The Good, the Bad, and the Rest

OMG !! There is so much to tell you.

So lets start with the Bad Stuff…

**I have been so busy lately I haven’t made the time to blog. So sorry for that.  But now’s my chance to catch up (mustard).
**I haven’t made a whole lot of time for much other than work.
**My good friend Sass-a-Frass lost her father-in-law and my heart goes out to her and her family. It’s never easy to lose a loved one and I know it’s been hard on her husband watching his father battle his illness.
**Just at my regular job, not counting my pt job, I worked 98.75 hrs over the last two weeks.
**I haven’t gotten all my shopping done for my swap partner. I have to get on the ball with this, gotta have it wrapped and mailed by Saturday.
**I didn’t go into work at my pt job and I didn’t call in or answer the phone when my boss called me or return his phone calls when he left a message.  This is not like me at all.  I just really don’t know what to say to him. I have mixed feelings about quitting and was kinda hopping he would just fire me, but then again I have never been fired from a job either.  He hasn’t fired me either.  He still calls and asks if I’m coming back or not.  I would have already fired my ass.

Now on to some Good stuff…

**I have been working on my mini-trees and have come up with some creative ideas and have only gotten better with each tree.
**I took off the weekend to spend some time with my sweetie, to sleep in and to get my hair done.
**I died my hair darker for the fall/winter season and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it !!!!
**I worked 98.75 hours in 2 weeks which means 18.75 hrs of overtime – OMG can’t wait until tomorrow for pay day !!!
**My sister, bro-in-law and mom came through town on Friday and I got to have lunch with them, it was great to visit, but it went by way to fast.
**My mom is spending the week with us and I took off Tues and Wed for a road trip with mom to Oklahoma.
**Today I have some down-time to catch-up (mustard) on my blogging and emails.
**The weather here in OK is gorgeous today. I took a couple of pictures of the beautiful scenery around us.  I love the trees and the fall colors all around.
**I am loving the time with my mom chatting and laughing and giving her a hard time.
**I got assigned my 12 Days of Christmas Swop partner and found out who my “Santa” was as well.  My “Santa” will be Cheryl and I will be “Santa” for Janet.
**I am super excited to shop for Janet and trying to come up with some creative gift ideas.  I want to find things that she may not be able to get in Austrailia or Zurich.
**I am SUPER ELATED OVER THE MOON EXCITED that when seeing my dr today I found out that I have lost another 3 lbs since 11/04. Yeah in 10 days I have lost 3 lbs… WHOOP WHOOP !!! I was so excited that when the nurse called me back and started to take my blood pressure I told her it might come up high and she asked why, I told her I was excited to see I had just lost another 3 lbs.  YEP it was up 175/85.  Well when the dr came in she said it was high and I told her what I had told the nurse. She said she would check again before I left.  Stay tuned for the REST of the story…
**I was pleased to find out that my A1C dropped from 8.3 down to 7.2 WHOOO HOOO !!! I need to now get it 2 point more lower and then I will be in the good 🙂
**I met with the director at the YMCA and I will be set up with my trainer this week and start my water aerobics classes… EXCITED !!! I hope this trainer doesn’t kill me.

Now the REST of the story…

**So for my Christmas swop we are just suppose to open one present a day and then blog about the process in some way.  I of course like to do things a little differnet and be original so I think I might take pictures of the item before I wrap it…. but up close, really close, like where you can’t make out what it is, but gives a clue maybe and then ask Janet to look at the pics before opening the items and see if she can guess any of the presents.  See if she can blog about her guesses and then she can open them daily and see if she gets any right.  I just think that might add some fun and mystery and excitement to it.
**My dr was really pleased with all the changes I have made with my diet and how I am trying to better things and move forward. She also took my bp again before I left and it was 110/74… she laughed and said I guess you really were excited 🙂  YEPPERS 🙂

Well that’s really all I have time for today, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  Happy Hump Day. Blessings to all.

That’s All Folks !!


MIA – Yep that’s been Me

I have been seriously MIA lately, but there are some fairly good reasons for it.  I have so much to update you guys on… so lets get started.

**I know I posted about going to the Indian Hospital up in Okla so that I can get prescriptions and dr visits and all that good stuff for free… GOSH that saves me so much.  Diabetic supplies when your on 2 insulin is a major Biatch !! Well my first appt there was Jan 12th and they did blood work and all that jazz.  I also had an appt at my regular physician here where I live to do my 3 mo lab work to test my A1C and such on Jan 30th.  Then my 2nd appt at the Indian Hospital was Feb 8th.  On the 8th I got my results from the appt on Jan 12 which had my A1C at 10.3 (which is horrible).  The dr there filled my prescriptions, changed a few up and I got them all at no charge.  When I was leaving the dr I got a call from my regular doctor that I saw on Jan 30 to give me my results from the blood work then and my A1C was 9.3 (which is still awful)  SOOOOO what I am getting at is that between Jan 12th and Jan 30th my A1C dropped a full point.  THAT IS AMAZING !!! I am so happy to see that some of the little changes I have been making with my diet, taking my meds on time and when I’m suppose to and it’s showing results ALREADY !!!!   I could have screamed !!!  This gives me hope that I can get it down to a normal, healthy range in a shorter amount of time as long as I stay on the track I have been on.  LOVE HAVING HOPE !!!

