.  Have I mentioned before how irritated I get when I’m hot… VERY IRRITATED… so shopping ended quickly.  I’m not a big fan of shopping anyway.  I know it’s nuts for a woman to say that, but I’m a get in – get what you need/want – and get the heck out as soon as possible.  Not to say I don’t like to spend money… I just do it quickly 🙂

Anyway, we made it home in time to change and head north to the Casino.  Chris has been begging to go to the Casino for awhile now.  I am not a big gambler, unless it’s a sure win for me, so I don’t fancy the casino much.  So he was all giddy when he found out we were going to the casino to celebrate for his birthday.   We had a good time at the casino, it was one my sister and her hubby hadn’t been to and I had only been once before on New Years Eve with Chris.  It was fun, we had a good time.  I went up and down (money-wise) but mostly down.  Chris is always luckier, or just better at it than I am… so he won back some of what I lost.  It was fun, so that’s what matters.  We made it back about 3 am… not to bad.   Chris had taken off on Sunday so it was nice to sleep in for a change, we NEVER do that between our combined 3 jobs and his full time school schedule and my volunteer work, we don’t know what sleeping in is like anymore.  So it was a treat not to have to wake up to an alarm.  So Sunday we didn’t do too much until later in the afternoon when we got ready for the Ranger’s game.  Rangers vs. White Sox 6 pm game… I did my best to prepare for the heat… but there really is no preparing for Tx summer heat… OMG  Chris had got a couple of small fans and one that sprayed a mist, some neck cooler things, I froze some water bottles and packed those and we headed to the game.    Our seats were good, but of course they were in the sun and very little breeze.  I can only describe it as cutlets basting in their own juices under a broiler.  OMG, I swear I have never sweated so much, if so I don’t remember when.  Men and boys nearby were taking off their shirts… not always a good thing to look at.  Others had fans, sandwich bags of ice sitting on their shoulders, towels soaked with water on their heads and around their necks… it was awful.   The game was fun, you got used to the melting after awhile and just dealt with it.  It became somewhat humorous after awhile.  People were just disgusting around us… we over heard one lady talking to her kids who wanted to go get some ice cream, she said she was not going anywhere cause it looked like she had peed her pants.  She finally snapped and said go get it yourself.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  We were all decked out in our Ranger attire, I had my Kinsler shirt on, my Ranger flip flops and even had my pedicure done in ranger colors, ranger logo and baseball stitching on my toes… so cute.  I also had my new Ranger’s cap on.  Well the cap worked great in keeping the sun outta my eyes… however a couple of hours into the game my sister said, “WHAT’S ON YOUR HAT” her face put me into a fright.  I took it off and my brand new WHITE cap had this burnt orange ring around the whole cap.  My highlights had sweated off onto my cap.  I was shocked… then my sister looked at me again and said there’s a ring around your hair where the dye is gone.  I became panicked.  I said WHAT, are you serious.  Tell me your lying… she was laughing and snorting so hard she could hardly confess that she was lying.  She then of course had to share the “joke” with her husband.  DAMN BITCH !!! Scared the hell outta me.  She got a good laugh outta that one.  I did to later when I confirmed she was lying.  It really is funny, but it wasn’t at that moment.  So now I am hoping to get my hat cleaned… who knows if that dye will come out now.  ANYWAY… the Ranger’s pulled out a win, only the 3rd game we have won against the White Sox this season… I know they were just waiting for me to be there to pull out a win 🙂  It was a fun time.  Always great to have time with my sister, even when she is giving me a hard time or driving me nuts.  So we went to dinner after the game and I tell you, we laughed until my side hurt.  My sister is a nut and she makes me laugh at the stupid things she says and does.  I don’t know how her husband puts up with her, but then again I don’t know how Chris puts up with me either. GOD LOVE THESE MEN !!  So after dinner as we head home, my sister asks me if I have any pads (sorry if your a man reading this, but it’s to funny not to share).  I said no and so she proceeds to get upset that I am not providing for my company in the way a host should.  This is hilarious to me.  She has already commented to me before how she could not believe that I would have Chris go to the store and buy women products for me… I said he’s a real man and comfortable enough to do those things for me.  Her husband just laughs…  So Chris then volunteers to drop us off at home and go pick some up.  I tell him what kind when he leaves.  Well he didn’t take his cell and when he gets home he said he couldn’t remember what to get so he got 2 kinds.  The thin ones and the thick ones.  I laughed and told him I hate the “boat” ones.  Then my sister comes out and asks if they are in the bathroom and he said there we in the living room in the sack.  I yell from the back room to make her wear a “boat” she deserves it !!!   I know it’s stupid but you gotta love a family that can laugh over the dumbest stuff.

