What a week

I have been so neglecting my blog as of late.  I have gotten this craft bug as of late and been doing all sorts of crafts during the last week or so.  Work this past weekend was a pain in the ass.  I actually yelled at my boss on Saturday, but he deserved it.  If you haven’t read it before, on the weekends I have a part time job working for Costco doing food demonstrations.  I have done it for over a year now and I am getting burned out. I posted about a month ago about wanting to quit, actually trying to quit and being talked out of it by the boss.  Well now I have changed it up a bit where I am a breaker on Saturdays and I do a full demo on Sundays.  A breaker is someone that just comes in for a few hours to give other breakers their lunch and break times.  Well Saturday he stuck me with 5 people, which is quite a few.  I was scheduled for 4.5 hours.  Well each demo gets a 15 and 30 min break for their shift.  If a demo person doesn’t come back on time it pushes the rest of the breaks/lunches back.  I had one person that actually left the building and went home on her 30 min lunch, she was not back in 30 so I just shut her station down after waiting 5 extra minutes.  Then she did it again later for her 15… so I was pushed back some.  At my last break, I was serving some customers and the time had run over and my boss came out to where I was doing the demo and tapped his watch and snapped at me, what time is it, I told you to shut them down if they are late back, come on just shut this station down.  Well I was in the middle of cooking a pizza and was like what do I do with this pizza then, he said someone else can watch it, come on.  I was fuming at this point.  We get back to the office and I just laid into him.  I yelled and didn’t care that the door was open. I said you do not talk to me like that and you especially don’t do it in front of customers.  He said it’s not you, it’s me. He said he’s under pressure to keep the work hours under control.  I yelled those customers don’t know that. The way you just acted and talked to me, they think I did something wrong, that I am in trouble.  I just walked out.  I went to get my paper that ever signs when I do their breaks b/c he had rushed me so fast I forgot it.  I then took it back to him and told him to have the last girl initial it cause she hadn’t yet and I turned to leave.  He said come here, I said WHAT?  He then said SMILE, I said no, I’m mad at you.  He said he was sorry and apologized profusely. I said that he was wrong and unprofessional and should not speak like that in front of customers.  He kept saying sorry, and I just said whatever.  He said gimme a hug. I was like whatever and I walked out.  I didn’t even clock the extra minutes I was over… to me it wasn’t a big deal.  I guess I was yelling so loud that someone went to come into the office and stopped and said I will come back.  Well the word got around and yesterday when I went to work the boss was off and people were talking about what I did.  They were telling me that they were glad that I said something and that he shouldn’t talk to people that way and how rude he is and how he treats people is crap and no one ever stands up to him.  I told them I don’t need this job and I am doing him a favor by staying and I won’t let him or anyone else talk to me like that.  So, I felt good that my co-workers were glad I stood up to him… however, I don’t know if he just stuck it to me or what, but yesterday my demo for the day was Clorox 2… That’s what we call a “dry” demo.  It’s so boring.  People want samples of FOOD, they want to stuff their little fat faces and get as much free samples as possible so the food demos are the busiest.  My day was so boring yesterday.  I almost walked out.  I like the shift lead that works when the boss is gone and she wanted me to stay so I did it for her.  In the meantime I still sold about 40 bottles of Clorox which is a lot for a dry sample in one day.   SOOOO YEAH ME !!!

On to better news.  I started a new craft that I am wanting to make and it turned out so well that I thought I would take some orders for it.  I already have several orders and so now I’m excited to get to working on them when I get off today.  I made a crystal Christmas tree.  I have 2 sizes, the pic shown below is the 14 inch tree.  I painted it Tiffany blue and then added the white glass beads. The next one I do today is going to be somewhat different, so wish me luck that it turns out just as good or better.

It’s sitting on a paper plate because I painted it, I won’t display it on that. (JUST FYI)  Here are some pictures of some flowers I made this past week as well.











I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Happy Monday to you !!!



What’s happenin?

