WOW, thank you Amy for sharing with the rest of us. I am so in awhh with this anchorwoman. She has amazing composure and speaks the truth. We as adults need to set a better example for our youth and for other adults that don’t know better.
Thanks for sharing !!!

Living Too Large

I saw this video on YouTube and was so proud of the way this woman maintained her poise and demeanor. She was condemned for her looks. She is obviously a good reporter. But one man didn’t find her attractive according to his rules and possibly the rest of society’s.

I think this woman is smart, beautiful, graceful and articulate. I don’t think you have to be a size two in order to be beautiful, although I don’t think that a size two is ugly. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Just because someone has an opinion about someone’s weight does not give them the right to be so judgmental or cruel. I do wonder if the man who wrote that email to her was brave enough to sign his full and real name to that email. If he didn’t, I think he is a coward. If you have the…

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MIA – Yep that’s been Me

I have been seriously MIA lately, but there are some fairly good reasons for it.  I have so much to update you guys on… so lets get started.

**I know I posted about going to the Indian Hospital up in Okla so that I can get prescriptions and dr visits and all that good stuff for free… GOSH that saves me so much.  Diabetic supplies when your on 2 insulin is a major Biatch !! Well my first appt there was Jan 12th and they did blood work and all that jazz.  I also had an appt at my regular physician here where I live to do my 3 mo lab work to test my A1C and such on Jan 30th.  Then my 2nd appt at the Indian Hospital was Feb 8th.  On the 8th I got my results from the appt on Jan 12 which had my A1C at 10.3 (which is horrible).  The dr there filled my prescriptions, changed a few up and I got them all at no charge.  When I was leaving the dr I got a call from my regular doctor that I saw on Jan 30 to give me my results from the blood work then and my A1C was 9.3 (which is still awful)  SOOOOO what I am getting at is that between Jan 12th and Jan 30th my A1C dropped a full point.  THAT IS AMAZING !!! I am so happy to see that some of the little changes I have been making with my diet, taking my meds on time and when I’m suppose to and it’s showing results ALREADY !!!!   I could have screamed !!!  This gives me hope that I can get it down to a normal, healthy range in a shorter amount of time as long as I stay on the track I have been on.  LOVE HAVING HOPE !!!

**So the next weekend there was drama going on with my sister’s kids and their biological father (douchbag).  My sister was distraught and I needed to be with her.  So Chris and I took a few days off from work and headed home to be there for support.  My sister is my best friend.  Growing up we tried to kill each other on daily basis but I adore her more than ever.  She gives me strength and I hope I do the same for her.  There was really nothing I could do for the situation, but I could be there just to be with her.  Any time I get to spend with my sister is great, but goes by way to fast.  While home visiting we had a scare with Jaxon, my 2 yr old bull mastiff.  I thought his fit he was having with his tail and biting his rear end was possibly allergies.  I called the vet and he said bring him in… well it turns out it was more serious than allergies and his anal glands were impacted and could possible be cancer…. WHAT??? not my baby.  So we had to leave him, they had to put him under anesthesia to examine him because he was in so much pain.  The vet called and gave us good news, said that it was not cancer, not even close, it was just impacted and swollen.  He fixed him all up, but said he should stay and sleep off the anesthesia.  I hated having to leave him, but that was the safest thing for him.  Picked him up first thing the next day and he was super happy to see mommy.  Vet gave us some pain meds, anti-inflam and a hydrocortizone spray.  Jaxon was going to make a full recovery !!!

**After a packed weekend, I was feeling pretty yucky Monday morning, just off kilter, scatterbrained a little and just blah… worked and it seemed to get better as the day went on.  Well Monday night while getting ready for bed I got a horrible pain in my chest from mid-chest over to my left shoulder.  It was horrible.  I’m not familiar with heartburn, and wasn’t sure if it was that.  Chris went and got me some antacids and I chewed some of those… NO HELP.  Horrible headache all night and Tues morning I woke up and could not breathe.  Every time I took a breathe it felt like I was getting a shank to the side.   I ended up calling the dr and she said come right in.  She said it sounded like pleurisy and questioned if I was recently sick, NOPE.  Then she asked if I had been riding in a car a lot and yes I had for the last 5 days… so she was then worried it might be a blood clot – so off to the ER she sent me.  It’s so not fun spending Valentine’s Day with your sweetie while you’re in the ER hooked up to all kinds of machines, so not romantic and sexy at all.   After a night in the ER they let me go home, but I was confused with the diagnosis.  One dr (yep I went through 2 while I was there) said it was muscle strains in my chest, but said my CT scan was abnormal and wanted me to go see a pulmonary dr to review the CT scan… UMMM HELLO, can’t you do that??  Anyway after they got my fever to break and my heart rate to come down some and put 3 different iv’s in me.  My veins kept blowing and so they had to re-do the iv 3 times… NO FUN.  The dr then said he thought I was starting to get pneumonia.   Well home I went with antibiotics and pain pills.   I had a follow-up with my reg doctor who confirmed the pneumonia and gave me some cough syrup to help with the coughing that was coming on.  This has been the worst 2 weeks.  My chest hurts so bad, almost constantly.  It hurts to breathe, hurts to lay down, hurts to cough, or sneeze, or even hiccup.  SHOOT ME PLEASE !!!  I can’t sleep, so I finally pass out after total exhaustion and get about 2 hours at a time.  This really sucks.  I went back yesterday for a follow-up and she said if the pain doesn’t start to get better I might have to go to pain management to get injections in my chest… WHAT??? are you serious… NO NO.  So she put me on 3 meds, muscle relaxers, 800 mg ibuprofen and pain pills and I’m suppose to take each one of them 3 times a day… she said I’m just gonna knock you out so you can rest.  I was a little scared to take all 3 of them together, so I kinda spread them out and no luck on the relief, no luck on sleep.  It’s 3:15 am and I am still up.   I did find out that in 1 week I lost 11 lbs.  This is sooo not the way I wanna do it.  I haven’t been eating less, and not been eating to healthy either.  A lot of fast food because I don’t have the energy to cook.  So how on earth did I lose??? NO CLUE.  But hey, since starting WW  Jan 13th, I have lost 18lbs.