Well my sister’s husband had an appt with the dr in Dallas this morning, the dr that performed hist liver surgery a few months back.  Joe, my sister’s hubby hasn’t been doing so good.  He has kidney disease and his dr back home told him a couple of weeks ago that he needs to plan for disability because his kidneys are failing.  Well my sister calls me about 20 mins after they got to the dr and says they are admitting him right away.  They are concerned over a few things and are afraid he might have a brain aneurysm. I could hear the worry in her voice.  I sent Chris back to their home (3 hours away) to pick up her kids and bring them here.  I love that Chris loves my family so much and will drop anything for them as he does me.  That means so much to me.  So now we wait.  My sister said this is not the way she wanted to end her weekend getaway and I agree.

So if your reading this, I thank you for sharing in my life and ask that if you believe or not, whatever it is or whomever it is you believe in, could you say a little prayer, or have some positive thoughts sent our way, we could use all we can get.

Peace, love, happiness and lots of laughs to all of you out there !!

Grey has taken over

50 Shades of Grey has completely taken over.  It’s everywhere you turn. There are books, blogs, gossip, and now talk of casting for the movie.  I came across an article on CNN today that was very interesting.  Some of the hotels in Seattle, even those mentioned in the book, have come up with what they are calling the “50 Shades of Grey” sexy getaway packages.  The whips and chains aren’t included so you might want to stop by the adult toy store before checking in, but the packages are pretty creative.  This is not something I would consider partaking in due only to the fact it’s way outta my budget, but it sounds pretty nice nonetheless.


I was also reviewing the list of actors that are being considered to star in the future movie.  I think a few of the men wouldn’t be bad, but my vote definitely goes for Matt Bomer.  I had to look him up cause the name didn’t ring any bells, but recognized him from “Burn Notice” and most recently “Magic Mike”.  The following picture sold it for me. There is definitely something dark and mysterious about him and it doesn’t hurt that he’s fun to look at.


I finished the 1st of the trilogy a few weeks ago and I am eager to get started on the next.  I bought just the one vs the trilogy because I wasn’t sure if I would like it enough to continue to 2 and 3 and now I am kicking my own ass (funny site), for not getting all 3.

I do have to say that I am a little unsure about this movie however.  The book is HOT, it’s sexy and provocative and down right naughty, and that’s what makes it so infectious.  People hate to admit to loving that type of thing due to reasons of their own.  I myself have always loved adult literature and a majority of my books are just that. I myself have written several short stories of my own over the years (for my own reading pleasure). I love to read something that grabs my attention and can hold it… like handcuffs to an iron bedpost. I like things that stir up an emotion in me and this definitely stirred something up alright.  I worry however that the movie will change to much from the book and it will lose the effect. I wonder what type of rating there would have to be to make the movie relate more to the book. The chemistry of the actors is going to have to be on point as well for this to be a success.  The thought of this up-and-coming movie makes me think of another movie that really stirred things up for me, “Unfaithful” starring Diane Lane and Richard Gere.  OMG, I gotta tell you, when I saw this movie I was in shock. I kept looking around in the theater to see if other people were being affected by this movie like I was. I was so turned on, so hot and bothered and it was so strange to be sitting in a theater with so many strangers and be in that state of disarray. It was the chemistry between Diane Lane and her love affair… the way he would just “TAKE HER”.  The way he would just pull her here and there and how she tried to fight it but just couldn’t no matter how hard she tried she wanted it just as bad. DAMN, the thought of it gets me excited.  If you haven’t seen this movie, “Unfaithful”, then check it out!! You will be glad you did.


