Trashcan Punch

Isn’t trashcan punch what they call it when you toss every possible alcohol within arms distance together in a big bowl or trashcan? Well this post is going to be a form of trashcan punch cause I’m gonna throw a bunch of stuff in here.

Sorry for those of you that were hoping for a recipe ūüėÄ but if you have a good one to share…

So I know I have been neglecting my blog and I deserve a good spanking. ¬†So much has been going on, but then again, isn’t that always my excuse when I’m MIA for a period of time. ¬†Shouldn’t that be when I’m blogging the most? You would think so huh? Well I’ve been known to be half-ass-backwards…

So last I blogged about being at the dr and hoping to get a good report. ¬†I actually did and would like to share some of my results with you. ¬†I was delighted to find out that I had lost 3.5 lbs in 10 days from the date I had started my 2nd diet pill. ¬†So that was super exciting. I was so excited that when the nurse got me back to my room, I warned her that my blood pressure would probably be high because I was excited. ¬†Sure enough it was. ¬†Anyway… I met with my nutritionist, told her all the changes I had made in my diet. Cut out butter almost completely. I had cut back on fried foods, lots more water, more seafood, taking my vitamins and fish oil, using my flax seed and light and greek yogurts and I could tell a big difference since starting these diet pills in my appetite and my energy level. ¬†I told her about joining the YMCA again and she was overall thrilled. ¬†I shared with her my pirates booty, my new favorite healthy snack. Told her about my other healthy go to snacks as well. ¬†She was really excited to see the changes I had made as well. ¬† I then got to see the dr. ¬†We got my blood sugar results back and my A1C had dropped from 8.3 down to 7.2 in 3 months. ¬†I was thrilled. ¬†She was very excited too. She was glad to see that I had improved in testing my sugars and was doing it regularly which I had not been doing previously. ¬†The other reports hadn’t come back yet which were the numbers I really wanted to find out… my cholesterol numbers… so I was a little disappointed. ¬†But I did get to find out before I left for the day. ¬†Here are some of my results. ¬†I was so excited. ¬†My prev date was 8/14, Current date is 11/14

Cholesterol     Prev (236)  Current (143) goal to get lower
Triglyceride ¬† ¬†Prev(1051) Current (195) (I ate some garlic butter chicken fajitas the day before blood work prev so that’s why so high) still need to get lower
HDL     Prev (27)  Current (35) still need to get higher
LDL Cholesterol   Prev (90)  Current (69)

The report – I saw it actually said “LDL (bad cholesterol) should be under 100 mg/dl. Your LDL cholesterol is good!” ¬†I have NEVER had anything say anything to do with my cholesterol was GOOD… I was so thrilled and was so happy to see that my hard work was actually showing.

The dietitian called me later in the week to tell me how proud she was and told me that they never have patients that bring their numbers down that fast in that short amount of time ever. I felt really good about the progress I was making and it makes me only want to continue and do more and try harder.

So yesterday 12/04/12 I had another follow up with my reg dr here in town that I see with my diet pill and da dat da daaa… I lost 6 lbs this month !! I was so excited. ¬†I haven’t been trying as hard as I can or should and I haven’t been really restricting myself from anything except butter and sweets. ¬†So now that I see that just that is working I’m gonna kick it into gear. ¬†I went shopping with my sister on Saturday after we pampered ourselves at the spa first. ¬†While trying on clothes the sales lady brought me the wrong size, (size smaller) and I wasn’t sure about trying it on, but I did anyway… IT FIT PERFECT !!! I was so excited, I almost squealed in the dressing room. ¬†I almost ran to the check out to buy them ūüôā ¬† So that totally made my day.