So that is where I have been… locked up in my cave (house) leaving the house only to go the dr and the ER.  WHAT A BIATCH being sick !!!


I got run over…

I have heard about people falling off the wagon, I see it often on blogs and post by fellow dieters… Well I didn’t fall off the wagon, to be honest, I jumped, leaped, dove off… and that damn wagon ran me over !!!

So I had a couple of week moment… who am I kidding, not a couple – SEVERAL !!  I was so thrilled at how well I was doing with my blood sugars and my average was getting so much better that I slipped, like a slipping slide on a summers day.  Then I got upset about it and instead of nipping it in the bud, I dove down that deliciously, fattening, junk food hole.

So, I haven’t done a weigh in lately.  I did go to the dr last monday and according to the scale, I was down 5 lbs, but I don’t think the DR’s scale is the same as the WW scale.   I have a different dr appt tomorrow to get set up with a physician at the Indian Hospital so I can get my medications for free… I went the day before I started WW, so when I weigh tomorrow, I will have a true reading of what I have lost of gained… hoping for a loss !!!

Life has been generally busy lately.  The part time job was super busy this weekend, being super bowl weekend and customers were extremely annoying… just gotta love em 🙂

The commercials during the super bowl seemed pretty lame compared to years past.  There were a couple of cute ones like the “WeGo” dog – Bud commercial… very cute.

Anyway – I found a new ride (Wagon) and I am on, and holding on tight… hoping not to fall off, or jump again !!

Epic fail, but there’s still hope !

So, if you haven’t read already, I am trying to GET ON a healthy kick.  I have planned ahead and managed to cook healthy dinners 2 nights in a row now.  The first night was a HUGE SUCCESS, but I am quite disappointed in night 2.  I was really in hope of liking my new creations – new to me.

Last night the menu was:
Lean boneless pork chops
Butternut squash baked fries
Mock Mashed potatoes – made from cauliflower

Chris and I had neither tried these 2 vegetables, but we are very open minded and going to try new things and re-train our brains from the junk we have both been raised on.

I found a recipe for butternut squash fries and they looked and sounded easy to make.  I cut up the squash as directed into thin strips.  I then put them on foil sprayed with canola oil, sprinkled some season salt, paprika and chili powder on them and popped those babies in the oven.   I turned them mid bake as directed but they never seemed to crisp up.  I cooked them well over the time in the recipe, because I was hoping they would crisp up.  NOPE.. so we tried them… Chris ate his serving, but I really couldn’t get past the mushy texture.  I wasn’t a big fan of the taste of the squash either.  Jaxon loved them – he’s my bull mastiff.   I thought I would try a sweeter version of these so I tried again.  I cut them very thin like a potato chip thin.  I think sprinkled brown sugar and cinnamon on them and hoped for the best.  They still didn’t really crisp up and the taste of the squash still didn’t thrill me.  I was disappointed.  I so wanted to like them.  I threw the rest of the squash away.   My sister suggested I try and broil them… if I decide to try again, I might try that.

The mock potatoes — I boiled the cauliflower for about 10 mins and was amazed at how soft it was after that, soft enough to mush with a fork.  I added a little cheese and milk. (I didn’t have a recipe for this so I was improvising) I think I should of left the milk out cause the consistency was a little runny.  Not as thick as I would prefer.  I took a nervous bite… and what would you know, it really tasted like mashed potatoes. I was really shocked.  It wasn’t the best consistancy due to the milk… so I will have to try this again sometime.  I haven’t given up on cauliflower yet 🙂

The boneless pork chops that we had marinated all night in the Lowery’s steakhouse and chop marinade were placed out on the grill for a few minutes and they turned out perfect.  Juicy, flavorful and a huge success !!!

Although everything didn’t turn out perfect, it was fun working with Chris in the kitchen, and I feel good about us trying new things.  I know we are not going to love everything, but I am glad we are at least trying !!