Been a busy week so far. Sunday, Chris and I drove back to my home town for a quick visit with my family and to pick up the truck we bought. When my sister found out I was coming, the first thing she asked was could I cook when I got there. Her daughter was begging for some Chicken & dumplins… so I told her to boil the chickens and I would fix it when I got there.  It turned out amazing as usual and most everyone went back for 2nds.

One of my sister’s in-laws is having a baby and she asked me if I could make a diaper cake for her to take to the shower.  She knows I’m more of the crafty one, so I thought I would give it a shot.  It turned out quite cute.  I didn’t have long to work on it and was only working with what she had so I was a little limited, but it still was cute.  Here’s a photo of it.



Monday I took off so I could spend some time with the fam before Chris and I had to come back home.  I got to meet my oldest nephew for lunch, I can’t believe how much he has grown and matured.  He is a jr now and is just growing up to fast for my liking 🙂 But I am super proud of the young man he has become.  I then picked up my youngest nephew from school and got to hear about his day and how things are going in school and with his friends.  He’s 10 and has a heart the size of Tx.  He is so thoughtful and considerate of other people, just a great kid.  Later my niece called me to come and pick her up from the high school after practice.  She is the trainer for the volleyball and basketball teams.  She’s a soph and she’s growing up too fast also.  She and I did some talking over the time I was there and she told me about a boy she was crushing on who graduated last year… OH MY.  I saw some of the texts they were sending and he seems to be a sweet guy… so far.  He asked her on a date and to homecoming, but she said she was already planning to go with a girlfriend of hers.  She also told me she doesn’t like going out with guys and being alone with them, it makes her uncomfortable. (Good answer!!) She would rather friends or other people be around.  I told her she should just let him know she was going to be at the bonfire this week and he should make an appearance and say hello.  I just want her to be careful whatever she decides.  These are all the things I miss out on being away from home.  I miss my mom and gpa and sister and friends, but I miss my sister’s kiddos the most.   So overall it was a GREAT visit, but as always too short.

So Monday night after Chris and I got back home, I logged onto my Facebook account and saw the friend request icon lit up, when I clicked to find out who had friend requested me, it was my ex-husband.  I gasped.  Chris who was on the couch beside me said WHAT, I said oh my gosh, that’s so weird.  I told him my ex-husband friend requested me. He said okay – sooo?  I said that’s weird, I haven’t seen or spoken to him in about 5 years.  Chris wasn’t worried about it, but I thought it was so strange.  I had hooked his brother up with one of my friends back in the day and after we divorced she told me that my ex (Tommy) had gotten another DWI and was suppose to go to jail.  Well  I haven’t talked to Susan in a couple of years so I never knew what happened.  I ended up looking up the local county and his name and found out that he had been sentenced to prison.  So I didn’t accept him, I just sent a message and say hello stranger, how’s life treating you.  He later responded and said I wouldn’t believe it if he told me, so I of course inquired as if I didn’t know already and he said he had gotten another DWI and went to jail for 4 years.  He said he just got back on Monday and was living at his parents.  I have to admit it made me feel good that the day he got back he went looking me up.  I knew I was hard to forget 😛  HAHA

So we exchanged a few emails back and forth yesterday. A friend at work asked me if I still had feelings. I told her that I didn’t think so, but had to admit I would like him to know how much my life has improved and how well I am doing now and what he has missed out on.  I still have the dog we got together when we were married and so we talked about him some.  He mentioned the woman he was with before he went to jail, bailed on him after a year in and so they were done. He said she wanted to get back together and he said that he told her he couldn’t trust her to ever be in a relationship with her again.  Well I hadn’t mentioned anything about Chris at this point and he said he would like to give me a call on Sun night if that was okay.  Today I emailed him about Chris and my life with Chris, he hasn’t responded since I sent that email this morning.  So I’m not sure if he is wanting to be friends or what.  It’s kinda surreal.  I didn’t think I felt anything, but I have to admit, I have checked my email a dozen times or so since sending my last email to see if he has responded.  I feel anxious, I want to read his reply already.  I would never leave Chris for Tommy.  Chris is my now and my future and Tommy lost out on his opportunity years ago.  But yes, I loved Tommy dearly. I waited for him and was sure of everything when we married.  I just wasn’t prepared for him to turn into a different person after the I Do’s.  Not a horrible person, just a person I didn’t know.  Anyway…