On another front… I had a guy I dated over 8 years ago look me up on fb and that was such a shock. ¬†After responding to him and catching up for about 20 mins he proceeds to tell me that he made the biggest mistake of his life letting me go so long ago. I was like wow, that was out of nowhere. I asked why and he said he didn’t know what he had until I walked out of his life. ¬†He said that he tried to find me over the years and was unable. ¬†He said that he didn’t know just how much he loved me until I was gone. ¬†I was floored. ¬†I really cared about this guy back then. ¬†I never expressed how much I cared about him because he had this wall up and kept me at arms length away. ¬†He never expressed his true feelings to me, so I had no clue. ¬†He asked me what ever happened to us, why did I leave him. ¬†I honestly didn’t know. ¬†I think at the time I was dating a couple of different guys and someone or something became more interesting or became more of a serious deal and I walked away from him. ¬†That’s the only thing I can think of. ¬† So now’s he’s making it known that if he was to ever get another chance he would never make that same mistake twice. So that’s sorta strange.

I did mention it to Chris because I did give the guy my number, his name is James by the way in case I later decide to tell something else. I’m sure something might come up again. ¬†So I did tell Chris about it… He didn’t seem to worried. ¬† But the week after we came home from my mom’s for Thanksgiving as we were sitting on the couch watching tv. I was on the computer not really paying to much attention and Chris said is that what you want and I looked up and saw a jewelry commercial on the tv. ¬†I said what? Diamonds? of course you can’t go wrong with diamonds. ¬†He’s been at me about what I want for Christmas and my birthday for weeks now. ¬†He then said no, the other. ¬†I said what other. ¬†He said, TO GET MARRIED. ¬† I almost choked. ¬†I said whoa, that was outta the blue. Where did that come from. ¬†He said well it’s been on my mind a lot lately. ¬†I said, what’s been on your mind. ¬†He said well, have we waited long enough, how long is long enough, how long should you wait, should I say something, should I just come out and ask, should we talk about it, those kinds of things. ¬†I was so shocked. ¬†I just kept taking a drink of water every time he stopped talking because I didn’t know what to say. ¬†I finally said well that really came out of the blue. ¬†Then I got up and went to the bathroom. ¬†I didn’t really know what to think of all of that. ¬†Was that suppose to be a question? Was that just information? Is he just testing the waters to see what I might say? ¬†WHAT THE HELL?? ¬†I know I am not ready to get married. I know that for a fact. ¬†I won’t be for some time. ¬†I know I love Chris or I wouldn’t put up with half of the stuff I have and still put up with on a regular basis… but there are just unresolved things that need to be finalized, taken care of and discussed before we even get to the point of discussing that topic. ¬†He’s also really pushing us going to court to get custody of his son, and to be completely honest I don’t want custody of his son. ¬†Besides the fact that the costs it would take to go to court would all be put on me, I do not want his son living with us full time. ¬†I have voiced that to Chris a couple of times and all it does is cause a huge fight. ¬†So if it comes down to it, that will be a cause for us to split. ¬†That I know for sure. ¬†I am not going to budge on that point there.

I got my 12 Days of Christmas Swop package in the mail last week and I am super excited to start blogging about my gifts starting Monday the 10th… I’m excited for Janet to get her package and to read her posts as she opens her gifts.

Well, I will close for now, cause my fingers are worn out, and I need a break.  I will be back soon.  Happy Hump Day Folks !!


The Good, the Bad, and the Rest

OMG !! There is so much to tell you.

So lets start with the Bad Stuff…

**I have been so busy lately I haven’t made the time to blog. So sorry for that.¬† But now’s my chance to catch up (mustard).
**I haven’t made a whole lot of time for much other than work.
**My good friend Sass-a-Frass lost her father-in-law and my heart goes out to her and her family. It’s never easy to lose a loved one and I know it’s been hard on her husband watching his father battle his illness.
**Just at my regular job, not counting my pt job, I worked 98.75 hrs over the last two weeks.
**I haven’t gotten all my shopping done for my swap partner. I have to get on the ball with this, gotta have it wrapped and mailed by Saturday.
**I didn’t go into work at my pt job and I didn’t call in or answer the phone when my boss called me or return his phone calls when he left a message.¬† This is not like me at all.¬† I just really don’t know what to say to him. I have mixed feelings about quitting and was kinda hopping he would just fire me, but then again I have never been fired from a job either.¬† He hasn’t fired me either.¬† He still calls and asks if I’m coming back or not.¬† I would have already fired my ass.