Taco Pie

Sounded interesting when I came across this recipe online yesterday.   Tacos + Pie = YUMM !! I was really intent on going shopping for some healthy foods so I printed out a few recipes I found that were healthy, weight watcher friendly, and most importantly sounded like they might taste good.   I headed off to the store on my journey… it was definitely a journey looking for some of these items.  I don’t normally shop for these things, so I had no clue as to where to find them.  Some of the items I picked up were items I have never used or even tried like the following:

Butternut Squash
Fresh garlic
Ground Turkey
Ground Chicken

I also picked up yogurt, fruit cups, old fashioned oats, diced tomatoes, assortment of seasonings, assortment of cheeses, lean pork chops.

I was extremely proud that there was not a junk food item in the basket.  I do have to say though, it was pricier than the normal trip to the store.  Chris commented that we didn’t get as nearly as much as we normally do and that we were going to starve to death, it was to funny.  I told him we weren’t we were just going to have healthier meals and healthier snacks.

So I tried a new recipe I found on another blog, Successful2gether. This blog has a lot of great recipes and they are healthy and WW friendly.  She’s also great about posting pics… that’s important to me, I like seeing what it’s suppose to look like, it also gets my taste buds excited 🙂

I decided to make 2 versions, one with flour tortilla for Chris, and one with corn tortillas for me.  I also added a couple of extra seasons of my own, like onion flakes and cumino.  This was so easy and so delicious.  I didn’t know ground turkey could taste so good.  Chris even loved it.  I brought some leftovers for lunch today !!!


Now that I have one deliciously, healthy dinner cooked, I am more confidant that there are other healthy dishes to enjoy… Give this recipe a try, you tummy will thank you for it !


Sticking with it

Well I have managed to survive 3 days on Weight Watchers.  It really hasn’t been that bad so far.   I went to my first meeting last night after work and it was very motivating.  There were a lot of people there and tons of stories, examples, ideas… it was a very positive environment !!  There were alot of people and stories I could relate to as well as numerous bad habits I had in common with these people, guess that’s why we were all in the same room.

I was waiting for the point where you stand and protest “My name is Sam and I am an Addict to food”  but nope, we all knew why we were there – we don’t have to tell it, everyone can SEE it 😛

Yesterday was a good WW day and a great day of blood testing.
148 before breakfast, a little elevated, but I will take it after the last few years of averages in the 200’s.
130 before lunch
140 before dinner, but that’s because I had a late snack that elevated it some. (I didn’t wait 2 hours after I ate to test)

I had the usual breakfast: total 9 points
Banana Cream Pie Light Yogurt 
2 Carmel rice cakes with peanut butter

I had a super healthy lunch: total 8 points
Raw baby carrots
Cucumber slices
2 Tbsp of Veggie Dip
2 wedges of Laughing cow cheese
16 wheat thins

My dinner was on the fly because I was starving after my WW meetings (remember to have a snack at or before the mtg) and I have to go get Chris from school in Ft Worth, so I grabbed 2 bean burritos from Taco Bell.  18 points but I pealed away most of the tortilla, so probably a few less.

Had a snack of some puff cheetos, you get 29 for 4 points but didn’t eat nearly that many, so a few points saved there as well.   All in all, I ended the day with points to spare.

My healthy lunch

I sure wish I could end with time to spare.  Where does the time go??

Highs and Lows of Day 2

**Previously posted on 1/18/11 on old blog**

So on day 2 of my Weight Watchers diet, my blood sugars were amazing.   Recently the “Not giving-a-damn” attitude had my sugars in the 200′s usually higher 200′s and even a couple in the 300′s a little over a week ago when I had an infection.

Well the last 2 days have been awesome.  Yesterday I reported:

107 before breakfast
120 before lunch
125 before dinner

WOW, what a change.  Your meds actually work WHEN you take them… go figure :P

It makes me feel really good that I am trying and the results are showing already.  Now I am hoping that the weight watchers diet will prove to be successful as well.  Can’t wait for my first weigh in… OMG did I really just say I can’t wait to weigh in.  Step back, I might faint at those words coming outta my mouth !!

I was afraid I might have blown my points last night because Chris and I stopped and ate at one of my favorite restaunts, Pasados and had some dinner on the way home from his class.  I got some flameado and didn’t even eat it all and have some chips and salsa.   I DECLINED the free sopapilla (GO ME) and I even went out the entrance to AVOID the free ice cream that tempts you at the exit (GO ME AGAIN).  I love, love, love their sopapillas, but I think I LOVE even more the fact that I resisted them.   Well anyway, after calculating the yummy morsels I came to a total for the day at 49 which left me 2 remaining for the day (AROUND OF APPLAUSE)

Today I started the day off with a slightly higher sugar read of 148, but I will take it after that dinner last night.  148 is still a GREAT read for me, and my doctor will be so proud. 

Here’s to LOW, Normal sugars, High spirits and continued Success !!!