Chris is out of school this week before the next qtr starts up next week and it just so happens a friend of mine had extra tickets to the Ranger’s game today at 1 pm.  Chris is a fan borderline obsessed fan.  He loves his sports.  So I got in contact with my friend who said she would meet Chris at 3rd base before the game.  So of course he has to send me a picture of the great seat he is in and tell me he wishes I was there.

I’m so jealous.  I’m stuck here at work, working hard as you can tell 🙂 haha No really I am… just taking a quick break to breathe.  Well I’m gonna close for now, gotta check my email again 🙂 haha

What’s a girl to do?



Taco Pie

Sounded interesting when I came across this recipe online yesterday.   Tacos + Pie = YUMM !! I was really intent on going shopping for some healthy foods so I printed out a few recipes I found that were healthy, weight watcher friendly, and most importantly sounded like they might taste good.   I headed off to the store on my journey… it was definitely a journey looking for some of these items.  I don’t normally shop for these things, so I had no clue as to where to find them.  Some of the items I picked up were items I have never used or even tried like the following:

Butternut Squash
Fresh garlic
Ground Turkey
Ground Chicken

I also picked up yogurt, fruit cups, old fashioned oats, diced tomatoes, assortment of seasonings, assortment of cheeses, lean pork chops.

I was extremely proud that there was not a junk food item in the basket.  I do have to say though, it was pricier than the normal trip to the store.  Chris commented that we didn’t get as nearly as much as we normally do and that we were going to starve to death, it was to funny.  I told him we weren’t we were just going to have healthier meals and healthier snacks.

So I tried a new recipe I found on another blog, Successful2gether. This blog has a lot of great recipes and they are healthy and WW friendly.  She’s also great about posting pics… that’s important to me, I like seeing what it’s suppose to look like, it also gets my taste buds excited 🙂

I decided to make 2 versions, one with flour tortilla for Chris, and one with corn tortillas for me.  I also added a couple of extra seasons of my own, like onion flakes and cumino.  This was so easy and so delicious.  I didn’t know ground turkey could taste so good.  Chris even loved it.  I brought some leftovers for lunch today !!!


Now that I have one deliciously, healthy dinner cooked, I am more confidant that there are other healthy dishes to enjoy… Give this recipe a try, you tummy will thank you for it !


What a road trip

I hope all you fellow bloggers out there had a wonderful, blessed and safe Thanksgiving.  I hope you all lived through it… I know I was thankful myself to live through the road trip I had.

I have on many occasions, every time I leave town actually, taken my fur-kids along.  They are my babies and they go with me almost everywhere and I definitely do not leave them at home or with other people when I leave town.  However it’s usually just me and the 3 fur-kids on the journey.   Well this Thanksgiving called for a different dynamic.  The boyfriend finally had 2 free days ( they were his school days-off work-but school was closed for the holiday) so we took advantage of it and wanted to head up NW of here to see my family.  Well the bf’s son was actually allowed to go with us (that’s a whole other story about his psycho mom and her clingy-ness and controlling manner) so we were excited we were all going to get to spend it together.  Well this past summer I brought my niece and her best friend down to stay a week with me and I introduced the 2 girls to the bf’s niece that is the same age… they hit it off as I expected, so any chance they can they try to get together.  I know it’s hard for them living 3 hours away, but I try to help when I can.  So both my niece and the bf’s niece were calling me and texting me and blowing up my facebook all day begging for me to bring them together again.  I had warned the bf’s niece that it was going to be a cramped ride with 4 people and 3 dogs, (one of which is the size of a small horse).  She said she didn’t care.  I think the child would have offered to ride on the hood or in the trunk if necessary.   Well here is where the journey began… We had to drive out to SW Ft Worth to pick up the bf’s niece and then instead of tracking backwards we used my ever so bossy, “lady in the phone” to help us find a new way to MOMs house.   A direction I have never taken before, some small, back highways that were lacking towns, cities, lights, cars, human life. 