Now on to some Good stuff…

**I have been working on my mini-trees and have come up with some creative ideas and have only gotten better with each tree.
**I took off the weekend to spend some time with my sweetie, to sleep in and to get my hair done.
**I died my hair darker for the fall/winter season and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it !!!!
**I worked 98.75 hours in 2 weeks which means 18.75 hrs of overtime – OMG can’t wait until tomorrow for pay day !!!
**My sister, bro-in-law and mom came through town on Friday and I got to have lunch with them, it was great to visit, but it went by way to fast.
**My mom is spending the week with us and I took off Tues and Wed for a road trip with mom to Oklahoma.
**Today I have some down-time to catch-up (mustard) on my blogging and emails.
**The weather here in OK is gorgeous today. I took a couple of pictures of the beautiful scenery around us.  I love the trees and the fall colors all around.
**I am loving the time with my mom chatting and laughing and giving her a hard time.
**I got assigned my 12 Days of Christmas Swop partner and found out who my “Santa” was as well.¬† My “Santa” will be Cheryl and I will be “Santa” for Janet.
**I am super excited to shop for Janet and trying to come up with some creative gift ideas.  I want to find things that she may not be able to get in Austrailia or Zurich.
**I am SUPER ELATED OVER THE MOON EXCITED that when seeing my dr today I found out that I have lost another 3 lbs since 11/04. Yeah in 10 days I have lost 3 lbs… WHOOP WHOOP !!! I was so excited that when the nurse called me back and started to take my blood pressure I told her it might come up high and she asked why, I told her I was excited to see I had just lost another 3 lbs.¬† YEP it was up 175/85.¬† Well when the dr came in she said it was high and I told her what I had told the nurse. She said she would check again before I left.¬† Stay tuned for the REST of the story…
**I was pleased to find out that my A1C dropped from 8.3 down to 7.2 WHOOO HOOO !!! I need to now get it 2 point more lower and then I will be in the good ūüôā
**I met with the director at the YMCA and I will be set up with my trainer this week and start my water aerobics classes… EXCITED !!! I hope this trainer doesn’t kill me.

Now the REST of the story…

**So for my Christmas swop we are just suppose to open one present a day and then blog about the process in some way.¬† I of course like to do things a little differnet and be original so I think I might take pictures of the item before I wrap it…. but up close, really close, like where you can’t make out what it is, but gives a clue maybe and then ask Janet to look at the pics before opening the items and see if she can guess any of the presents.¬† See if she can blog about her guesses and then she can open them daily and see if she gets any right.¬† I just think that might add some fun and mystery and excitement to it.
**My dr was really pleased with all the changes I have made with my diet and how I am trying to better things and move forward. She also took my bp again before I left and it was 110/74… she laughed and said I guess you really were excited ūüôā¬† YEPPERS ūüôā

Well that’s really all I have time for today, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.¬† Happy Hump Day. Blessings to all.

That’s All Folks !!

Trying something new

Well I gotta tell you about some new stuff going on…

First off, I wanted to share with you a recipe I found on Pinterest. Pinterest, is so addicting, there should be a 12 step program for it.



I have found a¬†few ton of ¬†awesome recipes and I am just starting to use them. ¬†I came across a recipe for Bacon Cheeseburger Meatballs. ¬† I am really trying to eat more healthy and try healthier alternatives, so what on earth was I thinking ¬†when checking out this recipe? ¬†Well, I have a few¬†criteria¬†when marking a recipe as a “to-do” recipe.

  1. Must sound somewhat appetizing.  (Not slaving in the kitchen for something my dogs would turn down, too)
  2. Must be simple, easy to make.  (I am not Julia Child or the next Iron Chef)
  3. Must not require a truck load of ingredients.  (I do not own a truck)
  4. Must not require off the wall ingredients. ¬†I don’t mind buying something special to complete the recipe, but lets get real on some of these ingredients. ¬†(I’m not traveling to another country to get an herb)

So this recipe after reviewing it, was definitely appetizing, simple, few ingredients and I had all of those ingredients or could get them easily at a nearby store. ¬†Now, onto the healthy part… I know that’s the part your wondering too, what on earth is healthy about bacon? ¬†Well, I decided to give it a shot and put a few twists on it to make it healthier. ¬†(GO ME !!) ¬†I substituted ground turkey for the beef and turkey bacon for the “good” bacon. ¬†I also am not a fan of onions, but I do like the flavor they add, so I omitted the onion and used onion flakes instead.