**So the next weekend there was drama going on with my sister’s kids and their biological father (douchbag).  My sister was distraught and I needed to be with her.  So Chris and I took a few days off from work and headed home to be there for support.  My sister is my best friend.  Growing up we tried to kill each other on daily basis but I adore her more than ever.  She gives me strength and I hope I do the same for her.  There was really nothing I could do for the situation, but I could be there just to be with her.  Any time I get to spend with my sister is great, but goes by way to fast.  While home visiting we had a scare with Jaxon, my 2 yr old bull mastiff.  I thought his fit he was having with his tail and biting his rear end was possibly allergies.  I called the vet and he said bring him in… well it turns out it was more serious than allergies and his anal glands were impacted and could possible be cancer…. WHAT??? not my baby.  So we had to leave him, they had to put him under anesthesia to examine him because he was in so much pain.  The vet called and gave us good news, said that it was not cancer, not even close, it was just impacted and swollen.  He fixed him all up, but said he should stay and sleep off the anesthesia.  I hated having to leave him, but that was the safest thing for him.  Picked him up first thing the next day and he was super happy to see mommy.  Vet gave us some pain meds, anti-inflam and a hydrocortizone spray.  Jaxon was going to make a full recovery !!!

**After a packed weekend, I was feeling pretty yucky Monday morning, just off kilter, scatterbrained a little and just blah… worked and it seemed to get better as the day went on.  Well Monday night while getting ready for bed I got a horrible pain in my chest from mid-chest over to my left shoulder.  It was horrible.  I’m not familiar with heartburn, and wasn’t sure if it was that.  Chris went and got me some antacids and I chewed some of those… NO HELP.  Horrible headache all night and Tues morning I woke up and could not breathe.  Every time I took a breathe it felt like I was getting a shank to the side.   I ended up calling the dr and she said come right in.  She said it sounded like pleurisy and questioned if I was recently sick, NOPE.  Then she asked if I had been riding in a car a lot and yes I had for the last 5 days… so she was then worried it might be a blood clot – so off to the ER she sent me.  It’s so not fun spending Valentine’s Day with your sweetie while you’re in the ER hooked up to all kinds of machines, so not romantic and sexy at all.   After a night in the ER they let me go home, but I was confused with the diagnosis.  One dr (yep I went through 2 while I was there) said it was muscle strains in my chest, but said my CT scan was abnormal and wanted me to go see a pulmonary dr to review the CT scan… UMMM HELLO, can’t you do that??  Anyway after they got my fever to break and my heart rate to come down some and put 3 different iv’s in me.  My veins kept blowing and so they had to re-do the iv 3 times… NO FUN.  The dr then said he thought I was starting to get pneumonia.   Well home I went with antibiotics and pain pills.   I had a follow-up with my reg doctor who confirmed the pneumonia and gave me some cough syrup to help with the coughing that was coming on.  This has been the worst 2 weeks.  My chest hurts so bad, almost constantly.  It hurts to breathe, hurts to lay down, hurts to cough, or sneeze, or even hiccup.  SHOOT ME PLEASE !!!  I can’t sleep, so I finally pass out after total exhaustion and get about 2 hours at a time.  This really sucks.  I went back yesterday for a follow-up and she said if the pain doesn’t start to get better I might have to go to pain management to get injections in my chest… WHAT??? are you serious… NO NO.  So she put me on 3 meds, muscle relaxers, 800 mg ibuprofen and pain pills and I’m suppose to take each one of them 3 times a day… she said I’m just gonna knock you out so you can rest.  I was a little scared to take all 3 of them together, so I kinda spread them out and no luck on the relief, no luck on sleep.  It’s 3:15 am and I am still up.   I did find out that in 1 week I lost 11 lbs.  This is sooo not the way I wanna do it.  I haven’t been eating less, and not been eating to healthy either.  A lot of fast food because I don’t have the energy to cook.  So how on earth did I lose??? NO CLUE.  But hey, since starting WW  Jan 13th, I have lost 18lbs.

So that is where I have been… locked up in my cave (house) leaving the house only to go the dr and the ER.  WHAT A BIATCH being sick !!!