I kept telling the kids (they are 14) that we were in “The Hills Have Eyes” country.  I said it so much that I almost started to freak myself out 😛

Well we set the 2 teens up in the backseat with Jaxon (the small horse).  Poor kids, they will never be right again 😛  I swear that Jaxon needs some doggie ADD meds.  He cannot stay still long enough to catch a flea.  He wanted to be up front in dad’s lap, he wanted to help me drive, he wanted to hang his head out the window and bark and bite at the wind as we drove down the highway.  Look, I never said I had a genius dog.  He’s a big lug head (pic to follow).  But he makes me laugh so hard.  I love him to pieces, even when he’s terrorizing the teens in the back seat.  Well Goober was in the floorboard between bf’s feet and Miss Priss was sorta all over the place, she can do that being the size of a 4lb rat.  I laughed so hard on this trip.  It’s only 3 hours to mom’s but this trip seemed like it lasted 10.  Between the teens singing along to their music, Jaxon jumping on everyone in the car, the awful smells that were coming from the backseat, (I did not know a teen girl could smell so bad…. she could out do any man for sure !) the trip was quite hilarious.  We get about 10 mins outside Mom’s and Jaxon decides to settle down… go figure.   The next 2 days were great getting to cook and spend time with my family.  I hadn’t been home in 4 months which is the longest I have ever been away in the last 12 years since moving away.   The food was awesome, the laughs were endless, and the sleep was scarce, but that’s what’s it all about.  So the visit went by super fast and the next thing I know we are packing for a return trip.  I should have invested in some doggie vallum for sure.  We finally came up with a brilliant idea to put bf in the back and his niece up in the front with me.  Jaxon was a lot more calm having bf in the back so he could lay all over him.   We finally made it to where we were going to meet up with bf’s sister to pick up the niece at the Wally World parking lot. 

I am so awful… please forgive me for what you are about to read…  BF got out of the car to go walk Jaxon.  I told him to let his son walk him (knowing that Jaxon would take said son for a walk instead but I was up for a good laugh) Well bf was walking over to the gas station to get some cigs… I told bf’s niece to find a ball or a toy to throw to Jaxon… well no luck, so said niece gets out of the car and starts to holler at Jaxon, she gets his attention and then runs in the opposite direction… YEP a kid after my own heart… Jaxon the playful lug head he is took off after her with bf’s son in tow.  This said son tried really hard to keep up, hanging onto that leash with all his mite, and he did pretty good for about 4 car lengths until Jaxon got the best of him.   Off goes Jaxon.  Niece comes running back to the car and I am in tears and nearly wetting myself from laughing so hard.  Then I see the bf stomping across the parking lot toward his son and Jaxon as he came around a car.  I was sure I was in trouble now…  He looked pissed.  He did not find it as amusing as I did, what a shame.  Niece got back in the car and we snickered as bf and his son gathered Jaxon and got back in the car.   BF was not happy and said that Jaxon could have run into the store or gotten hit by a car… this is true, but didn’t take away from my laughter.  I tried to ease the tension and say if it was someone else you know you would be laughing… but it didn’t help too much.

They both got over it, so it was all good.  I am still laughing about it as I write about it.  I am so twisted I swear.

Well that was my eventful trip, I gotta let you know that we all fit in my little 4 door Saturn… and if it’s ever suggested for me to do that again, I might tell said suggester to stick that idea up their Uranus !!

I anticipate a larger vehicle soon. (I paid off my car a few months back and I am enjoying not having to make that payment each month, so I am holding out as long as I can.)