In other news…I had to waste some time earlier this week waiting for Chris to get outta class, so I decided to go and watch “Magic Mike“.  What better way to waste some time then to watch Channing Tatum take off his clothes… wow, how time flew. Quite the dancing skills he portrays… haha.


Well I need to figure out how to get through the rest of this work day now that I have been day dreaming for a bit… Hope you all have a wonderful day !!

This, That & The Other

Such a lazy title.  I was afraid this post would turn into a trashcan punch – all the alcohol nearby dumped in.  That’s sorta how my brain works these days.  It doesn’t just stay still and on one thing, it bounces around more than Tigger for sure !  Buckle your seat belt, this ride might get bumpy…

I feel sorta scatter-brained these days.  I fell like June has just disappeared on me.  Where the heck did it go?  I had Jury duty for nearly 2 weeks, a little planning time for a big party night that really didn’t happen – but turned out better cause I got time with my family and DEAR friends !  Then off for a few days which Chris was out of school to go back home to see the fam.  It was good to hang out with them, see my mom and papa and see that the town I grew up in was just as small as it’s always been.  Not much changes there, EVER !  I was eager to get back home, but to what? More work?  I worked the part time job this weekend and it was busy and hot.  I think they were trying to kill me this weekend at the PT Job.  Saturday I had to make mini ham and cheese sandwiches.  I made nearly 1500 mini-sandwiches… OMG, I seriously doubt I will ever eat another ham/cheese sandwich.  Sunday, I was giving out samples of Key Lime Pie… OMG, you would have sworn there was crack in the cream or something the way people were pushing in line and cutting to get a 1 oz sample.  I could NOT keep my tray full.  I think the bakery should change the name to CRACK Key Lime Pie or Key Lime Crack Pie might be easier too 🙂

The heat wave has hit !!  I hate the heat, so why don’t I move the heck outta Texas?? Cause it’s all I know, I can’t bring myself to moving farther away from my family than I am already.  One of these days I would love to live somewhere cooler like Alaska, who knows?

I’m back to the regular job today and I find that nothing changes here.  The people are still just as annoying as ever. I have decided to stay in my own little cubie world with my radio turned up to drowned out the obnoxious voices I hear around the office.  It doesn’t hide all of them, but it helps.  I brought my book to work.. the 50 Shade of Gray that I purchased before leaving town on Tuesday and I have almost finished it.  My sister’s kids kept commenting on how much I was reading while I was down visiting them.  They just don’t understand the magnitude of this book !! Not that I am going to explain it to them either.  So when work hits a lull and I’m done with my blogging I will pick up my book and hide away in it for awhile.

I have lots of things to look forward to… hoping work this week goes by quickly.  I am doing some overtime this week and so that will bump my check up nicely on the following payday. This payday will be a bump too cause my boss forgot to add in some extra hours I worked a couple of weeks ago so a few more hours on this weeks check is nice.  I got my jury pay check in the mail this week, measly but it’s still nice to have some extra spending money.  Here are some things for me to be excited for:
1. Working overtime = bigger bucks
2. Family coming to town
3. Ranger’s game on Sunday July 1st.
4. Excited to see Matthew McConeahey and Channing Tatum take it off ALL FOR ME in Magic Mike !! (wish it was 3D and smell-a-vision, wouldn’t mind getting some of that sweat on me)
5. Definitely going to get some pool time in which is always great during the Texas heat waves.

A few other movies out I want to catch up on that I might be able to tackle this week after work… including Rock of Ages, TED, People Like Us and Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter.







I just remembered my sister is suppose to be paying back for her tickets that I purchased, so that’s some more moolah in my pocket for me to spend… WHOOP WHOOP.   I get so BITCHY when I’m broke and have no money.

Well, this off railed train blog has come to an end. Please place your trays in the upright position and have an awesome week !!