Here is the link to the original recipe I found. ¬†Great blog called Amy’s Cooking adventure. ¬†She has some other yummy ideas too – check her out.

I love that Chris is willing to try healthier alternatives with me, he will eat almost anything anyway. ¬†He’s not a fan of the “good” bacon, but he liked the turkey bacon, it was our first time to try it. ¬†NOT BAD.

I made the meatballs in the oven for myself and Chris requested patties to put on a burger, so he got his wish too. ¬†I left the meatballs in about 5 mins longer than the recipe called for because I like things a little more crispier… and they turned out well.

Mine turned out looking just like these.  Go figure.  I like when things turn out the way their suppose to.  So I recommend giving it a try, and enjoy this easy-to-do recipe.

On a side note – I gotta say that it actual pays off when I eat healthier and take my meds/insulin like I’m suppose to. ¬†My blood sugars have come down and have maintained a steady number for the last week or so. ¬† My dr wants me in the 80-140 range.

My 7 day average is 131
My 14 day average is 135

It was better before yesterday when I jumped up to a 200 because of a damn sugar cookie that took me hostage and made me eat it. ¬†It was a delicious cookie, so all-in-all worth it. ¬†Haven’t had any other sweets as of late, so I was deserving ūüôā

I have a couple more recipes I am planning for, so I will keep you posted.

MOVING ON NOW – ¬†I gotta get the word out on a fellow bloggers newly, released book. ¬†If you like humor, if you like someone that tells it like it is, who isn’t afraid to call someone out on their moments of stupidity, then you should check out THE HOOK. He has a couple of great blogs that often have me laughing out loud and then trying to explain to those around me what was so funny. ¬†Some people just don’t understand !! ¬†His new book The Bellman Chronicles,¬†is now¬†available¬†on Amazon. ¬† I picked up my electronic copy, and you should grab you a copy too. ¬†You will be glad you did. ¬†Enjoy the adventure THE HOOK will take you on.

You can find THE HOOK at the following locations –

You’ve Been Hooked

The Book of Terrible

Don’t forget to grab, The Bellman Chronicles, on Amazon. ¬†Tell THE HOOK, McQty sent you !!

Happy Hump Day everyone.


My heart is heavy

I have a very dear friend that I went to school with in grade school and we reconnected a couple of years ago, thanks to Facebook. (Shout Out)

Let’s call my dear friend, Sass-a-frass.¬† I love this girl.¬† She is such an awesome woman.¬† She has the best sense of humor and she can make you pee from laughter just listening to her tell a story.¬† She’s so animated and so witty and she could easily be a comedian if she decided on a career change.¬† She’s a amazing wife and a mother and a type of woman that if she’s your friend, she’s your friend for life.¬† She’s sassy, and sexy, we already talked about how funny she is, she’s loyal, she’s caring, she’s strong and so much more.¬† She has the sweetest kiddos.¬† Her handsome young man that is wiser than his years.¬† He’s such a gentleman and just a pleasure to talk to.¬† She was a single mom with him for the most part and didn’t treat him like a baby and he is so bright because of it all.¬† She has a 1 yr old beautiful baby girl that will melt anyones heart.¬† She’s so foo foo and girlie, and I know she’s gonna grow up to be fiesty like her momma.¬†¬†

