The Bottom Line

I want to apologize ahead of time for this post, it will probably be all over the place so try and bare with me as I update you guys on the latest happenings. (This post is from Wed 01/09/13)

I just really want to curl up in a ball and just cry.  I’m so just over everything today.  Shit with Chris last night was just to much to take.  I feel like I have wasted 5 yrs of my life being stupid. I feel so stupid.  Then I have to deal with Ken today and his bs and that had me all emotional… I’m just so over them both.  I just don’t understand. Chris and I had a go at it last night and it all boiled down to basically that he doesn’t have a job that he makes a lot of money and that his money goes to his bills and then he doesn’t have enough to help me with the rest of the reg bills, I pay all of that.  He said it could be worse if he didn’t have a job and I could be paying all of his bills.  I was like WHAT?

He said I look at it as his money and my money, he said he looks at it as he takes my check and his check and puts them together as OUR money. I said of course you do cause you don’t make any money and my money covers it all.  He said that’s how families work.  I said that’s easy for him to say b/c he’s the one being taken care of.  I said I have taken care of him our whole 5 yrs together.  He said that he is trying to better himself for the future. I said what does that do for me? That benefits me in no way what-so-ever.  I said what do you contribute to this situation? Nothing.  I said you don’t even contribute here around the house because you say your too tired from work and school and so you don’t do anything around here.  I said let me ask you this… BOTTOM LINE – if I want to be with you and live with you… then I HAVE TO PAY to do so… (cover him and his bills) he didn’t want to answer… but after I kept asking for several minutes he said YES.  I said that’s what I figured, I’m glad you could finally admit it.  He said what’s the alternative.  I said what’s sad is that you never would consider taking on a 2nd job to make more money to pay your part. I said you’re perfectly fine with me taking a 2nd job and working 7 days a week when I don’t NEED to because my one job takes care of us both… but in order to live comfortably I take a 2nd job and you reap the rewards. I said lets use this as an example… if we were neighbors and you didn’t make enough money to pay your rent and utilities… do you expect your landlord just to cover it? He said no, he would have to move to another place that he could afford… I said there you go… you need to move somewhere you can afford, cause this free ride is OVER.  I said this is NOT a family and this is NOT a relationship. I said you are not a partner or an equal in this and you do not contribute and I have no more to give to you.  Then he had the nerve to ask me if I would help him move. 

I then asked him later if he got his son enrolled in school and he said no and I asked why and he said because you (meaning me) have to go to the school and sign some paperwork saying that his son lives here in the house.  I just started laughing. I said of course I do.  I HAVE TO DO THIS HUH?  I said you don’t even ask for things… you just tell me what I HAVE TO DO.  He didn’t even apologize, he just walked out of the room. 




This, That & The Other

Such a lazy title.  I was afraid this post would turn into a trashcan punch – all the alcohol nearby dumped in.  That’s sorta how my brain works these days.  It doesn’t just stay still and on one thing, it bounces around more than Tigger for sure !  Buckle your seat belt, this ride might get bumpy…

I feel sorta scatter-brained these days.  I fell like June has just disappeared on me.  Where the heck did it go?  I had Jury duty for nearly 2 weeks, a little planning time for a big party night that really didn’t happen – but turned out better cause I got time with my family and DEAR friends !  Then off for a few days which Chris was out of school to go back home to see the fam.  It was good to hang out with them, see my mom and papa and see that the town I grew up in was just as small as it’s always been.  Not much changes there, EVER !  I was eager to get back home, but to what? More work?  I worked the part time job this weekend and it was busy and hot.  I think they were trying to kill me this weekend at the PT Job.  Saturday I had to make mini ham and cheese sandwiches.  I made nearly 1500 mini-sandwiches… OMG, I seriously doubt I will ever eat another ham/cheese sandwich.  Sunday, I was giving out samples of Key Lime Pie… OMG, you would have sworn there was crack in the cream or something the way people were pushing in line and cutting to get a 1 oz sample.  I could NOT keep my tray full.  I think the bakery should change the name to CRACK Key Lime Pie or Key Lime Crack Pie might be easier too 🙂

The heat wave has hit !!  I hate the heat, so why don’t I move the heck outta Texas?? Cause it’s all I know, I can’t bring myself to moving farther away from my family than I am already.  One of these days I would love to live somewhere cooler like Alaska, who knows?

I’m back to the regular job today and I find that nothing changes here.  The people are still just as annoying as ever. I have decided to stay in my own little cubie world with my radio turned up to drowned out the obnoxious voices I hear around the office.  It doesn’t hide all of them, but it helps.  I brought my book to work.. the 50 Shade of Gray that I purchased before leaving town on Tuesday and I have almost finished it.  My sister’s kids kept commenting on how much I was reading while I was down visiting them.  They just don’t understand the magnitude of this book !! Not that I am going to explain it to them either.  So when work hits a lull and I’m done with my blogging I will pick up my book and hide away in it for awhile.

I have lots of things to look forward to… hoping work this week goes by quickly.  I am doing some overtime this week and so that will bump my check up nicely on the following payday. This payday will be a bump too cause my boss forgot to add in some extra hours I worked a couple of weeks ago so a few more hours on this weeks check is nice.  I got my jury pay check in the mail this week, measly but it’s still nice to have some extra spending money.  Here are some things for me to be excited for:
1. Working overtime = bigger bucks
2. Family coming to town
3. Ranger’s game on Sunday July 1st.
4. Excited to see Matthew McConeahey and Channing Tatum take it off ALL FOR ME in Magic Mike !! (wish it was 3D and smell-a-vision, wouldn’t mind getting some of that sweat on me)
5. Definitely going to get some pool time in which is always great during the Texas heat waves.

A few other movies out I want to catch up on that I might be able to tackle this week after work… including Rock of Ages, TED, People Like Us and Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter.







I just remembered my sister is suppose to be paying back for her tickets that I purchased, so that’s some more moolah in my pocket for me to spend… WHOOP WHOOP.   I get so BITCHY when I’m broke and have no money.

Well, this off railed train blog has come to an end. Please place your trays in the upright position and have an awesome week !!