Christmas Swop – Day 11

So now we are onto GIFT 11



oooohhh bubble wrap… what’s inside??


What girl does not love makeup???

I love it !!! Excited to use it !


Christmas Swop – Day 10

I’m sorry for the HUMONGOUS DELAY – IF YOU ONLY KNEW – SOOOOO MUCH has been going on in the last month or so and I have neglected this blog more than I would like and I have sorta given up on so many things as of late… but I’m going to get back on track and the first order of business is to get my swop posts completed and get things caught up on this blog.

So here is post 10.  I apologize to all my other swop partners for being so behind and not finishing up my task like I should have.  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday… I know mine was probably one of the worst holiday seasons I have ever had.




Hello Kitty, what you got for me???


These are some cute, red, jelly type little bow earrings.  They are so cute with a little sparkle to them.


These will be so fun and playful to wear !!

Thanks to Cheryl !

Christmas Swop – Day 7

We are now up to Day 7 and onto our 7th gift, so away we gooooo


What do we got…



Well there you go… some new eye lashes… I have never used fake eyelashes, but have always wondered about them… so I guess now I’m gonna have to try them out 🙂

I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Thanks Santa Cheryl !!!

Christmas Swop – Day 6

Well we are half way through our Christmas Swop and this has been so much fun.

I have really enjoyed my gifts but even more enjoyed watching Janet and the other participants open their gifts as well.

So now on to gift #6.


Hmmm what could it be ??


Hello Kitty, whatcha got for me??


These I think are ones that Cheryl may have made.  These are the cutest paperclip earrings.  The first thing Chris said when he saw them, was those will be great for the office 🙂  harty har har !!!  I will so be wearing these soon.

Thanks Cheryl !! ❤