Well I got some great news from Sass-a-Frass (SAF)¬†last week, first we were nervous and she said she was late, her little one just turned one and SAF and her hubby were already busy with plans for finding a house and moving to a better location and all that goes along with that, so it wasn’t something that was timely.¬† I told her I would pray for the Period Fairy to visit her and soon…. well the next day I get a picture from SAF and it’s a pee stick with 2 blue lines… IT”S A BOY she says.¬† I was like WHAT? how do you know that.¬† She just had a feeling, she dreamed about a boy.¬† Well the excitement exploded.¬† SAF and her hubby tried for baby for 1o years with no luck and then the¬† little munchkin came along last year.¬† She is a delight and a blessing and this new baby (boy or girl) was going to be just as much a blessing.¬† Her husband was excited and so was I… I was already thinking of plans for a baby shower.¬† I did the last one for her so I have to out do that !! Plus I love shopping for babies and SAF is a cute preggo.¬† She a rail with a bump, she doesn’t know how to get fat.¬† One of the biggest excitements was she was gonna have some big boobs again being preggo.¬† You know it’s the little things that excite us at times.¬† So I was tickeled for SAF – for her soon to be big boobs and baby bump.

Yesterday I get a text from SAF and she lets me know that they found a house and they were going to be moving in at the end of the month. OH JOY, I was so excited for them.¬† I know how much more I love my house vs. the apt lifestyle.¬† She’s going to have rooms for each of the munchkins and a fenced in back yard and she was going to be closer to her sister too, I think that’s a good thing, but not 100% on that one ūüėõ¬† Things just seemed to be falling into place and I was happy for her and her wonderful little family.

This morning I get a text that SAF has been in the ER all morning and she has lost the baby.¬† I was in a meeting and gasped when I read the text.¬† I did all I could to not tear up in front of all my co-workers and bosses.¬† It broke my heart for her, her hubby and baby’s big brother and sister.¬† If anyone deserves babies is this woman. SAF is such an awesome mom and any kid would be lucky to have her as their mom.¬† I’m at my desk and it’s pretty deserted right now in the office so I don’t mind the tears now.¬† My heart goes out to her.¬† I hope she finds peace with this and continues to have more babies in the future.¬† I need babies to spoil and it’s more fun to spoil others kids, so I’m leaving the child bearing up to her.

I love you Sass-A-Frass and I am thankful for your friendship and sharing your sweet family and life with me.¬† I will see you soon.¬† I am always a hop, skip and a jump away… and I can cut one of those out if you need me sooner.


A Nut in a Shell

Yep this is that NUT !! However I think my shell is a little cracked. ¬†The title of my blog used to be McQty – The Diabetic in Denial and although I have been in serious denial the last 3 months, it just does not seem fitting anymore to keep that title. ¬†I have not been posting much on my health, my diabetes and the daily events that go on with that diagnosis. ¬†I feel like a nut as of late, and that’s a nice way of putting it. ¬†I am frustrated with myself and how I have let myself slip back into my bad habits of not taking care of myself. ¬†Thank GOD nothing serious has happened as of late (KNOCK ON WOOD), but I have¬†definitely¬†let myself go. ¬†I have not been taking my medications like I should, on a daily and timely manor. ¬†I haven’t been testing my blood sugars like I am suppose to do at least 3 times a day. ¬†I have not been watching my diet, yadda yadda… the list goes on. ¬†I am ashamed of myself and my lack of discipline. ¬† I had such amazing results 3 months ago when I went for my check up and I have thrown that all away. ¬†I go back for my 3 mo check up on Tuesday and I am dreading it. ¬†I feel like a failure and the worst part is that I know better.

So anyway, I have changed my title since I seem to post/ramble about things other than my diabetes… which is good, but the topics seem to have changed from my original intentions.

Here’s to getting back on track and doing better for myself ¬†!!

So happy I could cry – and I did

Yeah, well let me tell you why I cried…

Last week on the 2nd I went for my appts up at the Indian Hospital in Oklahoma.¬† It was my first appointments at the Diabetic Wellness Center.¬† I got to meet the dietician, the educator, and my nurse.¬† They were all great, actually the whole staff there is awesome and welcoming and just very pleasant.¬† What’s in the water up there, everyone just seems so happy ūüôā¬† Well in my first appointment with the Dietician, we went over the foods I do and don’t eat, the new changes I have made this year with trying new foods, eating greek yogurt, flaxseed and such.¬† She had some good things to say and some suggestions on things I could and need to do more of.¬†¬† Then she gave me the best news ever.¬† She told me back in Jan when I was there my A1C was 10.7¬† (higher than I originally thought) and that today (May 2nd) it was 7.7.. YEAH, you read that right, 7.7¬† I couldn’t believe it.¬† I teared up and told her that I wasn’t expecting that after the serious illness I just had. Being sick makes your sugars go up, so to have it drop 3 whole points in that time was amazing to me.¬† I told her that it proved that I was making changes for the better and it was showing.¬† I couldn’t stop crying.¬† It really gave me hope to keep doing what I am doing and made me want to do even more.¬† It motivated me and I can always do with more motivation.¬† I couldn’t wait to leave and call Chris and to tell my mom and my papa and my sister and whoever else I could think of.¬†

