Christmas Swop – Day 9

We have made it to day 9 and we only have 3 to go… so without further ado let’s get on with the show…



It’s a bird – it’s a plane – NOPE – I think it’s eye brows.

Actually I’m not quite sure.  Maybe it’s a mustache ??

HELP ?? Cheryl !!!


Christmas Swop – Day 6

Well we are half way through our Christmas Swop and this has been so much fun.

I have really enjoyed my gifts but even more enjoyed watching Janet and the other participants open their gifts as well.

So now on to gift #6.


Hmmm what could it be ??


Hello Kitty, whatcha got for me??


These I think are ones that Cheryl may have made.  These are the cutest paperclip earrings.  The first thing Chris said when he saw them, was those will be great for the office 🙂  harty har har !!!  I will so be wearing these soon.

Thanks Cheryl !! ❤

Christmas Swop – Day 4

This Christmas Swop,

is far from a bore.

Were you aware,

we are already to day four??



What does Kitty have for us today???


Okay… So I have to admit, I’m not quite sure what this is. Wonder what it could be? Where it could go? What it could be used for?  I don’t believe I have ever seen one.  My guess was that it was a type of jewelry that went over your ear and dangled down from behind your ear??

Cheryl…. need some help on this one 🙂

Thank you, girlie !!

Christmas Swop – Day 3

Today is the 3rd day of our Christmas Swop so we are moving right along to gift number 3… and away – we – go !!!



What could it be???


It’s a cute little ring, but sadly :*( it didn’t make the trip from Singapore to Texas very well.  I think it could use a little TLC and be as good as new.

Thanks, Cheryl !!!

Christmas Swop – Day 2

Today is Day 2 of the Christmas Swop and I have my 2nd gift to open… So here we go !!



This is the new thing that I have seen out and advertised at a lot of the stores.  Lip Tattoos. Lip Stickers.  I have never tried these myself or seen anyone else try them… we shall check these out and see how these work.

Thanks again,

Cheryl !!

Christmas Swop – DAY 1

I previously mentioned the 12 Days of Christmas Swop that I was participating in and my “Santa” is Cheryl.  I received my package a little over a week ago and have been anxious to open my gifts and so today is the first day to blog about my first gift.  I also have some pictures.


This is my package that arrived from Singapore.  This is the farthest I have ever received a package from. I have never seen a $10 stamp before either, so I had to take a picture of that also.  Very cool.

Cheryl sent me a note and asked that I open her gifts in order so here goes Day 1 !



I love jewelry ! This is a pair of yellow, star earrings.



So here’s to day 1 of the SWOP… I was excited to find out that the receipant of my gifts, Janet, liked her first gift. I’m excited to see her open the next gifts to come !!

Have a great day everyone !!