So that’s the recent happenings.¬† I will try to stay well and not fall off the earth again.¬† I have so many blogs to catch up on, so I am looking forward to that for sure.



MIA part Deux – yeah I know, I’m going for a trilogy¬†!! But I have some good reasons yet again for my MIA.

I last wrote about my problems I was having with the pains in my chest and breathing problems.¬† After 2 weeks of meds and taking it easy, things were just getting worse.¬† I developed a knot¬†in my lower stomach area and my right heel started swelling up causing me alot¬†of pain to walk on it.¬† I ended up back at the dr to assess the new problems occurring.¬† She wasn’t sure, but thought the knot could be a hernia… OH great, just what I need now.¬† She sent me to the ER to get a scan done on my belly and to have my heel checked out.¬† It was turning red up to my ankle.¬† Back in the er and they first took care of my foot saying that I had fluid on my heel and it had to be drained.¬† They then proceeded to stick the longest needed in man kind into my foot to try to numb it up some… ARE YOU KIDDING ME… what do I get to numb that needle.¬† OMG it hurt so bad, I can’t even express it.¬† They didn’t even wait for that to kick in before they cut my heel open.¬† Chris was watching as I screamed in pain… yeah the door was open and I felt bad for anyone in ear shot because I was screaming like I was trying out for a horror movie.¬† Chris said alot¬†of fluid just rushed out as he sliced it open.¬† They then packed it with gauze and bandaged it up.¬† As if this isn’t enough, the knot in my stomach was not a hernia but an abscess¬†that I was going to have surgery on first thing the next morning.¬† Yep, I was being admitted right away.¬† Had all kinds of new scans, ivs, pokes and prods.¬† I felt like a pin cushion.¬† Turns out there were severe nodules all over my lungs, the dr said the infection had gotten into my blood stream and went to my heart valve and because the heart beats so many times a minute it shot the infection throughout my body, causing the infection in my heel and my stomach.¬† Turns out I had a staph infection.¬† Are you kidding me.¬† This could of all been prevented if they paid closer attention the very first day I was sick??¬† Lord, grant me the patience to not take vengeance¬†on the ER staff.¬† I had surgery the next morning, I was so frustrated.¬† I told my surgeon I didn’t understand why all of this was happening.¬† I told him I was taking my meds, i¬†was eating healthy, I was testing my blood sugars and everything and it was for nothing because all of this happened.¬† He who was also diabetic said that he didn’t want me to stop doing the good things I was doing, but sometimes these things just happen.¬† He said to keep up the good work.¬† So I had the surgery the next day and it went very well.¬† I had to have packing changed out daily but that was no problem.¬† It didn’t hurt much at all.¬† I ended up staying in the hospital for a week before they finally let me leave… was the torture over?? NOPE.¬† The staph infection was MRSA, it’s where normal antibiotics won’t work so they have to be very aggressive.¬† I ended up getting a PICC¬†line in my left arm.¬† For those of you that don’t know it’s an internal iv that is input in my left arm that has a tube that stretches across your chest to your heart.¬† It’s about 13 inches long and it feeds larger amounts of antibiotics into your system.¬† So then I was told I was going to have to have home health and do IV infusions 3 times a day for the next 6 weeks.¬†¬†

My home health debacle –

**Nurse 1 comes out the afternoon I get released to go over how to do the infusions and paperwork, and all that jazz.¬† Nurse 1 was an idiot.¬† I did NOT like her at all.¬† She was so rude and unprofessional.¬† She was making herself way to comfortable in my house. I just found it very odd.¬† She couldn’t¬†get reception on her cell, so she kept standing at the front door with the door wide open trying to make a call.¬† Then when that didn’t work she asked to use Chris’s phone and then made all her calls from his.¬† She just rubbed me the wrong way.¬† She kept asking me what was wrong, why I was so quiet, was I always this quiet.¬† I finally said I just got released from the hospital after 7 days and I don’t really feel up to dancing around the room.¬† She didn’t have the supplies she needed and she said the hospital should have sent me home with the stuff.¬† I told her that she was the home health nurse and the said she was to bring what she needed. OMG what an idiot.¬† I just wanted her to leave.

**I never had the same nurse.  They taught Chris and I how to do the infusions and so they only had to come if I called them or every Thurs to draw my blood to measure the levels of antibiotics in my kidneys.  The infusions sucked.  I had an iv pole and we had to hook up all the tubing and the bags and do this every 8 hours.  The infusions took about 1.5 hours.  This caused my sleep schedule to get completely out of whack.

Things seemed to be going well and I was feeling better.  I still felt very tired and drained and got winded doing the littlest things.  That worried me, but the dr insisted it was due to the infection in my lungs and once that cleared up I would be back to normal.

**Nurse from hell – yep I had her.¬† There was a nurse that came out one evening and she was an older woman, I would say 60’s probably.¬† If not, I would be surprised.¬† She was so unprofessional.¬† She was there to draw my blood and to change the PICC¬†bandage.¬† Well in changing the PICC¬†bandage everything must be completely sterile.¬† They must wear gloves, and masks during the process.¬† Well NFH¬†(nurse from hell) decides she cannot peel the bandage off with her gloves on because they keep sticking, so she takes her gloves off.¬† She proceeds to touch the sterile items and my PICC¬†line with her bare hands.¬† She doesn’t use the safety guard or the iodine to clean the area. She didn’t use her mask either.¬† I was so shocked of what I was witnessing, that I grabbed my cell and told Chris to video what was going on.¬†¬† She couldn’t¬†get the blood drawn from my PICC¬†line so she had to use a needle in my other arm.¬† I was terrified.¬† She kept having to hold everything up to about 3 inches from her face to read it.¬† She even commented at one point that it might look like she couldn’t¬†see, but her bifocals were not working so she had to look over the top of her glasses to see.¬† OMG, why not just take the glasses off??¬† Well she ended up sticking herself with the needle so then she had to go tend to her wounds and put a band-aid on herself.¬† She then (using a different needle)(THANK GOD) drew my blood. It was a mess.¬† She was a mess, and I was terrified.¬† I immediately called her supervisor when she left and told her what had happened, never to send her again and I have it all on video.¬† The supervisor wanted to come out to change the bandage again, correctly and to possibly see the video.¬† I showed her and could tell she was shocked, and frankly worried.¬† You could see it on her face.

Well after a few days I began running really high fevers, freezing and just thinking I was going to freeze to death, this is strange because I am never cold.¬† After 2 days of fevers and then on the 2nd dry heaving, Chris says he is taking me to the ER.¬† So we head there.¬† When we get there my heart rate is 149 and my blood pressure was through the roof.¬† I had a temp of 103.9¬†¬† After being admitted yet again, having 5 IV’s hooked up to me at once, I end up in the PCU unit.¬† It’s the personal care unit, similar¬†to ICU.¬† They have rooms with windows so they can watch and monitor you very closely.¬† Turns out I became septic and had an infection in my PICC¬†line.¬† My temps got up to 104 something before they discovered the infection in my PICC line and removed it.¬† Once they removed it, the fevers stopped, thank goodness.¬† It was awful.¬† I ended up staying another 6 days in the hospital before I was able to leave to go home.

Such an ordeal.¬† I was out of work from Feb 14 until I was released to go back on April 17th.¬† I was sick of being cooped up in the house and was eager to get back to work.¬† Nervous though, wasn’t sure how I was going to handle getting my sleep schedule back on track, but I did.¬† I’m feeling much better and relieved to be breathing pain free.